About Cyber Scam Review

At Cyber Scam Review, our mission has always been to serve as a reliable outlet for people who have scams to report, experiences of online fraud to bring to light, and to serve as a purveyor of truth. 

For years, we’ve witnessed first-hand the corrosive and war-torn-like effects that debilitating online scams and cases of cyber fraud can amount to. Therefore, we’ve taken every precautionary step possible to serve as your one trusted source. 

A place where you can make inquiries free of judgment, privately and securely. 

Let us help you recover what is rightfully yours and aid you in the process of recovering your hard-earned money. 

No scam is too big from our clutches, and we’ll happily combat any scams you throw our way. 

3 Signs of a Scam

  1. Too Good To Be True – Empty promises and bold claims that promote unrealistic outcomes should be avoided. 
  2. No Convenient Contact Methods – Scammers don’t make it easy to connect with them, which is why they often disclose fabricated physical addresses, mailing addresses, email addresses, company names, company registration numbers, and more. 
  3. Poor Customer Feedback – If you notice that many people have bad experiences with a particular site, it is best to avoid that site as a whole; otherwise, you may find yourself in a similar sticky situation. 


How do I report an online scam?

If you intend to spread awareness or plan to cause as much widespread damage to a bonafide scam, then leverage the power of YOUR VOICE. Use first-hand experiences with consumer review portals, our watchdog hub, social media, and online forums to effectively expose online scams. 

Can I get my money back from a scam?

In most cases, yes, consumers can recover a portion if not all their hard-earned money back from cases involving internet fraud. 

Where can I report fraud to the government?

Here are more industry watchdogs where you can report online fraud:

  1. USA Gov (www.usa.gov)
  2. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) (www.ftc.gov)
  3. Department of Justice (www.justice.gov)
  4. FBI (www.fbi.gov

Can a chargeback get my money from a scam back?

Regarding unauthorized charges, a chargeback is a sufficient enough method to reverse a transaction in your favor, however, most scammers understand how to win a chargeback dispute, in order to even the playing field, having an experienced fund recovery company on your side is essential.

Who can I hire to recover my stolen money?

Every case of internet fraud and online scams varies; therefore, we advise that you connect with us securely with the form below and we’ll reply to you within 24 hours with the fund recovery company we recommend based on the specifics of your case.

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