Acsus Scam Update – Don’t fall for the Con

Day by day, the internet is slowly turning into a notorious place for the people who are not aware of the mechanics of the fake platforms. Though, each and every year millions of dollars are lost to internet scams, the government agencies for some reason just fails to implement proper measures to stop the online breed of criminals. Today, we are going to be discussing a new viral and modified type of deception called Acsus Scam which is mainly after the people located in the US and the UK.

The people running this hustle are using the names of legitimate debt collection firms and other well established firms around the sector to trick the customers into sending them money. On top of the monetary benefits, they are also posing a serious security threat to the public as they collect sensitive information from the victims.

While it is true that no one likes to get involved in legal battles, you should never get scared of fake threats. More importantly, you should be aware of the ways they employ so that you can make the right choice if you ever face them personally.

Acsus Scam Update

What is Acsus Scam?

Acsus Scam is a kind of debt recovery scam which targets people who are located in the United States and the United Kingdom. They send an sms stating that they are contacting them on behalf of a debt collection program and ask the people to make a payment at the earliest to avoid any kind of legal consequences.

There will be links attached with the sms or emails, but if you ever click on them and fill in the confidential information, then know that the entire details are compromised. In simple words, Acsus Scam is a hustle which asks people who haven’t taken any money from them to make a payment to them.

Is Acsus a Registered or Legal Entity?

The messages sent by Acsus contain the names of some big organisations such as ACS Legal group and Advance Cash services. However, as you might have already guessed there is no connection between these scammers are the reputable brands which have been operating for decades.

Generally speaking, the fake platforms always try their best to mimic well known brands by copying things such as website themes, logos and copyrighted materials. The main reason behind the portrayal is to gain credibility in the eyes of the public and convince them to proceed with them. Ultimately, once they have received the funds, then they will either block you or simply ignore your communication attempts.

Coming back to the legality aspect, Acsus is a firm which is involved with a lot of illegal activities like phishing, fraud, etc,. If the owners behind the firm get caught, they will have to face a long time behind the bars.

Unfortunately, seeing the history of all the deceptive platforms online, we do believe the chances of them getting caught are low and that means, it will be next to impossible to recover the funds stolen by them.

How does Acsus Scam Work?

The first step taken by this scam is to get the attention of the people by reaching out via sms. Content of their message is threatening and intimidating. It also contains a lot of fake narratives along with links to dubious payment pages.

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    If you unsuspectingly click on it, it will ask for credit card details along with pin number and we all know how the story ends from there. Thanks to recovery agencies, you will be able to get the money lost, but it will be a daunting task to go through that and at the end of the day just by being educated the disaster can be avoided.

    So, be cautious when making payments online and if you notice any suspicious stuff like spelling errors or distorted images, then notify the concerned authorities as quickly as possible. Remember, the time is the essence here and the sooner you report, the better it is going to be for yourself and others.

    Ways to Protect Yourself

    First and foremost always make sure that you are dealing with reputable firms and are making transactions through the official website. Do not entertain the links you get through email unless it is from the trusted source and for any reason do not share the details of your bank account.

    Always remember, the banks will never ask for it and if anyone does, then chances are they are trying to loot you. Make note of the messages and the sender details as it can help the law agencies track them more effectively.

    Moreover, do not click on any link or images as they are almost guaranteed to compromise your devices. The Department of Financial Institutions have made it very clear that Acsus is nothing more than a scam and no one should indulge with them for their own safety.

    Acsus Scam Review Conclusion

    As time moves, the crooks also always evolve and they unfortunately are getting more creative. To combat the scams and shut them down before it hurts someone in today’s world is not possible or practical. However, there is one thing we can do and that is reporting them to law enforcement agencies.

    It is true that regulators like FTC or FCA don’t take action against every reported scam, but by submitting complaints, they will gather more data and eventually, the scammers will be caught. So, for now do not forget to file the reports and help us create awareness about this scheme by sharing this post with your friends and family.

    Do you have anything to say about the Acsus Scam? Have you received any messages from the Acsus Firm? Let us know your opinion and answers by commenting below.

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