AFCU Fraud Alert – Phishing Scam 2022

Arkansas Federal Credit Union recently published a post on its Facebook wall about a new phishing scam that is targeting its user base. According to them, the scammers are using false narratives and are forcing people to reveal their sensitive information.

It is still unclear how the cyber criminals got access to the contact numbers. Though the threat at the time of publishing this post appears to be neutralized, do not take the whole matter lightly.

Be alert, go through the following content to enhance your knowledge and if you have any doubts, do not shy away from talking with the official support team. In case you have already suffered any damage, then reach out to us and we will do our best to retrieve your funds at the earliest. 

AFCU Fraud Alert

Phishing scams targeting particular communities are becoming common. Regardless of how alert the authorities are, the criminals can slide from the situation because of technological advancement. As eradication of the core issue isn’t possible, the only way for us to fight this crisis is by educating the public.

If we make everyone realize the way these criminals operate, then no one would ever lose money to them. We are aware of the fact that the whole undertaking isn’t an easy one, but it is worth the hassles involved.

After all, starving them is always the knockout punch to address any kind of crime, right? 

AFCU Fraud Messages

There is no one size fits all approach taken by the scammers which means there is no standard message to showcase. If you observe closely, their main motive is to collect people’s data and they are ready to go to any lengths for it.

Creating a sense of urgency or impersonating bank employees are some of the common gimmicks they use. If you come across any message that demands your confidential information, then do not entertain it for any reason. Report the incident to the concerned officials and raise a formal complaint if necessary.

Keep in mind that bank officials or government bodies will never ask for sensitive information over email for any reason. More importantly, they would never badger you into doing things. Only crooks create scenarios that induce chaos and panic. 

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    How to stay safe from AFCU Fraud SMS

    AFCU Fraud SMS and emails contain nothing more than fake narratives. The best way to deal with these types of scams is by simply ignoring them. Do not interact with unknown senders. Keep your devices updated and protected.

    Also, never click on any link attached to the spam emails. Make sure you deal with official sites only and double-check the URL before putting in your login credentials. For any reason, if something feels off, talk with customer support.

    Banks today use a lot of sophisticated systems to detect fraud. For the most part, you don’t have to worry, but keeping an eye on finances does go a long way. Lastly, use 2 FA for all bank-related websites and apps. Don’t forget to change passwords regularly. 

    Need Help?

    As phishing scams are exploding exponentially, a lot of people are losing money to them. Sadly, there is no go-to solution for this disease and the victims appear to be overwhelmed by the number of options available. If you have lost money to fraudulent platforms, then do not panic.

    Gather as many details as you can about the underlying transaction and get in touch with us. Using advanced tracking software, our staff will locate your funds in a matter of hours and will show the recovery methods available at your disposal.

    The sooner you begin, the quicker the entire process is going to be. Note that all of our services are free and have no strings attached whatsoever.

    AFCU Fraud Alert Bottom Line

    AFCU Fraud Alert was a short-lived phishing attack. Thanks to the early detection systems and social media, the reality behind the phishing attempt was exposed in time.

    Till now, there haven’t been any damages reported and that’s a good thing. Share this post with your friends and help us raise awareness about this incident. 

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    Have you received any AFCU Fraud emails or texts? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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    5 thoughts on “AFCU Fraud Alert – Phishing Scam 2022”

    1. Received this SMS text on 11-10-22:
      [AFCU]: We blocked your Account due to unusual activity, to regain access verify at SCAM!!! SCAM!!! SCAM!!!

    2. I had a SMS saying ‘There is an incoming money due to you’. Poor syntax! They wanted me to click on etc.

    3. I am not a customer but continue to receive texts to my phone saying unauthorized activity has been detected and my account is blocked.

    4. Darlene Bitton

      Yes! This one yesterday world be my 4th one. The other 3 I actually went into AFCU to Chang my card. This time I called AFCU 800 # to learn that all 4 were scammers!!! Over it!!!

      1. Not a customer, received the following text messsge
        “FreeMsg:AFCU Fraud Alerts
        Did you purchase on 4th Sept $350.00 LOVEAGAIN DOT, if not you, Click to dispute.”

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