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Introduction: Complaint and Initial Experience

On May 15, 2023, one of our visitors sent us the following complaint:

Last week, I was contacted by a company called They promised to help me recover the funds I had lost in a scam investment with SOLTECH company.


However, instead of assisting me, I ended up paying an upfront fee of 10% to initiate the recovery process. Unfortunately, they stole my money by utilizing a Crypto ATOMIC account.

So is a legitimate recovery company or a SCAM?

Anderson & Co Review

Domain Registration and Red Flags

The domain was registered on April 3, 2023, for one year through NameCheap, Inc.

A brief registration period raises a red flag, suggesting that the domain owners may lack confidence in their ability to succeed or intend to operate temporarily before facing inevitable blacklisting as a scam.

And while they have only been around for almost two months when writing this in 2023, their copyright line says: “© 2010 Anderson & Co.”

Claims and Services Offered

A Google search for the website returns a few results.

The homepage itself claims that Anderson & Co is a company specializing in funds recovery from scammers. They offer funds recovery services for individuals who have lost money to online fraud or scams. It mentions a free consultation and the ability to recover lost funds.

They offer services to help individuals who have been victims of various scams.

  • Forex & CFDs Scams (including Unregistered Brokers Scams)
  • Binary Options Scams
  • Cryptocurrencies Scams

The text used by Anderson & Co for each service appears to have been taken from, a company specializing in assisting individuals in recovering their funds from unauthorized financial firms.

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    Anderson & Co provides a step-by-step process to review the case, gather evidence, and work towards getting the client’s money back.

    They claim to have a team of highly specialized consultants and recovery experts who have completed over 5000 successful cases while maintaining high customer satisfaction.

    Contrary to these claims, however, this website recall is new and does not get much traffic. Surprisingly, no online reviews are available for a firm that claims to have been involved in over 5000 successful recovery cases, which is unexpected.

    About Anderson & Co

    Based on their About Us page, Anderson & Co is an investigative and consulting service founded in 2010 in London, United Kingdom. Their mission is to assist victims of online fraud in recovering their funds from scammers.

    Anderson & Co allegedly uses various techniques such as disputes, digital fingerprint tracking, cyber analysis, and thorough investigative work to help victims obtain reimbursement.

    They claim expertise in EU and Commonwealth countries’ legal and financial systems, ensuring clients receive comprehensive services and optimal results.

    The Google search results also include pages such as “Checkout,” “deeznuts,” and “People.”

    Deeznuts is the author on the site who wrote two articles on recognizing investment scams and avoiding and recovering from binary options robot scams.

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    Consultants and Team Information

    The website mentions consultants such as Maria Borms, James Hargreaves, Alexa Mayer, Debbie Benson, Michael Davis, Oscar Greene, and Oliver Nelson.

    For each of these consultants, there is a page. Some contain a quote, and others have a widget to schedule an appointment, but it seems no appointments are available.

    For James Hargreaves, there is a LinkedIn page, according to which he is a Recovery Specialist at Anderson & Co, based in the United Kingdom. He has been working with Anderson & Co since November 2019, and his role involves assisting clients in recovering their funds from online fraud and scams.


    The image appears to have been sourced from, indicating that it may be a fake or unauthorized use.

    The search result also mentions Jason Bradson as the company’s chief operating officer.

    In another place, Anderson & Co mentions Matthew Stone as the Chief Operating Officer responsible for the company’s operations in the East and Central regions.

    Antony Karlson holds the position of CEO, overseeing the operations in the same regions. Avie Beaton is the Founder and is also responsible for the company’s operations in the East and Central regions.

    The company has a team of experts who play vital roles within the organization. Eddie Adkins is the Project Manager, Steeve West is the Compliance Specialist, and Anna Truman is the HR Business Admin. Kelly Orlando specializes in Market Planning, while Karla Avala focuses on Risk Management. Many Reed is responsible for Occupancy, and Seal Weak oversees Human Resources. Samu Kobayashi manages the Logistics department.

    Contact Information

    The contact information for Anderson & Co includes the following:

    • Phone: +44-7537189897 (a valid UK number)
    • Email:
    • Address: 20 Manchester Square, London W1U 360, United Kingdom

    They also provide a contact form.

    Links from the site to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn lead to the networks themselves and not to an Anderson & Co. page on these networks.

    The telephone number, +44-7537189897, associated with Anderson & Co, is not exclusive to their site and can also be found on numerous other websites, including:

    • (from October 2022)
    • (from November 2022)
    • (from March 2023)
    • (from March 2023)

    These are all previous versions of, which are no longer online, and all looked the same.

    Anderson CO Reviews has flagged the website Anderson & Co as a suspicious site. The review states that the website may sell fake products, poor-quality items, or fraudulent activities to steal financial information.

    The analysis highlights that the website is relatively new, created less than half a year ago. It also mentions that the site has suspicious neighbors on the web server, indicating a potential association with scam websites. The website has low visitor traffic, which can be a red flag.

    The website has a low trust score, according to Scamadviser. The review suggests exercising extreme caution when using the website, as it may be a scam. The analysis indicates that the website has several negative indicators, including low visitor traffic, low-rated websites on the same server, and negative links found on social media.

    A review on points out that Anderson & Co employs the contact information provided, including the phone number and email address, which has been reused on another website.

    Distinction from Legitimate Anderson & Co

    Differentiate the website we have been reviewing from the legitimate website or Anderson & Co, a team of private investigators based in Birmingham, UK.

    They offer various surveillance services, highlighting the need to avoid confusion between the two websites.

    Bottom Line

    In conclusion, our investigation into Anderson & Co and their website raises significant concerns about the legitimacy of this recovery company.

    We have identified several red flags, including the short duration of the website’s registration, the absence of online presence and reviews, and the reuse of contact information on other websites.

    These factors, combined with the suspicious neighbors on the web server and the low trust score Scamadviser gave, indicate a potential association with fraudulent activities or scams.

    Furthermore, the website contradicts its claims of being in operation since 2010 with a recent registration date and a lack of online evidence to support its history of successful recovery cases.

    The use of fake images raises doubts about the credibility of Anderson & Co. Additionally, the similarity to previous website versions further adds to these concerns.

    Considering all the evidence gathered, it is advisable to exercise extreme caution when dealing with this website.

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    Refraining from providing this company with any personal or financial information is crucial.

    Please be aware that the website under review should not be mistaken for legitimate The legitimate website operates as a team of private investigators offering surveillance services in Birmingham, UK.

    If you have fallen victim to online scams, please comment below. If you have suffered a substantial financial loss, do not despair. We are here to assist you in recovering your funds!

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