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On April 26, 2023, a person from California, USA who reports losing $1000 posted the following complaint at the BBB (Better Business Bureau) regarding a cryptocurrency scam:

I was contacted by a person who later showed me how to trade on the platform. However, I encountered difficulties when attempting to withdraw funds as I was unable to do so.

Additionally, the customer service representatives continually requested additional payments instead of assisting me with my withdrawal.

So what is Ant Exchange and what should you do if you have been scammed by them? Review

Currently, the domain appears to no longer be online.

A message appears when the site is accessed indicating that the requested website or domain could not be found on the web server.

The domain was registered through Pte. Ltd. on January 14, 2023, just 4 months ago, for one year by a registrant that claimed to be located in California, USA.

It was hosted by UCLOUD INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (HK) LIMITED, a Hong Kong, China company.

No traffic information is available either because they don’t get much traffic or because the domain is so young.

It has a 2% Authority Score on Semrush with 9 backlinks from 8 referring domains, but none are from any trust-inspiring domains.

A keyword that led people from search engines to this website is “antcurrency.”

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    On the Google Index, there are two results related to the website

    The first result is the website itself, which, according to the description, offers support for second-contract transactions involving cryptocurrencies like BTC and USDT. There’s also a mention of leveraged trading, which indicates this may have been a CFDs trading platform.

    The cached version of the page is not very helpful and we can only recover the title of the website: “Ant Financial.”

    Ant Group, formerly known as Ant Financial, is an affiliate company of Alibaba Group and is one of the world’s largest financial technology companies. It operates Alipay, the world’s largest mobile payment platform, serving over 1.3 billion users and 80 million merchants. Ant Group also offers a range of financial services, including wealth management, credit payment, and online banking.

    It’s obvious that Ant Group has nothing to do with which might be called an Ant Group impostor scam.

    The second result is of a subdomain,, which is titled “Welcome to multi-customer service system.”  There’s also a live chat widget on the page.

    When we search Google for the phrase “Welcome to multi-customer service system” we discover another site where this text is found on a similar subdomain,

    However, is also unavailable.

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    The domain was registered on April 13, 2022, through another Chinese company, Xin Net Technology Corporation. The organization is listed as “liujingyang,” while the location is: “fujiansheng,” China. seems to have been the previous project of the same scammers behind

    A third website implicated in this scam is was also registered through Xin Net Technology Corporation, like, but earlier, on December 27, 2021.

    The website is described as the world’s leading digital asset trading platform. It offers secure and trusted services for trading and managing digital assets. The platform supports various cryptocurrencies such as BTC and USDT, as well as leverage trading.

    The website appears to have multiple pages or variations, including “” and “”

    There’s a warning from Consob (Commissione Nazionale per le Società e la Borsa), the Italian securities market regulator, which mentions several websites that have been ordered to be blocked or have violated financial regulations, including

    The mention of in the context of the alerts from different financial authorities raises concerns about its credibility.

    The alerts listed in the (Italian) text mention several websites and companies that have been flagged by regulatory bodies for offering financial services without the necessary authorization.

    There’s a question on about them from January 7, 2023:

    Can you please check out this website and let me know if you think it’s trustworthy, please? The website in question is

    The lawyer responded by stating that they would not recommend the website, as it provided no information about its identity and posed a significant risk.

    On Twitter, there’s a profile of a user called Dirk Leonardo who describes himself as a biologist, businessman, and trader. His website is listed as

    According to this Spanish review, users were generally dissatisfied with their experience with AntCurrency. Based on these user comments, it is suggested that AntCurrency is not a reliable broker and extreme caution should be exercised before investing through their brokerage platform.

    On, there are two reviews from traders regarding The first review, written by Ashley Jana, states that is a scam website used by scammers from Dubai and other places to steal money from targeted individuals. The review warns against providing personal information and recommends staying away from the site.

    The second review, written by Heartz, simply states that is a scam company and advises people to be cautious.

    In a Reddit thread from r/Scams, the original poster shares their experience of falling victim to a cryptocurrency app scam. The poster met someone on the dating app Hinge who claimed to be an interior designer and business major from Shanghai. Despite some red flags, such as the person’s phone number indicating they were in Malaysia, the poster ignored their instincts and got involved in the scam.

    The scammer convinced the poster to download an app called ANT COIN APP to invest in cryptocurrency. The poster invested a few hundred dollars, and the app showed significant returns in a short period. The scammer guided the poster to purchase USDT (Tether) on Binance and transfer it to the ANT Coin App. The poster continued to invest more money as the scammer showed screenshots of large profits and reassured them that everything was legitimate.

    Eventually, when the poster wanted to withdraw their funds, they encountered issues. The withdrawal process failed, and they were asked to contact customer service. The customer service directed the poster to a WhatsApp number and told them they needed to pay a 20% tax on their earnings to process the withdrawal. The poster became suspicious and requested written proof of the policy, but the scammer and customer service failed to provide any official documentation.

    The thread includes multiple comments from other users sharing similar experiences.  (Mobile Version)

    This is the website of the AntCurrency app, which was designed to look like an App Store page.

    The app is described as having free installation and has received a rating of 5.0 stars based on 19,000 ratings. The app is compatible with iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch) running iOS 8.0 or higher.

    The app is suitable for users above the age of 4 (!) and is copyrighted by MobiFun Games Inc. (Desktop Version; also

    This looks like the homepage. It describes the AntCurrency platform as the world’s leading digital asset trading platform and provides secure and trusted digital asset trading and asset management services to millions of users in over 130 countries.

    Screenshot of

    The platform emphasizes its safety and trustworthiness, with 5 years of experience in digital asset financial services.

    They allegedly established localized transaction service centers in multiple countries to create a blockchain ecosystem with various business forms. The platform prioritizes customer satisfaction by implementing a preemptive payment mechanism and setting up an investor protection fund.

    This is a website that was designed to look like a mobile trading app.

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    Ant Exchange Top Reviews

    Now that we’ve established that Ant Exchange Top is just one website in a long line of similar fraudulent websites created by the same group of Chinese scammers, we can go back to Ant Exchange Top.

    According to another review posted at the BBB on March 15, 2023, a person named Louis from Alabama initiated a conversation with the complainer through a dating app.

    He claimed to be a cryptocurrency trader with 11 years of experience and offered to help the victim become wealthy through trading.

    The scammer instructed the victim to purchase cryptocurrency through a cash Bitcoin machine and transfer it to the website

    Initially, the victim made a profit of $357 by following the scammer’s instructions. However, when attempting to transfer funds from the website to their trust wallet, the funds did not transfer.

    It was discovered that the website was fake and owned by the scammer, who received the cryptocurrency and disappeared.

    The victim, a New York, USA person, lost $1000 in this romance solicitation and crypto investment scam.

    The scammer’s location is identified as Montgomery, AL, and their contact information includes a mobile number: (334) 457-4393.

    According to another report filed on February 7, 2023, a person named Daniel initiated contact through a dating app and then moved the conversation to WhatsApp. Daniel claimed to be a cryptocurrency trader and offered to teach the victim how to trade.

    He instructed the victim to download the application and set up an account with $200 USD. He also directed the victim to a trading website called, where they would conduct trades.

    The victim followed Daniel’s instructions and made a profit of $40 USDT. However, when attempting to withdraw the funds, the victim encountered issues and reached out to customer support.

    Daniel coerced the victim into investing an additional $260 USD, leading to a profit of $2032 USDT.

    When the victim tried to transfer the funds back to their account, Daniel stopped responding. The victim initiated the transfer but encountered delays and reached out to Daniel, who advised them to contact customer support.

    Customer support stated that the transfer volume was insufficient and required additional trades. Daniel instructed the victim to trade again, resulting in a claimed profit of $17,700. However, Daniel then informed the victim that they needed to pay $2044 USDT in taxes before transferring the funds.

    The victim became skeptical and questioned the validity of the website, which angered Daniel.

    In total, the victim lost $498 in this romance scam.

    The scammer’s location is identified as Austin, TX, and their contact information includes a mobile number: (210) 712-1980.

    With the ease of obtaining a US number from any State from anywhere in the world with sites such as, it’s not surprising that the scammer had numbers from different States. provides a review of, highlighting several concerning facts about the platform. The review emphasizes that is unregulated, lacks transparency, and creates unrealistic expectations.

    A user on the r/Daytrading sub-libreddit asks if it is common for a trading platform to require payment of taxes on trading earnings before releasing the funds. Responses from other users indicate that in the US, brokers issue a 1099 form for tax reporting, but taxes are typically paid separately and not through the platform.

    However, concerns are raised about the platform mentioned by the original user,, with some users warning that it may be a scam and advising against sending more money to it. The consensus is that the platform is not legitimate, and caution is advised.

    Multiple individuals have shared negative experiences and warnings about on a review page. They describe it as an illegal and ridiculous website that attempts to extort funds and fails to process withdrawals. The comments highlight it as a scam and caution readers against expecting to recover their money. The provided web address for is

    Thanks to this review we finally find a working URL for

    This website looks similar to, which we reviewed above, and is a fake trading platform.

    Ant Exchange Scam Warning - Screenshot of

    Complaints We Received

    November 2023

    I suspect I might be the victim of a scam on I invested $795, and a ‘friend’ who introduced me to the platform ‘helped’ me earn $10,718. When I attempted to transfer my earnings, the company demanded that I pay $2,142 in taxes upfront, threatening to impose a 1% daily late fee. They instructed that the tax must be paid into a special wallet supervised by the IMF.’ Can someone please help me determine if this is a scam? This situation seems to mirror the experiences of others exactly.

    The domain was registered on September 10, 2023, for one year through It is protected by Cloudflare, and the Registrant Contact appears to be Hong Kong, China.

    The website does not currently display any content, and the only mention of it online is in a ScamAdviser warning.

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    Based on the information provided by the Scamadviser report on, there are several red flags and negative indicators that suggest this website is suspicious and could potentially be a scam:

    1. Low Trustscore (37/100): A score of 37 out of 100 is quite low and indicates that the website may not be trustworthy.
    2. Owner Hiding Identity: The website’s owner uses a service to hide their identity on WHOIS, which is common among fraudulent sites.
    3. Low Traffic: The website does not receive many visitors, which can indicate a new or untrusted site.
    4. Shared Server with Low-Rated Websites: Having many low-rated websites on the same server can indicate that the service provider is not strictly vetting its clients.
    5. Recently Registered: Websites that have only been recently set up are more often associated with fraudulent activities as they have not had time to build a reputation or online presence.

    The positive aspects, such as a valid SSL certificate and no malware or phishing activities detected, do not outweigh the negative highlights in this context. Scammers often use valid SSL certificates to appear legitimate.

    Given these points and the complaint we received—where a client was asked to pay a hefty, upfront tax to a ‘special wallet’ before withdrawing funds, and a late payment fee is imposed daily—it is very likely that this is indeed a scam. Genuine investment platforms do not operate in this manner, and the request for tax payment to a ‘supervised’ wallet is inconsistent with legitimate financial practices.

    If you are considering interacting with this site or have already been involved in a transaction, it is highly recommended that you cease any further transactions.

    Bottom Line

    In conclusion, we have provided a detailed account of a scam involving, highlighting several instances where individuals were contacted by scammers who guided them to trade on the platform but faced difficulties when trying to withdraw funds.

    We investigated the domain registration and hosting information, indicating that seems to no longer be online and may have been operated by Chinese scammers.

    We also investigated other related websites, such as and, which have been implicated in similar scams. Various user reviews and warnings from regulatory bodies suggest that these websites are not trustworthy and that caution should be exercised.

    We went over personal accounts of individuals who fell victim to romance solicitation and crypto investment scams associated with These accounts detail the scammers’ instructions to download specific apps, make investments, and encounter issues when trying to withdraw funds.

    Overall, this Ant Exchange review serves as a warning to readers about the fraudulent activities associated with, which is a SCAM!

    If you have fallen victim to online scams, please inform us by commenting below. If you have suffered a substantial financial loss, do not despair. We are here to assist you in recovering your funds!

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    1. Don’t forget to invest in this site. This is a completely planned Chinese company formed to scam you. Here you are played on your emotions by being a girlfriend or a boyfriend. You are encouraged to invest. In the beginning, you can also withdraw, then your car, house will be gone. Many have sunk their money in it and even committed suicide. I have also worked in this company but they did not pay me. I have given you information on how to be deceived. You are trusting a fake man on a dating app, make a video call at least once and see his face. He will make many excuses not to make video calls, don’t trust audio calls. Don’t invest even one dollar of yours. Please help me, I am a poor man. I worked there 14 hours a day and after 29 days I was fired without pay. Because I was taken there for another job, the job was to be cheated by you. I didn’t like it, I didn’t work and I was fired.

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