Big Pablo Tiktok Scam – Nov 2020 Update

For the vast majority of people social media is an integral part of their life. It is estimated that more than 60% of the population checks their phone the first thing in the morning. The shift in our habits as a civilization is apparent and that drastic action has opened room for a lot of opportunities which can be used for both good and bad.

Tiktok is a popular dub smash app which gained a massive user base in a matter of years. The valuation of the company crossed the Billion dollar mark within a couple of years and it is extremely popular in China, United States and India. Due to the security concerns, the app is getting banned in many countries, but in the US it is still going strong.

With the rise of Tiktok many people got a platform to build a loyal following, but unfortunately over time just like with everything else, the scams also started taking advantage of the turn of events. In today’s post, we are going to be discussing the Big Pablo Tiktok Scam and the details you need to know about the mastermind behind the illegal activities.

Big Pablo Tiktok Scam

What is Big Pablo Tiktok Scam?

Before we answer this question you need to know a little bit about the history to gain perspective or else chances are you might also fall for it. Big Pablo is an alleged pregnant lady who was apparently in an abusive relationship with a guy. She used to make a lot of videos wherein she would discuss all the wrong things her boyfriend did to her.

People got very emotional after watching the video and within a short time her following rose above 1 million and her videos got a mind blowing 20 million hits on Tiktok. On her last video, Big Pablo said that she was short on cash and wasn’t even able to buy basic necessities and asked her followers to make a donation via Venmo.

As the people truly believed her story, the donations started flowing in rapidly and on the whole the estimated amount is around $170,000. Once the story got viral, even the police started investigating the matter and as it turns out everything about the incident was staged. Moreover, the woman doing the videos is also known to be the mastermind behind other unemployment scams as well.

While the law enforcement agencies are after her, it is indeed very sad to see the public getting cheated like that. At the end of the day, trust is an important element in everyone’s life and once it is lost, it takes a lot of time for the things to go back to normal.

Personal Story

Like many if not all con artists, Big Pablo aka Liyah hasn’t revealed much information about her personal life online. One can argue that she might have maintained a low profile for privacy concerns. However, given the facts we strongly disagree with the statement.

Liyah’s exact age is unknown but according to many online sources, she is believed to be around 30 years old. She has a 2 year old daughter and is currently 30 weeks pregnant. The details regarding her boyfriend is unknown, but she has confirmed on many videos that his behaviour was indeed abusive. All in all, the lack of transparency is clearly present and it is very mysterious to say the least.

Public Response

As mentioned above, the only victims of the Big Pablo Tiktok Scam were the public. The people who responded to this woman’s plea were incredibly hurt both emotionally and financially.

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    More importantly, this kind of incident always leaves a scar in the minds of people and the next time a bad thing happens to a genuine person, the public will not be eager to help. As the real truth behind the event was revealed on many sites online, many people are considering recovery methods to get money back from Big Pablo.

    If you are one of the donors, then keep on reading this article to know the ways you can use to get your funds back from the con artist.

    Recovery Methods

    Thanks to many innovative companies and technologies, we don’t have to accept a firm loss everytime we make a transaction with an unknown platform. However, don’t be under the impression that all kinds of transactions are traceable too.

    Big Pablo Tiktok Scam involves payments through established methods such as Visa and Venmo. So, by contacting the banks the possibility of reverting the transaction is possible, but for any reason if they deny that or if you miss the time window, then use the contact form below to get in touch with our experts and we will do our best to reach you with the solutions at the earliest.


    The social media and internet is not exactly what it used to be at the beginning. Things have evolved at a phase which was unimaginable and people like Big Pablo are always going to be present. Today it was a donation scam, but tomorrow it might be something which is bigger and more convincing yet dangerous for the general public.

    So, we strongly advise our readers to always investigate stories and theories online especially when money is involved. As far as Big Pablo Tiktok Scam is considered the chances of recovery of funds look bright, but unless the officials take action, there will always be room to escape for the culprit.

    Ultimately, as users we need to be educated about both the good side and the bad side of social media. Always remember, most scams can be avoided or even eradicated if we create enough awareness about them. So, share this post with your friends and family and help us reach as many people as possible.

    Have you made a donation towards the Big Pablo Tiktok Scam? Are you trying to recover your money from the crooks? Share your opinion in the comments thread.

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