Bit Throne Trust Investment Review (

As the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency expands, Bit Throne Trust Investment ( emerges as a newly launched investment platform. Bit Throne is a platform that claims to be a gateway to the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency investments.

To provide global access and break down entry barriers, it promises investors the opportunity to participate in the evolving landscape of digital assets. However, it is essential to approach this platform with caution. Read along to learn more about this website.

Bit Throne Trust Investment Review

Background information

Bit Throne Trust Investment is a platform that provides individuals with highly secured investments worldwide. It presents several claims and features worth examining to assess its credibility and offerings.

The website asserts its commitment to breaking down entry barriers and providing global access to blockchain and cryptocurrency investments. By doing so, it aims to offer investment opportunities to individuals regardless of their location, social status, or financial background.

It claims to provide tailored investment opportunities to meet the diverse needs of investors. It offers various investment schemes designed to cater to beginners and experienced traders. These schemes often come with specific features such as deposit bonuses, risk-free trades, and access to professional brokers.

The platform emphasizes its commitment to client-centric services and aspires to bring value to the crypto community by offering unmatched services and a user-friendly experience. The platform claims to stay at the forefront of industry developments and provide users with cutting-edge solutions.

However, potential investors must approach these claims with due diligence before engaging with Bit Throne. While the platform presents itself with these claims and features, verifying the authenticity of its operations, regulatory compliance, and track record is crucial.

After assessing customer reviews, seeking independent opinions, and evaluating the platform’s reputation, we can say that the company is only here to scam you.

Bit Throne Trust Investment Investment Schemes

Investment Schemes Offered by Bit Throne Trust Investment:

  1.     Starter Plan: $300 + 5% Deposit Bonus
  1.     Basic Plan: $500 + 10.3% Deposit Bonus
  1.     Standard Plan: $700 + 15% Deposit Bonus
  1.     Premium Plan: $1000 + 20% Deposit Bonus
  1.     Gold Plan: $1200 + 25% Deposit Bonus
  1.     Platinum plan: $1500 + 30% Deposit Bonus.

Fake User Testimonials

One concerning aspect of Bit Throne Trust Investment is the presence of potentially fake user testimonials. Testimonials are often used as a marketing tool to build trust and credibility among potential investors.

However, it is essential to approach these testimonials with skepticism and thoroughly evaluate their authenticity.

Here are a few examples of potentially fake user testimonials associated with the website:

I want to thank Bit Throne Trust Investment for getting me set up to trade cryptocurrency. It’s an exciting time in the market, and with only a week of hobby-level trading, I’ve been making $100+ a day! Now is the time to invest.

This testimonial seems overly enthusiastic and focuses on the success and profitability of trading cryptocurrency through their platform. It uses specific monetary figures to create a sense of urgency and excitement, which could be an attempt to manipulate potential investors into taking immediate action.

I really appreciate the time and efforts of Bit Throne Trust Investment in educating us on how to invest and multiply our funds. Every time I log in to my account, I discover that the money I invested has doubled. I’m hoping to invest more. Thank you, Bit Throne.

This testimonial emphasizes the appreciation for educational resources provided by Bit Throne and suggests significant profit gains. The language appears excessively optimistic, which could raise suspicion of its authenticity without giving specific or valuable information.

These comments reflect common characteristics often found in fake testimonials.

Fake testimonials can be created to deceive potential investors and manipulate their perception of a platform’s credibility and success rate. To validate the authenticity of user testimonials, it is advisable to seek additional evidence or independent reviews.

Conducting online research, checking for consistency in user experiences, and seeking opinions from trusted sources can help determine the reliability of testimonials associated with any investment platform.

Contact Information

Another notable red flag associated with Bit Throne Trust Investment is the absence or limited contact information availability. When assessing an investment platform, the availability and responsiveness of customer support play a significant role.

Look for easily accessible contact information, such as a dedicated customer support line, email address, or live chat. Prioritize platforms that demonstrate reliable communication channels to address inquiries or concerns promptly.

Bit Throne Trust Investment Reviews

On May 2, 2023, a Walkertown, North Carolina, United States person who reports being scammed for $500 by this cryptocurrency scam left the following review with the BBB (Better Business Bureau):

I fell victim to a scam where the fraudster took my money and falsely claimed that I had earned $20,000 in profit. However, when I tried to withdraw the supposed profit, they informed me that I needed to purchase a gold account in order to access my funds. This was a deceitful tactic to extort more money from me.

It’s essential to be cautious and skeptical of such promises, especially when additional payments are requested to access supposed profits.

Remember to thoroughly research and verify the legitimacy of any investment or financial opportunity before committing your funds.

Bit Throne Trust Investment Red flags

  •       Lack of Professional Website Design: A poorly designed or unprofessional-looking website may indicate a lack of credibility. Genuine investment platforms typically invest in creating a polished and user-friendly online presence.
  •       Absence of Legal Information: Legitimate investment platforms provide comprehensive legal information, including terms and conditions, privacy policy, and disclaimers. The lack of such information on this website raises concerns about transparency and regulation adherence.
  •       Unsecured Website: Check if the website has proper security measures, such as SSL encryption. A lack of security measures can risk your personal and financial information.
  •       Unrealistic Promises or Returns: Be cautious of platforms that promise unusually high returns or guaranteed profits with minimal risk. Legitimate investments always carry a level of risk, and overly optimistic claims should be viewed with skepticism.
  •       Limited or Vague Information: The website does not provide any necessary information required by the investors, making it less trustworthy.


In a nutshell, the Bit Throne Trust Investment website is a guaranteed scam. Remember, the cryptocurrency and investment market has legitimate opportunities and fraudulent schemes.

Stay vigilant, educate yourself about investment risks, and never invest more than you can afford to lose. If something seems too good to be true or raises suspicions, it is best to avoid those opportunities.

Investing in cryptocurrencies and blockchain assets can be rewarding but requires careful consideration and distinguishing between legitimate platforms and potential scams. Protecting yourself and your financial interests should always be a top priority when investing.

If you have fallen victim to this scam, please share your experience by commenting below. 

If you lost money to online scams, get a free consultation with one of our recommended scam recovery companies.

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