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Bitcoin Motion Scam quickly became a hot topic because of the way this bogus software is designed. This bot claims to have over 85% accuracy rate, but the creators have not published any verifiable trading records to back up their claims.

User reviews are also not that many and the platform displays traits that are scary to say the least. Obviously, you need to be careful with them or else they will drain your pockets in a matter of a few hours. To truly understand how they work and the gimmicks they use to lure people in, you need to go through the following content.

If you have deposited with any offshore broker linked with them, then withdraw the money immediately. In case you are unable to retrieve the funds, fill out the form below and we will help you get your capital back. 

Bitcoin Motion Scam Review

Bitcoin Motion Founders and Contact Details

As this platform claimed to deliver wonders in terms of consistency and profits, we did spend a lot of time trying to figure out the way it works. Though we spent a long time, we could not trace the founders and other key employees.

The way the management side is silent is spooky and it kind of gives us a sneak peak about their real intentions. Ask yourself, if their product really helped retail investors make consistent profit, why would they operate from the shadows? More importantly, if their software had a remarkable win rate, why are they giving it away for free?

The broken narratives are put up just to lure in people. People that will make money from this platform are the creators and brokers, everyone else is almost guaranteed to lose their funds. Note that there isn’t any contact information featured by them.

In other words, it looks like this firm was on a tight budget and they could not afford to provide basic customer support to the clients. Given these facts, are you still inclined towards trusting them? 

How does Bitcoin Motion Work?

Bitcoin Motion supposedly uses machine learning and artificial intelligence models to predict the markets. The kind of terminology used by them is fancy, but it does not paint them in a credible manner. For starters, no statistics are provided.

Indicators used, strategies applied and risk management are not discussed. Platforms supported by them are also not that clear. Charting is decent, but there are certainly better options available out there. As the key elements of trading are not discussed, there is no way we can trust them with our money.

Scam platforms like this one often lay more emphasis on exaggerated claims than verifiable reports because their only goal is to convince you to make a deposit. Once they have access to funds, guess what? You will be left high and dry. 

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    Accuracy Rate and Profits

    This software supposedly generates more than 85% winning trades. Any experienced traders can easily spot the flaws present in their claims. Maintaining a win rate above 80% is no joke and people that can achieve it certainly won’t give away their secret for free.

    Bitcoin Motion has not put up any audited report or trading history to support their ridiculous claims. Given the number of gimmicks they use, the liability clause they have, we do not think it is a good idea to give them the benefit of the doubt.

    After all, if gaining consistency in the market was that easy, wouldn’t all the parties involved be happy with it. Lack of data along with too good to be true claims means this platform is not the one that deserves your attention. 

    User Reviews

    As Bitcoin Motion is a new app, there aren’t many reviews about them yet. On some forums and websites, affiliates have rated them highly, but do not let the artificial ratings fool you. People promoting this platform are getting paid a fat commission which is why they create content with conflict of interest.

    In reality, no one can make money over the long term with this algorithm as it has no clear edge in the market. Moreover, as they connect retail clients with offshore brokers, the risk factor is too much and in many ways, the odds are worse than what casino games have to offer. 

    Is Bitcoin Motion Scam or Legit?

    Bitcoin Motion is a swindle and a scam for sure. They are marketing themselves aggressively, but their longevity is non-existent. Customer support is not present and there is no value offered by them. Anyone that invests with them will lose all of their capital sooner or later.

    As the facts are too evident, never ever mess around with them. If you are reading this post after depositing with them, then do everything you can to take your money out. In case you are unable to get the funds, do not get frustrated.

    Using the contact form provided on this page, get in touch with us. We will help you identify the culprit and force them to reverse the transaction using chargebacks and wire recalls. All you have to do to get started is fill out the form and wait for a few hours. 

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    Cryptocurrency markets are volatile and it is hard to make consistent returns unless you have the right skill set. If any entity claims to offer you a shortcut, always look for solid evidence before indulging with them. Never let greed or any other factor affect your decision making process. 

    If you have suffered financial loss due to Bitcoin Motion, then feel free to share your experience below and help others make informed decisions. 

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