Bitholdvault Review

Cryptocurrencies are gaining popularity as more people seek to invest in digital assets. However, the rise in demand has also attracted fraudulent actors looking to scam unsuspecting investors. One platform that has caught our attention is Bitholdvault (

Bitholdvault is a website that claims to provide an easy way to invest in cryptocurrency. The website offers a range of investment plans with competitive fees and multiple local payment methods.

However, upon closer inspection, several red flags suggest the website may not be as legitimate as it claims to be.

Read on to learn more about Bitholdvault, its features, and potential risks associated with using the site.

Bitholdvault Review


Bitholdvault is a website that claims to be a platform for buying and selling cryptocurrencies. The website’s homepage boasts easy-to-use trading tools and a platform enabling customers to access cryptocurrency investment opportunities.

Bitholdvault Red flags

  •       Domain age: According to our research, Bitholdvault was created on or after May 2022. This indicates that the website is relatively new and lacks an established track record. This can be a red flag as newer websites may not have established a reputation or implemented robust security measures or policies, making them vulnerable to cyber-attacks and data breaches.
  •       Owners and management team: Despite extensive research, we could not find any information on the owners or management team of the company. This lack of transparency raises questions about the credibility of the website. Without knowing who is behind the website, it is difficult to determine their motives or intentions, and there may be a risk of scams or fraud. Additionally, contacting the website owners or management team in case of any issues or concerns may be difficult.
  •       False claims about countries served: The website claims to serve clients in 35 countries, but we found no evidence to support this claim. This leads to questioning the honesty and integrity of the website. The website may be making false claims about the countries it serves without providing any backup data to support those claims. It is important to be cautious when dealing with websites that make bold claims without providing sufficient evidence.
  •       False statistics: Bitholdvault prominently displays statistics related to its services. For instance, the website claims to have over 10,000 active users, but no evidence supports this claim. Additionally, the website claims to have processed over $1 billion worth of transactions, but there is no information about when these transactions took place or how they were processed. Furthermore, the website claims to have a 100% success rate in securing customer data and transactions, but this is unrealistic for any organization, particularly a newly established one.

Marketing Tactics

Bitholdvault is a website that claims to provide “smart contacts” to developers for building apps, “secure storage,” and “24/7 support”. However, it appears that these claims may not be entirely accurate.

The website’s “smart contacts” feature is described as a tool for developers to create decentralized applications on the blockchain. However, no information is provided about how this tool works or examples of successful apps built using it. The fact that there is a lack of clear communication and supporting evidence regarding the feature in question raises doubts about its effectiveness or value.

Additionally, it claims to offer secure storage for users’ digital assets. But no information about the security measures or any third-party audits or certifications is provided. Without this information, it isn’t easy to assess the actual level of security provided by the website.

The website also claims to offer 24/7 support to users. However, there is no clear indication of how to contact this support team and no mention of any response time guarantees or service level agreements. This lack of detail can concern users requiring urgent assistance with their accounts or transactions.

Statements like “The more you buy with us, the less you pay” or “Fees starting at 0.49%” can be misleading, especially if they are not accompanied by clear information about the fees involved.

It is essential to carefully read and understand the terms and conditions of any investment platform or service before making any financial decisions. This includes understanding the fees and how they may impact your returns. Some venues may charge hidden costs, affecting your profits and reducing your returns.

Bitholdvault Investment Schemes

There is no clear information available about investment plans. It is important to stay cautious with websites that don’t provide information about their investment plans, as this can be a red flag for potential fraud. It is advisable to thoroughly research any investment opportunities before making any financial commitments.

Genuine investment platforms generally provide detailed information about their investment plans, including risks, expected returns, terms and conditions, and other important information. Without such information, investors may be unable to make informed decisions about investing their money. 

Bitholdvault Reviews

On April 18, 2023, a Georgia, USA, person who fell victim to this scam filed a complaint with the BBB (Better Business Bureau).

They were contacted by someone named Kaitlyn on Instagram, who offered to train them in crypto day trading. Kaitlyn directed them to a website called, where they signed up and deposited $1,000 to begin trading.

Kaitlyn then pressured them to upgrade to an advanced plan, which would require a deposit of $18,500. The website appeared legitimate, but they became suspicious when they saw Kaitlyn’s photos on another Instagram profile under a different name.

They eventually realized they were being scammed and attempted to withdraw their funds but were told that tax and escrow fee needed to be paid before the funds could be released. They did not pay these fees and instead reported Kaitlyn to Instagram. The website’s address turned out to be a virtual address rather than an actual address.


To mitigate the above risks, it is recommended to exercise caution when using little-known websites, conduct thorough research before investing any money, and consider using established and reputable platforms instead.

It is also advisable to never invest more than you can afford to lose. Being informed and staying safe when engaging in online transactions is essential.

If they have scammed you, please share your experience by commenting below. 

If you lost money online to scams, get a free consultation with one of our recommended scam recovery companies.

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