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On July 8, 2023, we received the following complaint:

I lost $1,000 to They scammed me. Please help.

So, what is, and is it a SCAM? Review was registered on November 29, 2021, through NameCheap, Inc. It is protected by a Privacy service provided by Withheld for Privacy ehf.

Currently, the domain is offline.

Their description on SimilarWeb reads, “Home $350 iPhone Coming, End of Summer 2011.”

Its Semrush Authority score is 2%, with 25 backlinks from 4 referring domains, such as forum,,, and forum. Top anchors include “document sharing” and “”

The top 4 pages besides the homepage included


Currently only is still indexed on Google.

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    The meta description is:

    ( Boomite shares ) Requires a minimum capital of 100,000 USD users participating in this partnership deal would earn 6.6% daily profits for a period of 6 …

    There’s no cached version of this page.

    On the Way Back Machine, however, we find some information, including their

    • Email address:
    • Telephone number: +1 760 459-8934 (a California, USA number)
    • Address: 3400 COTTAGE WAY, STE G2 #6531 SACRAMENTO, California, 95825 United States of America.

    According to Google Maps, there appears to be a locksmith at 3400 Cottage Way g2 6531, Sacramento, CA 95825, USA.

    A link to can be found in the signature of a user named “rushway,” who joined the forums on April 28, 2012, and has not been active since.

    A Twitter user, Boomite (@Boomiteer), describes themselves as being from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. They joined Twitter in March 2011 and have 430 followers. Their description is:

    Boomite is a site to connect baby boomers. Boomite is a site devoted to individuals just exiting the workforce, pensionable, and ready to enjoy life.

    The tweets seem to be from various dates in 2011 and discuss finance, investing, technology, and lifestyle topics.

    Wayback Machine

    Fortunately, is cached by the Wayback Machine multiple times between April 10, 2011, and May 31, 2023.

    ZenGo Wallet Banner

    The website appears to be related to financial services, particularly in the field of cryptocurrency and blockchain.

    Here is a detailed summary of the information:

    • The website “” offers services to increase capital and participate in the new era of financial services.
    • The company describes itself as a group consisting of experienced traders, financiers, analysts, dedicated developers, and blockchain experts who believe in the potential of cryptocurrency and blockchain to revolutionize the global financial industry.
    • claims to be a leading provider worldwide, offering cryptocurrency mining and trading capacities for different types of investors, including newcomers, home miners, and large investors.
    • The company’s mission is to make investing in cryptocurrencies easy and risk-free for everyone.
    • provides a multi-algorithm service, multi-coin cloud mining, and trading using the latest technology without pool fees.
    • The company aims to make cryptocurrency mining a user-friendly, intelligent, and rewarding experience for all its customers.
    • Security is emphasized, as the website is hosted on a highly secure platform with SSL encryption (Positive SSL) to ensure secure transactions.
    • Instant withdrawal of funds is mentioned as a feature provided by
    • Customer support is available 24/7 through email and live chat.

    Business Registration

    The website mentions that is certified and licensed by C4746973 California as a credible asset management platform.

    We verified that by using the “California Business Search” feature provided by the California Secretary of State’s office, which is a tool for accessing public records on businesses incorporated in California.

    Here are the details we found about a business entity called “BOOM GROWTH INC.” (entity number 4746973):

    1. BOOM GROWTH INC.’s initial filing date was June 1, 2021.
    2. BOOM GROWTH INC. is marked as ‘Active,’ which means it’s currently in operation.
    3. Standing: Good.
    4. BOOM GROWTH INC. was formed in California.
    5. BOOM GROWTH INC. is a ‘Stock Corporation – CA – General,’ which means it’s a general stock corporation formed under California law.
    6. Company’s official business address. For BOOM GROWTH INC., the principal and mailing addresses are the same: 3400 Cottage Way, Ste G2 #6531, Sacramento, CA 95825.
    7. Statement of Info Due Date: June 30, 2023.
    8. Agent: This is the registered agent for the company, an individual or business entity authorized to receive service of process (legal notices) on behalf of the company. For BOOM GROWTH INC., the registered agent is LEGALINC REGISTERED AGENTS, INC.

    Overall, the information provided indicates that BOOM GROWTH INC. is a general stock corporation registered in California, currently in good standing with the Secretary of State and Franchise Tax Board.

    Investment Plans

    There are different investment plans available on the website, including

    • Basic Plan: 15% return after 6 days for investments ranging from $100 to $49,999.
    • Standard Plan: 30% return after 6 days for investments starting from $50,000 with no maximum limit.
    • Partnership Plan: daily return of 6.6% for 6 months for investments starting from $100,000 with no maximum limit.

    Promising very high returns, especially over a short period, is a common characteristic of many scams. A 15-30% return in just 6 days, and a daily return of 6.6% for 6 months in the Partnership Plan, are exceptionally high returns. Even high-risk investments rarely offer this level of return.

    Moreover, any investment involves some level of risk, and it’s unusual for legitimate investments to guarantee a specific return, especially an exceptionally high one.

    The fact that the only information about the investment is the high rate of return is another red flag. Legitimate investments will typically provide potential investors with detailed information about how the funds will be used, the risks involved, and the basis for the expected returns.

    Boomite FAQ

    The FAQ section provides answers to frequently asked questions related to investing with Boomite:

    • To invest in Boomite, one must first become a website member. After signing up, users can make their first deposit through the Members Area by selecting the desired investment plan and filling out the deposit form.
    • If users don’t have an e-currency account, they are advised to purchase cryptocurrency from trusted websites such as Binance.
    • Opening a Boomite account is easy and convenient. Users must follow the provided link, fill out the registration form, and click “Register.”
    • Boomite accepts Bitcoin and Litecoin e-currencies.
    • Users must log into their account, navigate to the Withdraw section, and follow the instructions to withdraw funds.
    • Deposits are added to the user’s account after one blockchain confirmation.
    • Daily profits are accumulated in the user’s Boomite account and can be withdrawn anytime.
    • Interest on the Boomite account is calculated based on each plan and is credited to the user’s available balance at the end of each day.
    • Users can make a deposit from their Boomite account balance by logging in, clicking on “Make Deposit,” and selecting the “Deposit from Account Balance” option.
    • Additional deposits can be made to a Boomite account, but each transaction is handled separately.
    • Withdrawal requests are processed immediately, and the funds become available in the user’s e-currency account immediately.
    • The purpose of Boomite is to help absorb risk, so users are not expected to lose money.
    • Account balances can be checked 24/7 through the Internet.
    • Opening several accounts in the Boomite program is not allowed; if multiple accounts are found, they may be frozen.
    • The funds managed by Boomite are handled by a team of investment experts.


    The support page emphasizes that the live chat option is always available and can be found at the bottom right corner of the webpage.

    Users are encouraged to contact Boomite if they require further information and are provided with a contact form.

    “About Us” page

    According to their About page, is “the best way” to increase capital and experience the new era of financial services.

    The company consists of a group of experienced traders, financiers, analysts, dedicated developers, and blockchain experts who believe in the potential paradigm shift that cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies can bring to the global financial industry. is allegedly positioned as one of the world’s leading providers in the field by offering cryptocurrency mining and trading capacities to various types of investors, including new arrivals, interested home miners, and large investors.

    The mission of is to make investing in cryptocurrencies easy and risk-free for everyone.

    We find no information about whether this investment was registered with or regulated by an appropriate financial authority. In the US, that is typically the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) or the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). Since it’s not, that’s another serious red flag.

    Boomite Reviews

    Scam Detector

    The Scam Detector’s algorithm analyzed the website and ranked it 58.4 out of 100. This rank indicates that the website is considered to be Active, Mediocre, and Common.

    The website’s popularity is rated as poor, and it does not have an HTTPS connection. The proximity to suspicious websites is rated 26 out of 100, and the threat profile is rated 18 out of 100. The phishing score, malware score, and spam score are all rated as 13 out of 100.

    The website’s design is described as poor, lacking elements in the metadata that could enhance its online presence.

    The “Active, Mediocre, Common” rating means that the website has been online for a while and has received positive and negative feedback, similar to many other websites. It suggests exercising caution if choosing to use the website.


    According to Scamadviser, the trust score for is 32 out of 100. The website has received a low trust score, suggesting it may be a scam. Scamadviser’s analysis considered various factors, including reviews on other sites, phishing reports, and public data such as the company’s address and server.

    Negative highlights include the owner of the website using a service to hide their identity on WHOIS, a low rank according to Tranco, a high number of suspicious websites on the server, the registrar having a high percentage of spammers and fraud sites, and the website appearing to be hosted by a company with a bad reputation.

    Overall, Scamadviser suggests exercising caution when dealing with


    The website has also been reviewed by Scamosafe, and they advise caution when dealing with this site. The review highlights several reasons to be wary of as an investment opportunity.

    ZenGo Wallet Banner

    First, their services are questionable, which raises concerns about their legitimacy.

    Second, is not licensed, indicating a lack of regulation and oversight.

    Third, the website lacks transparency, making determining who runs the investment scheme and where the funds are difficult.

    Lastly, creates unrealistic expectations with its advertised returns, suggesting that it may be a high-yield investment program (HYIP) offering returns that are unlikely to be delivered.

    In conclusion, Scamosafe does not recommend as a safe or legitimate investment option.


    Trustpilot reviews for Boomite can no longer be added because the company’s website has closed. However, based on the available reviews, there were several positive experiences shared by customers.

    Julie Frazier Borland mentioned that Boomite helped her pay off her mortgage and live a debt-free life, praising the level of service and guidance provided by the company.

    Mariam Oliveria had a problem starting up her investment but was pleasantly surprised by the helpfulness of the support team. She recommended Boomite as a reliable place to earn a passive income.

    Anais Grace expressed her belief in the company, stating that after one year of investing with Boomite, she is convinced it is the best place to invest money.

    Miriam Kim also had a positive experience, mentioning good returns on her investment and expressing happiness with the company.

    Megan Richard stated that Boomite has been the best investment platform she has used, bringing joy to her after bad experiences with previous platforms.

    Kim Lim had a great experience with Boomite and praised the company.

    Fredrick mentioned that Boomite is the best place to be and highlighted the suitability of their plans for everyone.

    Boomite Review – Bottom Line

    In conclusion, the overall assessment of paints a mixed picture. The site seems to have operated as a cryptocurrency investment platform, claiming to provide high-return investment opportunities that, in reality, appear to be unrealistic and highly risky.

    While they’ve earned a legitimate registration under the name “BOOM GROWTH INC.” in California, multiple red flags were raised throughout our review, with their lack of transparency, exceptionally high promised returns, and lack of regulatory oversight, all factors that could potentially point to a scam.

    It’s worth noting that some users have reported positive experiences and investment outcomes. However, such testimonials should be cautiously approached due to the site’s current offline status and the numerous concerns flagged by review platforms like Scam Detector, Scamadviser, and Scamosafe.

    For those who feel they’ve been scammed by, we encourage you to report your experiences to the proper authorities and to continue using extreme caution when dealing with online investment platforms.

    Always remember, if an offer appears too good to be true, it likely is.

    Legitimate investments typically provide detailed information about the risks involved and rarely guarantee specific, exceptionally high returns.

    When investing online, it’s essential to conduct thorough due diligence, seek advice from financial professionals, and ensure the platform is regulated by a reputable financial authority.

    If you have fallen victim to online scams, please comment below. If you have suffered a substantial financial loss, do not despair. We are here to assist you in recovering your funds!

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