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Boston Activist Fraud – BLW Activist Charged

Boston Activist Fraud caught the public’s attention in a bad manner. The couple behind the organization were charged with 18-count indictment with wire fraud, conspiracy and mortgage fraud.

Note that the evidence is not obvious and as a result, we can only speculate for the time being. Allegations are indeed way too serious and until the judgment is passed, we should not jump into any kind of conclusions. Black Lives Matter movement enabled this organization to get immense funding and everything did look good on paper.

However, as time went on, the audits were not exactly transparent and the funds did deplete at an alarming rate. Monica Cannon-Grant obviously has other things to say about the incident.

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    Numerous allegations and overwhelming amount of data against the founders mixed with media’s promotion has made the entire thing almost rhetorical. To know various sides of the story along with what might happen in the future, continue reading. 

    Boston Activist Fraud


    Racism is a serious problem and America unfortunately has witnessed a lot of it. Numerous laws were created to rectify the situation. However, the issue could not be completely eradicated. In recent times, one of the things that is buried in everyone’s mind is the George Floyd’s murder.

    Of course, the cop was sentenced, but the real question is – is it enough? The answer is a subjective one and everyone is entitled to their opinion. Even after the incident and protests, traits of racism can be witnessed in the society to a certain extent.

    Violence in Boston was created by Cannon-Grant to extend support to the victims and contribute towards making the whole community better. Their end goal was noble and they did gain a lot of momentum.

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    Sadly, everything went sideways due to alleged mismanagement of funds and other crimes. While the proceedings are still going on, it isn’t particularly hard to see the way things will turn out. In simple words, the evidence against the couple is too hard to ignore. 

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    Boston Activist Fraud Allegations

    According to an 18-count indictment unsealed last week, Cannon-Grant and her husband, Clark Grant, 38, of Taunton, Massachusetts, are accused of using charitable contributions to cover personal expenses such as hotel stays, automobile rentals, auto repairs, restaurant meals, nail salon visits, and personal travel.

    The activist spent $145 at a Boston nail salon, over $400 at a grocery store and Walmart in Columbia, Maryland, hundreds of dollars on meals in Connecticut, New Jersey, and Maryland, including at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co., Shake Shack, and other restaurants; $1,211 at the Sonesta Suites in Columbia, Maryland; hundreds of dollars on fuel, parking, and car rental; and hundreds of dollars on ATM withdrawals…’

    According to the indictment, Canon-Grant also got $33,426 in pandemic funding. She was also compensated in the tens of thousands of dollars by private firms for promoting ‘diversity’ programmes.

    One of the payments was a $75,000 gift from the Phantom Gourmet television show, a Boston-based media company.

    ‘Unemployment had an effect on me. According to officials, Cannon-Grant contacted her husband on March 26, 2021, informing him that she had been apprehended and that she needed to furnish paperwork by June or risk repaying the whole sum.

    The pair was charged last Monday with wire fraud, conspiracy, and making false representations to a home finance agency in an 18-count indictment.

    Cannon-Grant is also charged with mail fraud. She has categorically refuted all of the charges leveled against her.

    Previous Charges

    Cannon-Grant and her husband reportedly claimed $100,000 in federal Pandemic Unemployment Assistance benefits for which they were ineligible due to the fact that they had other sources of income at the time.

    Prosecutors said that they deceived a mortgage lender by claiming Violence in Boston’s assets as their own in order to avoid paying mortgage fees and closing charges.

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    Cannon-Grant is also charged with mail fraud. She asserts that she previously reported not receiving pay to the IRS and the charity division of the state attorney general. Prosecutors allege that Cannon-Grant began paying herself $2,788 per week in October 2020.

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