Bruno Mars Scam – Romance Fraud

Bruno Mars Scam is a new topic which is trending on the internet for the right reasons. It displays the flaws of today’s online dating environment and serves as a reminder for the future generation. This case is so unique and unprecedented that even the law enforcement agencies are trying to figure out the appropriate charges relevant to the crime committed.

The actual details almost sound like a fantasy tale, but it is really sad to see the loss a person had to incur in the name of online romance. While dating sites are bringing exciting things to the table, we simply can’t deny the fact that it is far from perfect. Dangers of trusting strangers over the internet is surreal and one has to be very careful while navigating this space.

The crooks orchestrating dating frauds are expert manipulators who know the general aspects of psychology very well. Thankfully, there are a few common traits they all display and to learn about them in detail, read the following report.

Bruno Mars Scam

What is Bruno Mars Scam?

Many people are interested to know about the Bruno Mars Scam because of the sheer damage it did to the victim’s bank account. Before we discuss the situation, it is important to point out that the entire hustle was pulled off by the alleged fraudster using nothing more than an Instagram account. This event clearly shows us the power of social media platforms and how crooks can manipulate people from the comfort of their own home.

Moving on to the actual topic, Bruno Mars Scam is the name given to the incident wherein a 63 year old Texas woman lost over $100,000 to a fake Bruno Mars Account. The alleged culprits were taken into custody, according to many sources they are charged with money laundering mainly.

Azuonwu(culprit) supposedly sent messages which included pictures of the tours to the woman claiming to be Bruno Mars. Eventually, the fake account asked for money from the victim in the name of tour expenses. Over the course of next few weeks, the victim had wired over $100,000 which caught the attention of the authorities and the reality of the situation came to light.

Legal Proceedings

Obviously, the number of things that are wrong with the whole incident are many. The victim was manipulated, looted and even abused in a lot of ways. Now the matter is in court and as we mentioned above, the culprit along with the alleged companion are arrested.

Though the proceedings occurred in late 2018, we couldn’t find much details about the case. However, we do strongly believe that justice was served. If you have more information about the case, then feel free to share it with our community by leaving a comment below.

How to avoid Romance Scams?

While there is no go to guide to avoid romance scams, you can avoid falling for the classic traps just by using common sense and rational reasoning. For over a decade, we have been looking at the patterns the fake accounts display all over the place. In simple words, if you feel like the other person is getting way too friendly in a short period of time, then it is time to reevaluate the situation.

Remember, it takes a long time for true bonds to be formed and anything which happens swiftly has high chances of burning you either emotionally or financially. To know more about the common traits displayed by the skilled crooks, continue reading.

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    Fake Profiles – This one is the most obvious characteristic and quite often it is easy to detect. For starters, whenever you come across attractive profiles or celebrity pages, don’t be inclined towards believing everything you see blindly. Keep in mind that celebrities just don’t go around dating everyone and even if they do, they will keep a low profile for obvious security reasons.

    So, next time you get a message from an attractive individual, double check the details and never share your confidential information. Also, don’t forget to report fake profiles to appropriate authorities including the local cyber security unit. Though the law enforcement agencies are unlikely to react to individual cases, they will store the information which will eventually help them trace the patterns.

    Obvious Excuses – If you have met an interesting person via a dating site, then don’t let your guard down instead focus on the small details. After a long period of time if the person you are texting is coming up with excuses as to why they can’t meet you, then you need to be very careful?

    Scammers who are active in this niche will often do small tasks for the users in order to build trust, but eventually they will reveal their true colors. In other words, don’t let your emotions get the best out of you and if you notice something out of the ordinary, then don’t ignore it for any reason. 

    Financial Assistance – This is the end goal of every hustler out there. First they try to build deep emotional bond with the victims as quickly as possible. Some of them might even gift a few items in the beginning in order to appear genuine. At the end of the day, they will come up with some kind of excuses to get your funds.

    From medical emergencies to asking money for travel purposes, they will use any narrative that is likely to convince the user. If any stranger asks you for money over the internet, then it is time for you to block the person virtually and move on with your life. 

    Few words

    Bruno Mars Scam was a shocking incident which exposes the flaws present in today’s online world. It is undeniable that the lack of knowledge of the 63 year old lady played a huge part, but at the end of the day that is the kind of audience the crooks go after. So, the only way to put an end to this type of frauds is to educate the masses and until the end goal is achieved, eradicating the scams will always be a dream.

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