CashCrates Scam Review – Exposed

The digital marketing world has enabled us to embrace the laptop lifestyle without compromising on the income potential. Covid pandemic has accelerated the process and like it or not, that is how the future looks like. CashCrates is a clone of a legit GPT site which claims to earn its users as much as $50 on signup and $2 for every click.

If their claims were true, then they would be the most preferred advertising in the whole world, because no other platform could compete with them. However, just like always the wild claims made by this bogus platform are nothing more than fantasies designed to trick the innocent victims.

This website is gaining momentum in terms of traffic and they are accused of selling the user’s data to third party advertisers. Their operational model is borderline criminal and most of their claims are proven to be blatant lies. While earning hundreds of dollars from home just by clicking a few buttons might sound exciting, do not let euphoria take over your mind.

Let us assure you that there is no such thing as easy money and as far as this firm is considered, go through our review to know their real ugly side. 

CashCrates Scam Review

What is the CashCrates Scam?

Before talking about the sophisticated CashCrates scam, we need to make our readers aware of the legit GPT solution called is the real deal and they have earned a good reputation over  the years while also amassing a massive loyal following.

They enable users to make money through signing up for offers(both free and paid), taking surveys, performing small tasks, watching videos and much more. aka CashCrates scam is a website which is trying to mimic the above mentioned platform using various unethical methods such as exaggerated profit claims, quick money promises, etc,.

As the design between both the platforms closely resemble, newbies will often trust the clone platform and lose their time and money or worse, their sensitive information. This platform claims to give $50 flat at the time of signup and $10 for every referral which is way high and no legit model can survive if they feature this kind of payment scheme.

Furthermore, they claim to work with influencers on Instagram and they also mention that they pay an average of $2 per click. Remember not to trust any of the statements on this platform blindly or else the following consequences might burn a hole in your pocket. 

How does CashCrates Platform make Money?

Apart from the crooks running this sad scheme, no one knows the answer to this question. Nonetheless, there are a ton of theories floating on the internet which might give a satisfying answer to all our doubts. For starters, they clearly are working with certain affiliate offers and are compensated by the clicks they get.

The exact earnings per click is not revealed or trackable, but based upon the kind of traffic they get, it indeed will be a huge number. Apart from the affiliate offers, they allegedly spread malware and are known for conducting phishing campaigns. Eitherway, the risk of interacting with them is unjustifiable and sooner or later, they will cause a loss to all of the users.

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    If you try out their clicks, then at first it will ask common questions that are found on most surveys online. However, the generic questions are put up only to enhance their credibility and appear like an authentic platform. Once you are hooked on, it will ask for confidential information such as physical address, bank details, etc,.

    So, as the end user do not fall for their click baits and never enter your sensitive details anywhere on the internet unless you are dealing with reputable and official websites. Also, don’t forget to look for the ssl layer, if it isn’t present, then you shouldn’t dare to input any information.

    Security Concerns and other Issues

    By now, it is clear that this platform is definitely not trustworthy, but sadly, there are more daunting things about them which you should be aware of. On their homepage, they feature a lot of screenshots that display the general comments on their firm from alleged users. For people who are not familiar with social media, the images might seem like the real deal.

    Unfortunately, there is no way to verify the profiles of the people involved and given the traits displayed by this firm, don’t be naive enough to give them the benefit of the doubt. Also, the dates or road map mentioned by them is also fake and as such, it should tell you a lot about the ethical conduct of this business. On top of all the concerning facts, we have to stress about the following points too.

    Phishing – Since this site is known to divert their audience to suspicious links, be very cautious if you ever face the same scenario. Usually, most browsers do a very good job of alerting the users. However, for some reason if you don’t get the alert and are being pushed towards putting in personal information, then quit the platform or the survey immediately.

    They might entice you with things such as free iPhones or other gadgets, but they are nothing more than a trap. So, keep your eyes wide open and don’t let impulsiveness get the best out of you.

    Malware – Whenever you deal with unknown links or files, there is always a risk of compromising your computer system. The attacks can be conducted remotely once you have clicked the link. To save yourself from all the hassles, make sure that you don’t interact with unknown platforms, install the latest antivirus programmes and don’t forget to back up your system on a regular basis.

    If you still notice reduced speeds, then taking your problem to a professional would be the best thing to do. After all, putting a price on your security and privacy is worth it anytime, right?

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    CashCrates Fake Payment Proofs

    A lot of GPT platforms which exaggerate the income potential often use fake photoshopped images as proof and this site is no exception. If you carefully notice the images posted on their homepage, you can clearly see the photoshop effects such as overlapping and editing. Ask yourself, why would any platform showcase fake photos as payment proofs unless they have filthy hidden agendas?

    There are few Twitter feeds shown on their platform as well, but as the profiles aren’t verified, we are not inclined towards trusting them. Furthermore, the contact information provided by them is also fake. All in all, the kind of level these crooks go just to convince the public is unbelievable.

    Customer Reviews hasn’t earned any spot on the forums in the make money online niche yet. However, many of the victims of this scam have expressed their views on the page dedicated for unintentionally. This platform hasn’t paid anyone and given their notorious traits, the negative comments about them are spreading rapidly on many social media pages.

    If you have lost your time, money or any other valuable stuff by using their service, then feel free to comment below your side of the story and help us create awareness. The only way to eradicate the scams on the internet is to educate the audience and once the goal is achieved, every sector will be free of flaws.

    CashCrates Review Conclusion

    CashCrates is a fake GPT platform that will bring nothing but disappointment to their clients in the form of phishing, malware and other nasty threats. They use all the unethical methods one can think of and almost everything they say is a lie.

    It is just a matter of time before this platform gets shut down by law enforcement agencies, but until that happens be alert and never interact with them regardless of the kind of offers they might throw at you.

    Are you one of the victims who lost money or confidential information to this platform? Let us know your story by commenting below.

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