Casita Spirit Auto Scam – Fantasy or Legit?

Mobile homes are becoming way too affordable all around the world and as a result, a lot of new companies are trying their best to earn the trust of the customers located in the United States. Regardless of whether you are an avid traveller or not, the thought of owning a trailer is something which we all share, right? Casita Spirit Auto is the new name which is turning a lot of heads in the niche and they are aggressively running promotions on few social media platforms.

While all of their offerings look way too perfect on paper, you need to understand that things are not so straightforward with them. We are not saying that they are an outright sketchy or scam platform, but keeping in mind the traits they display, it is indeed hard to trust them with our money.

Buying things online requires in-depth research especially when the product cost tens of thousands of dollars. So, take impulsiveness out of the equation and read on to know the actual details of the firm.

Casita Spirit Auto Scam

What is Casita Spirit Auto?

Casita Spirit Auto is the name of the new entity that is selling stylish and fancy trailers in the United States. They don’t have a dedicated website yet and most of their interactions with the public is done through social media platforms. The main element which earned this firm immense popularity is their marketing campaigns on Facebook Marketplace.

If you have searched for vehicles using the FB Marketplace section in the last few weeks, then chances are you might have come across their advertisements. Trailer appears to be well built and the accessories it provides is also decent. In terms of pricing, the range offered by them is wide and according to one’s needs you can select the best option for you. It is true that they sound like the perfect merchant.

However, as there is no customer feedback we cannot be sure about anything. Moreover, the lack of transparency present with them is also a huge concern. There are a lot of rumours about this firm on the web, but unlike the obvious exaggerated ones, some of the topics do make sense.

For example, we don’t understand as to why they post the same picture everywhere? More importantly, why don’t they share contact details along with their exact physical location? We are going to focus about the demerits later on this review. 

Characteristics of the Trailer

Note that in this segment all of our explanation is based upon a few pictures we found on the internet. From the looks of it, all of their trailers indeed look beautiful and they are said to be waterproof. The trailers contain all the basic stuff such as the bathroom, dining tables and other associated things.

If you want to customize further, then you can modify the place according to your preference, but it will send the cost higher. All in all, they are suitable for all weather conditions and it will be a great addition to your next trip. Eventually, most trailers don’t age well and the main reason behind it is wear and tear. As this firm is new, we don’t have any leads to know about the way they age.

Generally speaking, if the maintenance is done properly, then it should not be a cause for concern. Lastly, know that all of the mini homes sold by them are extremely light compared to the sector’s standards and that means literally you can take it to most destinations in the US. We don’t know whether they export their goods yet, but as a rule of thumb, if they do then the costs are going to be at least 30% higher. 

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    Is Casita Spirit Auto Comfortable?

    Many people usually make the mistake of comparing a caravan to a trailer. Caravan or converted buses can and will have extreme functionality due to the way they are built. The focus with proper caravans are to make the owners feel like they never left their homes. Though, the space is extremely tight, in terms of designing and efficiency they bring just about everything necessary onboard. Moreover, even in terms of insulation, load capacity, etc,.

    The modified vehicles beat the trailer hands down any day. Trailers are more suitable for short distances and basically it acts like a more secure version of a tent. More modern ones might offer few luxuries compared to their old counterparts. However, at the end of the day it will rarely match their elder siblings.

    By modifying the layout, you might be able to achieve your specific needs, but you won’t be able to have it all due to the lack of real estate on board. Also, the water storage and electricity becomes a problem and unless you have solar panels installed, it won’t be particularly comfortable for extended vacations. Nonetheless, if you are someone who doesn’t go to extreme terrains, then you won’t have any problems with it. 

    Is Casita Spirit Auto a Scam?

    We cannot say any conclusive statements yet and at the time of writing this article, we just have to give them a pass for the time being. However, that doesn’t mean they are safe and reliable. The list of flaws with the way they operate are many. For example, they mysteriously deleted their Facebook page and till date, we weren’t able to locate their exact website address.

    Moreover, the information about the employees of this firm is nowhere to be found. The prices of the trailers are also too good to be true and at the end of the day, there is nothing which would enhance their credibility. Only time can tell us whether this firm deserves our trust or not? Till then, please be careful while interacting with their ads and never give them access to your sensitive information.

    They might run a few aggressive campaigns, but don’t buy into their discounts yet. After all, the risk present is massive and if things go wrong, you might end up losing more precious things than money. If you have sent them money already and are unable to contact them or get it back, then get in touch with our team via the contact form.

    Share some basic information about the event with us and we will assess the case for free. Moreover, we never charge for our services and that means literally there is no reason for you to wait. So, take action at the earliest to recover the funds as soon as possible.


    As Casita Spirit Auto is a new merchant, we had to find their clients in order to get the general consensus. We did our best to find the clients of this firm, but oddly enough, we failed in our quest. Given their way of advertising and the search volume they get on established sites, it is disturbing to find no reliable testimonials about them.

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    We strongly believe that in time, the user feedback will find its way to the top of the search results. However, until then we have no way to assess their quality or reputation. So, don’t expect top of the line quality or service from them unless we find any solid evidence which suggests otherwise. 


    Casita Spirit Auto is an exciting product line that offers great features at a competitive cost. They are new in the marketplace and within a short while have made a name for themselves. Sadly, every aspect of their business contains a level of mysteriousness and it is not as simple as it could have been. Bottom line, wait for more data or information to appear and until that happens, don’t believe everything they say blindly.

    Would you buy Casita Spirit Auto despite the characteristics they exhibit? Let us know your thoughts in the comment’s thread.

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