CoinCorner App Review – Is a SCAM?

Welcome to our CoinCorner app review, in which we investigate the website at Did Coin Corner scam you? Share your story by commenting below, and we will provide you with personalized advice.

Coin Corner App Review Screenshot of (CoinCorner) was registered on May 18, 2023, for one year through NameSilo, LLC. LLC protects it.

It has a 2% SEMrush Authority Score with 13 backlinks from 11 referring domains. (Coin Corner) Review

“Coin Corner” (Corcoran. VIP) appears to be a login page with fields for ‘Account’ and ‘Password,’ along with options to ‘Login,’ ‘Forgot Password?’, and ‘Register now.’ There is a language selection feature and an option to switch lines, which may imply support for multiple languages and possibly different customer service lines. CoinCorner also appears to use JavaScript heavily, as suggested by the request to enable JavaScript for continued use, and there are references to CSS variables, indicating a modern web design approach.

The login page itself is quite basic, lacking detailed information that one would expect on a professional financial service’s website, such as company details, regulatory compliance information, or educational resources about the services offered.

Two contact methods are provided: a WhatsApp number (+1 725-254-9376) for Coin Corner’s customer service and an online service link that redirects to a separate URL ( The latter includes parameters that seem to be for tracking or identifying the user, which is a typical feature for customer support chat systems.

The website’s minimalistic design raises questions regarding its legitimacy as a financial services platform. Professional platforms generally provide extensive information about their services, regulatory compliance, security measures, company history, and contact information. The absence of such details can be concerning.

The use of a WhatsApp number as the primary means of customer support is atypical for a financial institution, which more commonly uses official email addresses or in-platform support systems. The redirection to an unrelated domain ( for the online service component is unusual and could be indicative of a makeshift customer support setup.

Red Flags Indicative of a Scam

  1. Lack of Comprehensive Information: The site lacks basic information about the company, its operations, or regulatory oversight, which is often a red flag for scams.
  2. Contact Details: The provision of a WhatsApp number for customer support is unconventional for legitimate financial service providers.
  3. Redirect to External Site: The customer support link redirects to an unrelated domain, which is suspicious and unprofessional.
  4. Language and Content: The use of language on the website seems generic and lacks specificity, which could indicate a lack of substance.
  5. Network Issues: The mention of “network impassability, temporarily unable to dialogue” could imply technical problems, but it could also be used as an excuse to avoid providing service or responding to inquiries, which is a tactic sometimes used by fraudulent sites.
  6. Domain Name: The domain name itself does not correspond with standard financial service platforms, and the use of “.vip” TLD is uncommon for such services.
  7. Site Content: The HTML content, although technically detailed, does not offer any substantial information regarding the services or security measures in place to protect users’ funds and data.

In conclusion, while the presence of these red flags does not definitively prove that “Coin Corner” is a scam, they are concerning indicators that warrant caution.

CoinCorner App Reviews

Information from various online sources presents a concerning picture of the website “”. Multiple reviews and scam alert websites such as Sitejabber, Scamwatcher, Scam Detector, and others have reported negative experiences with the platform. The common consensus among users is that the website operates as a fraudulent cryptocurrency investment platform.

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    Users have reported that CoinCorner appears to offer investment services, but it has been associated with deceptive practices, where individuals are lured into making deposits with the promise of high returns. Complaints include accounts being frozen after password changes, demands for additional deposits to unlock VIP statuses and difficulties in withdrawing funds.

    Scam Detector has given “” the lowest trust score possible, indicating high-risk, phishing activities, and warning users to beware. The website’s trust score is alarmingly low on Scamdoc as well, and the WHOIS information is hidden, which is a common red flag for fraudulent operations. Additionally, the site does not display sufficient contact information or legal details about the company, which is atypical for legitimate financial service providers.

    One of the most telling signs of the website’s illegitimacy is users’ experiences of being ghosted after attempting to withdraw their funds or being asked to pay additional fees to access their earnings. These practices are characteristic of what is known as a “pig butchering scam,” where scammers feign legitimacy and show fake profits to encourage more investment before making it impossible for investors to reclaim their money.

    In summary, the collected data from various consumer protection and review websites strongly suggests that “” is involved in an investment scam. The website is unregulated, lacks transparency, and employs manipulative tactics to extract more money from investors without providing the promised services.

    Better Business Bureau (BBB) Reviews of Coin Corner

    On September 12, 2023, the following complaint was filed with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) regarding a cryptocurrency investment scam by a person who reported being scammed for $94,000:

    On July 18, 2023, I was contacted by “Aileen” on Twitter (@Aileen4080), who initiated a friendly conversation and expressed an interest in cryptocurrency. She claimed to work for “Global Trade & Logistics” in North Carolina. Subsequently, she introduced me to “CoinCorner,” which was later revealed to be a fraudulent cryptocurrency site. Over several days, she assisted me in downloading the CoinCorner app ( on my iPhone and completing the setup process. According to her, her team of analysts would meet in the Global Trade & Logistics building to identify “good trading nodes.” Over the course of several weeks, she guided my Bitcoin trading decisions on the site. Motivated by her advice, I increased my deposits on the platform, believing that a higher deposit balance would yield a greater return. After my account balance seemingly doubled, I expressed a desire to withdraw my initial investment of approximately $94,000 and continue trading with the “profits.” At this juncture, she advised me to contact CoinCorner customer support (WhatsApp 1-725-254-9376) to enroll in a “recharge” program, which required a “Deposit of $300,000 for a 5% rebate.” Despite not having $300,000, I was encouraged to sign up. I inquired whether this would affect my ability to withdraw funds, to which she responded negatively.

    I enrolled at the $300,000 level without any indication from the customer service agent that my funds would be restricted from withdrawal. Following this, we continued trading, and my balance within the system grew to nearly $200,000. However, when I attempted to withdraw funds, my request was denied. Customer service informed me that my withdrawal was blocked because I had to deposit an additional $206,000 due to my enrollment in the rebate program. Despite my inability to meet this requirement, they refused to release me from the program. Despite offering to pay a penalty for my release, they cited a “system limitation” as the reason they could not remove me from the program. Requests to speak with a supervisor were deflected with the explanation that interaction with the platform was solely through customer support.

    Aileen, who later claimed her real name was “Lu Mei Ting” (likely another falsehood), insisted that I needed to add $206,000 to my account. This deception and misrepresentation regarding the program, which was not disclosed on their website, have effectively trapped my funds in the system. It remains uncertain whether she is indeed an employee of Global Trade & Logistics. If she is, her actions warrant termination and potential deportation, especially if she is in the country on a work visa. The WhatsApp number she used for communication is 18127839652.

    CoinCorner Review Conclusion

    The conclusion of our in-depth review of the website raises significant red flags and casts a long shadow over its legitimacy. The myriad of concerns, ranging from the website’s stark lack of comprehensive regulatory and company information to its reliance on unconventional communication channels like WhatsApp, does not align with the standard practices of genuine financial institutions. The site’s recent registration, minimal online presence, and association with a privacy service to shield its ownership details further contribute to the opacity surrounding its operations.

    Alarmingly consistent reports from users and authoritative scam prevention platforms point to patterns characteristic of investment scams. Accounts of frozen funds, escalated deposit demands, and inaccessible withdrawals form a narrative all too familiar to those who have encountered fraudulent schemes. The described “recharge” program, requiring substantial additional funds for a purported rebate, is particularly indicative of a classic advance-fee scam.

    The personal account filed with the Better Business Bureau epitomizes the predatory nature of the scheme, where trust is manufactured and exploited, leading to substantial financial loss and entrapment in a cycle of unattainable withdrawal conditions. Such experiences, validated by multiple sources, suggest a systematic approach to defraud investors, leveraging the veneer of cryptocurrency investment opportunities.

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    The Bottom Line Regarding (CoinCorner)

    Given the compelling evidence presented through user testimonials, scam alert platforms, and our observations, it is prudent to approach with the utmost caution. While definitive legal adjudication is not within the scope of this review, the accumulated data strongly advises against engaging with this platform. Potential investors are urged to conduct due diligence and consider the substantial risks of financial and personal information loss before contemplating any transaction with In the digital age, where the veneer of legitimacy can be thinly crafted, vigilance remains the paramount defense against such deceptive online entities.

    If you have fallen victim to online scams, please comment below. If you have suffered a substantial financial loss, do not despair. We are here to assist you in recovering your funds!

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