CEO Watch Limited Edition – Legit or Not?

In the last couple of centuries, watches have evolved a lot and nowadays, it is more of a style statement that speaks volumes about your personality. From business oriented meetings, get togethers to just about everything, the watches can enhance your appearance and it has something to offer to all of us. CEO Watch Limited Edition is a new product launched in the markets which is mainly being promoted through TikTok.

It has created a buzz on the internet and many people located in the western hemisphere want to know more about it. As there are a lot of shady platforms and fly by online shops, it is better to research about the product before buying. After all, isn’t it better to be safe than sorry?

We are sure that you are looking for all the details about this product which covers both the advantages and disadvantages. So, to satisfy your curiosity, read the following information and by the time you complete it, you will know all the factors involved.

CEO Watch Limited Edition

What is CEO Watch Limited Edition?

If you are active on social media platforms, then there is a high probability that you have come across the product we are discussing on this post. CEO Watch Limited Edition by Geneva is the name of a new collection of Luxury watches which mainly targets men. From your casual meetings to business presentations, this watch will blend nicely with almost every type of social gathering you throw at it.

Generally, Luxury watches or anything which comes close to it will burn a hole in your pocket. The price of top end watches can set an individual back by at least a couple of thousand dollars. Thankfully, this product from Geneva doesn’t do it. Their offering cost around $120 which is absolutely great considering the built quality of the watch.

In terms of pricing, their strategy is impeccable and combined with their marketing capabilities, it is no wonder that they took the internet by storm. As of now, the only concern about them is the lack of customer reviews, but we do believe they deserve a break and eventually the user feedback will appear.

Characteristics of the Product

The details about this watch were vague for some reason. For example, they didn’t mention the IP rating, shock resistance or any of the other related things. Undeniably, there are few interesting things about them, but without knowing the complete picture, it won’t be an easy sale. We have mentioned a few headline worthy features in the list below.

  • Product Category – Analog Watches
  • Target Audience – Men
  • Brand – Geneva
  • Color Options – Black, Blue, Orange, Brown, Silver, White, Red and Rose Gold
  • Price – $120
  • Battery Life – Unknown

Watches starting from as low as $60 are featuring waterproof materials and other fancy features. Depending upon your lifestyle it may or may not be a huge factor. Nonetheless, it would have been nice if they had confirmed the exact specification of their own product.

Keeping an open dialogue with the customers is a must for every business or else it is going to be a very difficult task especially if they are new to the marketplace.

CEO Watch Limited Edition Merits

As we mentioned before, there are practical features about the watches. Though, we won’t be able to list all of them for obvious reasons. We have prepared a short list to give you a glimpse.

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    The item has a lot of color options and it has different strap types too. Amount of customisability is sufficient, but not that great compared to the competition. As far as looks go, all the time pieces are very classy and it radiates the professional vibe.

    Lastly, their pricing is something which is unbeatable. For just over $120, the product they are peddling is incredible and unless someone undercuts them and beats them at their own game, it will be the king of the category. 


    We all can agree that nothing is perfect in this reality, right? This watch also has a number of flaws which does make one doubt their authenticity. In the following section, we are going to discuss the negatives of their items one by one.

    After you go through the section, you can choose whether it is worth it for you to buy them or wait until more data emerges. In the online world, nothing is truly hidden and it is just a matter of time before the truth comes out. 

    Lack of information on the small details – For any enthusiasts, details about the water and dust ratings are necessary in order to take a firm stance on a product. This manufacturer for some reason has excluded all the information which in a way acts like a red flag that raises a lot of concerns. We are not saying that they are not waterproof at all, but as there is no clarity of the situation, we don’t know the product’s true limits. 

    Style – All of their offerings only come in analogue style which may not be the most preferred option for some clients. Though, it is purely dependent upon one’s preference, it would have been nice if they had more selections made available. Also, the battery life of the watches are not mentioned anywhere on their platform.

    User Reviews

    Customer feedback is the age old metric most people rely on to understand the reputation earned by online platforms. As there are more niche related forums coming into existence, most of the time, it is easy to find the authenticity of a new firm. Sadly, in some cases as the platform in question is too new, it won’t have a dedicated spot yet. CEO Watch Limited Edition hasn’t got any user feedback on popular forums yet.

    In other words, we don’t know the kind of stuff you can expect from them. To paint a rough picture, we can’t be sure about their quality, shipping policy specifics or any other tangible parameter. So, with so many mysteries about the firm present, ask yourself, do you really want to invest money on it? Isn’t it better to wait for a few more days and take a decision once the brand gets established?

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    Is CEO Watch Limited Edition a Scam?

    This is the big question which a lot of people are asking online. Many people are confused about the product and with a lot of conflicting factors out there, it is no brainer that the end consumer is being overwhelmed. Presently, there aren’t any compelling arguments against them, but at the end of the day the final answer can be provided only by time. The wise move to make right now is to stop being impulsive and see how they will endure for the next few months.

    If they turn out to be a reliable firm, then it is well and good. However, if something out of the blue happens, then you wouldn’t have any funds at risk. While there isn’t anything wrong with online shopping, you should think twice before buying from new platforms and you shouldn’t give new firms the benefit of the doubt.

    Also, don’t let a so-called flash sale or promotions throw you off your decision. Scammers are very good manipulators and they are known to go to extreme lengths to convince people otherwise. If you have already made the payment and haven’t received the product, then get in touch with our recovery experts. After analysing your case, we will show you the perfect path for free. 


    CEO Watch Limited Edition is an interesting yet daunting thing to buy right now. The features of the item sound good on paper, but it isn’t verified by any credible parties. Given the entire landscape of the new online shops, avoid them for the time being.

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