CFD Advanced Review – Black listed Broker

CFD Advanced ( is a platform that features a lot of concerning traits. Information about their regulatory status is not transparent and the way they operate is shady, to say the least.

Owners are hard to trace and employee information is not published. Even the policies they enforce are borderline manipulative and they have a lot of hidden terms and conditions. User feedback about them is not adequate to draw meaningful conclusions.

Their platform is pretty basic and most advanced traders would find it very hard to employ them daily. They have won a lot of awards, but we cannot verify their accomplishments personally.

As you can tell by now, there are a lot of things that are disturbing about this firm and its associated entities. If you are interested in learning more about them, then go over the following information.

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CFD Advanced Review

This broker claims to be regulated and does provide a few reference numbers. However, we cannot track all of the entities mentioned by them. In other words, due to lack of clarity, we cannot pinpoint their parent firms and at the end of the day, they are not the ones that deserve the benefit of the doubt.

Bluffing about regulatory status is a common trait of unethical organizations and this one is not that different from a typical offshore firm. Even the web registrant information is hidden and that approach is not something that can be considered as a good sign.

In short, there is nothing about them that reassures people and earns their trust. Any amount of money invested with them will always be exposed to risk so, stay away from them, or else you might end up losing a lot of funds. 

Contact Information

One should always look into the contact information before choosing a broker. CFD Advanced can be reached via telephone and email. Though there are a lot of options available, we cannot be sure about the way they handle the customers due to the scarce amount of user reviews.

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    We suggest you be careful and never let high-pressure sales tactics get the best out of you. If you are ever forced into making a quick decision, then it is a wise move to end the conversation and walk away from them. 

    Address – One Canada Square, Canary Wharf London, E14 5AB, United Kingdom

    Email –

    Phone – +44-2039875808

    CFD Advanced Trading Platform

    This broker offers a web-based interface that is too basic. Custom indicators are not supported. Charting is not up to the mark and most advanced traders would find it almost impossible to use an entity like this one.

    Liquidity providers are unknown and the availability of automated programs is also not explained clearly. The lack of support for MT software is a dealbreaker. Account management services are available and they promise insane returns ranging between 7% to 10% monthly.

    However, there is no trading history published by them and we are not naive enough to give them the benefit of the doubt. Considering the way they create hype and the loopholes present in their policies, investing with them is certainly the kind of task that will backfire sooner or later. 

    Leverage and Terms

    Leverage offered by this platform depends upon the asset class and it typically ranges between 1:10 to 1:150. More than 250 instruments are supported and the spreads are huge. Scalpers will certainly encounter a tough time due to high trading costs.

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    Management fees of 2% are applicable on all accounts which is way too much, to say the least. Moreover, the terms of account management are vague, and that favors the house in literally every possible manner.

    For any reason, if you want to use their service, then talk with the support team to know all the small print, or else you might suffer enormous losses. 

    CFD Advanced User Reviews

    CFD Advanced does not have many user reviews. The amount of web traffic they get isn’t commendable, but it would have been nice to see a decent amount of feedback. Weak social proof means they have a long way to go and they aren’t the ones you need to indulge with at least for the time being.

    If they were raking in 10% returns every month, don’t you think people would be talking about them everywhere on the web? The broken links are just too obvious and no one in their right mind would ever take anything for granted with them. 

    Is CFD Advanced Scam or Not?

    CFD Advanced is undoubtedly a sketchy entity. As the data is bleak, we would not call them a scam, but they do display a lot of traits similar to a typical offshore broker. Naturally, the best way to avoid any hassles is to avoid them in the first place.

    If you are going through this content now and have already deposited, then withdraw your funds immediately. In case you encounter a tough time, then reach out to us to get started with the recovery process for free. Our experts will give you actionable steps that enable you to tackle them legally and force them into doing the right thing. 


    Platforms like CFD Advanced are dangerous, they do not ensure the safety of your capital which is a huge red flag. Moreover, the fees are on the higher side and there is no safety net of any sort. 

    Share your take on CFD Advanced( with us by commenting below. 

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