Review – Fake Banner Ads Scam

The internet is full of get rich quick schemes which use borderline criminal tactics to get your money. Financial regulators all around the world have been taking severe steps against fraudulent operations. Sadly, the crooks are always one step ahead of the law.

In this detailed review, we are going to be exposing one of the notorious scams which swindled more than 6 figures from their customers and the name of that platform is Click2Sell. claims to be an ad agency which has got direct ties with affiliate campaigns.

In simple words, they portray themselves as an entity which offers marketers the best of both the worlds. However, just like every other opportunity which claims to make its users easy money, this platform also turned out to be a fake and the only people who lost money were the naive ones.

So, to know more about the methods employed by this firm, their traits, motives and agendas, continue reading this review.

Attention! and a lot of other associated scams are tarnishing the name of a legitimate business called is a reliable and trustworthy platform that has been helping people for a long period of time, they have immense reputation. Sadly, is a clone website which is using the popularity of their legit counterpart to peddle false narratives and loot money from the public in the name of affiliate marketing.

What is

Click2Sell ( and is an online advertising platform wherein the marketers just have to deposit some cash and get a predetermined profit percentage. In other words, according to their narration, everyone can make money with them with a click of a button and all the users have to do is make a deposit.

Any experienced people dealing with online marketing can easily spot the flaws in their platform and their methodology is impossible to execute in the real world. Their scheme closely resembles a ponzi operational model and transparency is something they never seem to adore.

In reality, the way the affiliate business model works is not that simple. For starters, unless an individual knows a niche inside and out, he or she won’t be able to find the appropriate product to sell to their audience. While it is true that metrics will help in the decision making process, the results will vary vastly from one person to another and nothing can be guaranteed.

Moreover, earning credibility in the sector is not an easy task and unless you are around for a considerable period of time, people will have a hard time when it comes to trusting the product or service you are trying to sell. Generally speaking, there is a lot of misconception around the way affiliate marketing works. Many affiliates seem to think that traffic is the key to unlocking the lavish lifestyle they want, but that is not entirely true.

The quality of traffic matters a lot and if you venture into the world of paid ads without doing proper research, then your chances of getting a positive ROI is very slim. On the other hand, if the paid campaigns backfire, then you might lose a lot of money and end up with nothing of value.

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    Given the risks involved in the sector, always do your homework and never trust anyone who claims to show you an easy way. After all, if there was a way to make guaranteed profits, then why would anyone share it with the public?

    This platform says that they have made the affiliates work easier, but provide no proof to justify any of their claims. We can guarantee you that no rational person would ever believe them and for your own safety, you shouldn’t too.

    Click2sell Dashboard

    Ad Packages and Rewards

    All online based business models need one thing to survive and thrive I.e. traffic. Learning how to generate traffic is the key to success? Basically, there are two ways which are organic and paid. While organic traffic tends to have high conversion rates, it does take a lot of time and effort to see any noticeable traction.

    On the flip side, many people love paid ads due to the flexibility it provides. Almost, all of the well established brands use paid ads to enhance their online visibility and maintain positive PR. However, not all of us have the budget to run ads like reputable brands. So, newbies and experienced marketers should be careful while running targeted ads and should only put in the amount they are ready to lose.

    We are not saying that new firms or organisations shouldn’t do paid campaigns, but the risk present is indeed wild. Always start with a low daily budget and focus on the metrics and raise the ad spend only after you start seeing results. The period of time required to gain traction depends upon your targeting filters and metrics, but for most sectors a couple of months would be enough to get meaningful returns.

    On this platform, the number of ad packages available is around 5. As a rule of thumb, the more you spend, the more you are supposed to earn. Note that the platform doesn’t make any dollar figure promises.

    However, they do bait the clients in other ways such as making ridiculous targets seem possible and adding attractive gifts to certain packages. Nonetheless, you shouldn’t dare invest with any of them, because they will never hold their end of the bargain.

    How does the scam work?

    Consider companies such as, and clickdealers as a house of cards. Initially, they create reputation in the sector by putting in money and making sure that clients get paid on time.

    ZenGo Wallet Banner

    Over time, they build up enormous trust and spend huge amounts of money for marketing. However, in reality everyone in the management side knows that the model is unsustainable and impossible to keep afloat. So, they come up with a lot of hidden conditions and try their best to exploit no liability clause.

    Inevitably, once the number of new customers go down and they are unable to maintain their image or hype, they will go down. Now, coming to the details. This platform was supposed to provide a way for everyone regardless of their background, a way to make money through bidding on ads.

    When it comes to online advertising, without a shadow of doubt it is a growing sector which has got tons of potential. However, just because it is growing doesn’t necessarily guarantee success to all of the participants. For starters, to really make money online, individuals have to understand the metrics of marketing such as cost per click, revenue per mile, net ROI and much more.

    Once you know the basics, you need to go through a lot of testing and then only you can find the sweet spot which will bring in the most amount of revenue. In theory, the metric calculation might look easy, but if a single calculation goes wrong, then it will leave a nasty scar on your bank account.

    For more than a decade, many firms have tried to make the online campaigns simple and reduce the entire process to point and click. Unfortunately, the variables are too complicated and it goes without saying that none of them succeeded. So, stop looking for the holy grail approach and understand that if anyone promises you easy money, then you will be scammed sooner or later.

    Employees and Ratings

    For any online business to be successful, they need to maintain a transparent relation with the public and that includes sharing the details of the founders and employees. This platform never disclosed the details of the owners and they took all the necessary steps to maintain an anonymous profile.

    Moreover, as they had used proxy details for registering their domain and firm, we couldn’t trace out their real identity. After doing a lot of digging, we can certainly say that people running this scheme were intelligent and they indeed knew their way around the law.

    From now onwards, if you come across any easy ways of making money, then don’t forget to do a detailed background check as it will reveal the authenticity of the company. Major Concerns is a business which doesn’t have a stable cash flow and their narrative is full of exaggerated claims and loopholes. If you ever deal with them, then you will not lose your money, but also your confidential information.

    Below, we have mentioned a few key factors which you need to give special attention especially if you were one of their customers.

    Identity Theft – Whenever you deal with any web page that asks for your confidential information such as your account number, social security details, etc,.

    Make sure that they have an SSL layer and never share this information with platforms you are not familiar with. Though, it is possible to cancel or block the card and the bank account. There is an ever present danger of identity theft which will damage your credit score and cause more unimaginable problems.

    Unauthorized Transaction – Many clients and users of Click2Sell have reported a number of unauthorized transactions done via their credit cards. While it is possible to file a dispute and recover the money lost, it will be a very tedious process.

    If possible, we strongly encourage our readers to get rid of their old cards and apply for a new one. After all, it is better to be cautious when money is involved.

    Filing a complaint – Like many customers, if you have lost a large chunk of your savings to this scam or if you would like to take legal action against them, then make sure to report them to all the relevant authorities.

    Start by notifying your local cyber crime unit and if you are located in the United States, then you should reach out to the Federal Trade Commission. Remember, they will not attend to each and every scam report. However, if they gather enough data, they will take severe swift action.

    Target Audience targets people who are new to the world of online marketing. Over the last few years, the masses have realised the potential of digital marketing. Unfortunately, many people are under the impression that it is an easy thing to crack and everything can be done just by clicking a few buttons on a computer.

    Needless to say, the newbies and the outsiders have no idea about the reality of the situation and they are all blinded by greed. Covid pandemic has forced us all to stay at home and as many jobs were lost, a lot of people started to look for ways to make money from home and that eventually led them to fake companies like this platform.

    We are not saying or even suggesting that online marketing is a scam, but it is undeniable that no one can make money just by running few ads. The online world is competitive and the only way to beat the competition is through data and metrics. All the big firms which are doing well in this sector have tons of experience and data which is an obvious advantage the beginners can never hope to match. Our suggestion to every aspiring online marketer is to go slow and steady.

    Start by investing into courses and slowly work your way up, but remember never to invest money that you can’t afford to lose. While seeing insane ad revenues might tempt you, the dangers present are deadly as well. This platform claims to provide a plug and play system to the beginners and they say that their system is easy enough for everyone.

    However, in reality no one will make money by using it and only the people on the other side of the equation will end up with millions of dollars. So, even if they contact you and pitch their ideas, never entertain them for any reason.

    Is a Scam?

    A big resounding yes. has clear connection with other similar scams in the sector such as banner bit, clicks dealer, etc,. They have no moral values and if you just take a look at the customer reviews, it becomes clear that they will go to any length to loot the innocent investors and the marketing tactics they use are all either highly unethical or outright criminal.

    From misrepresentation to fake narratives, their firm features every red flag anyone can possibly think of. Their real speciality is finding new sectors that the public is interested in, creating bogus backstories and services and sell to anyone who is willing to listen to them. After all, who in the world doesn’t like anything with a tagline that says make money online?

    Digital space is a volatile turf and unless you are versatile, it may not be worth getting involved in the first place. If you are determined to explore this sector, then never invest in anything that promises an easy way to the riches and unless you see solid data, don’t be inclined to buy any software too. Think for a moment, if the so-called easy money systems on the internet did work, do you believe they would offer it to everyone for free?

    Customer Feedback

    Feedback from the clients can make or break an online business. Just by Googling this platform reviews, you can find a lot of negative reviews wherein people have shared pretty much everything about them.

    Generally, firm details can be found on one or two forums, but this firm has been blacklisted and frowned upon by almost everyone of them. We have gathered the comments of some victims below from Reddit. See them and form your own verdict.

    ZenGo Wallet Banner


    Yes , I invested in click2sell, really had plenty of help, enjoyed it, then I tried to make a withdrawal !!

    It seems impossible….after at least Two dozen times with no avail ,all the fun ,excitement, and thrill has gone,I’m still waiting for a refund!! No would definitely not invest with them again.Beware!!


    I have invested 10 k and at 1st it looks good until you find only part of the income is yours. It now appears the initial campaigns are about to expire and there is not enough income to sustain even part of the campaigns. As a result the program cannot even sustain itself let alone make money. After looking at others reviews I may not be able to withdraw the $ I have available.

    On top of the comments mentioned above, we found a lot more disturbing facts about them and the hatred towards this company is growing day by day. Thanks to the positive side of the internet, many victims have recognised the patterns used by this scam and other associated platforms and are trying their best to get the word out.

    After going through all of the comments, we learned a lot of things about this firm’s ugliest side. Take a minute to go through the following comment we pulled from and it will tell you a lot about the nature of the crooks operating this scam.

    There appears to be another affiliate marketing organization called ADS Supply at ADS-SUPPLY.COM using ‘’ as a redirection to siphon money


    Recent suspicious activity includes the following:

    *Business address recently changed from RONTAMEL LTD, Archiep. Meletiou Kronidi 14, 1025 Nicosia, Cyprus to Kinetic Advertising B.V. Zekeringstraat 17 A, 1014 BIVI Amsterdam

    *No social media presence or means of verifying advertising campaigns

    *Company claims to be based in London,UK

    *No mention of company owner/s or start date/year on website

    *No option for merchants to register

    *Credit Card payment methods redirects to ‘’ at times

    *Withdraw/refund requests not always honored

    Bannerbit, ClicksDealer, Ads Supply, and CPL One

    From time to time, the trends on the internet will change and the scammers perpetuating certain specific sectors will also do the same. In the early 2010’s, binary options was the hottest thing in the sector, but now the focus of crooks for the most part has turned to affiliate marketing. Don’t get us wrong, there is nothing wrong with affiliate marketing, in fact it has immense potential.

    However, if anyone claims to enable you to make easy money through promotions, then it is better to walk away from the offer. Thanks to the courtesy of our recovery experts, we did find a number of platforms which follow the same operational principles just like this one. The names of all the linked platforms are as follows.

    • BannerBit
    • ClicksDealer
    • Ads Supply
    • CPL One

    After witnessing the kind of experience the crooks behind these firms have, it is no brainer that a lot of victims were never able to get their money back. On the homepage of, we did see a refund policy segment, but they don’t seem to follow their own rules and for the vast majority, the policies are somewhat confusing.

    They also feature detailed sections on a lot of aspects associated with purchasing their product, but we don’t think the average users will go through them.

    Recover Money from

    Each and every year, the number of scams online is going up and the amount of money lost by the public is above $2 billion dollars according to some estimates. It is really frustrating to see so many people lose their hard earned money and not be able to do anything about it.

    For some reason, all the victims just give up hope or stop trying, but the actual solution is really simple and not that complicated. In a lot of cases, if you have made the payment using a credit card, then a simple chargeback can help you recover your funds. There are certain cases wherein the banks won’t be able to come to your rescue.

    Fortunately, thanks to the current level of vigilance present in terms of accounting, there are other methods you can use to trace the scammers and get money back from them. If you have lost money to any of the above mentioned firms, then fill the contact form found on this blog and our team will contact you as soon as possible.

    Once we have the entire information, we will show you the quickest recovery method for free. So, do not hesitate to get in touch with us and remember the longer you wait, the easier it gets for the culprits to flee away from the scene.

    Are there any Legit Alternatives to is nothing more than a PPC marketing service which also offers affiliate offers. While the number of alternatives which offer both affiliate services and PPC ads are low, there are much more reputable brands present. For example, instead of using this platform to run paid ads, you can run ads for the selected keywords on Google, Bing, Facebook, Instagram, etc,.

    It is true that the cost of the ads on reputable platforms are more, but the conversions are also going to be much higher and you will get access to quality traffic. Moreover, the metrics or the tracking software provided by these firms are second to none and you will have access to all the data needed for the decision making process in your fingertips.

    If you have info products, then you may want to stick with search engines only as that is the place where the target audience will be. However, if you are selling gadgets or other products which have the fashion element, then the traffic from social media platforms is going to perform much better for you.

    Remember, there is no magic pill or one size fits all which is exactly why you need to test out the sweet spot for your needs through trial and error only? Review Conclusion is a fraudulent organisation which brings nothing, but disappointment to their clients. There may have been a few people who benefitted from this scheme. However, they are a minority group of people and most likely they were the marketers of the scheme who were working for hefty commissions.

    There have been rumours going around that might have connections with this platform, but for the time being we don’t have enough information. 

    Affiliate marketing provides a legit realm of opportunities, but as we mentioned before, you need to put in solid efforts to see results and it does take a little trial and error to move up the ladder. Realistically speaking, you need to put in at least 6 months before you see any significant traction. Always remember, nothing worth having comes easy in life.

    Nonetheless, we hope you have got a complete view of the way this type of platform works and the strategies they use to trick the newbies in the sector. Lastly, remember never to send any kind of crypto payments to them or any other so-called money making platforms, because if you do, then it is next to impossible to recover it. 

    Have you heard about and their other sister concerns namely, and Clicksdealer?

    Do you know anyone including yourself who has lost money to this fake platform? Complete the form below and we will assist you in taking the steps to recover your funds.

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    1 thought on “ Review – Fake Banner Ads Scam”

    1. Hi,
      I was scammed by the operators of or
      US$7,900.00 was what they coerced out of me all up, but the ‘earnings’ had gone up to US$25,000.00 at one stage, where I was basically railroaded into ‘re-investing’.
      I am actively looking for advice regarding the process of recovering these stolen funds.
      Amongst the evidence I have are;

      Bank Records (mine) – paid by credit card
      Screenshots – full page
      Emails – addresses and actually sent & received emails
      Names – so called ‘Account Managers’ & ‘Advert Executives’
      Voice Recordings – with ‘Trainers’ & ‘Account Managers’
      Way-Back Machine Records

      I also have traced the whereabouts of the offending website (domain), where it is on ‘park’ at quite a well known Domain Registrar.
      The Domains ownership details are being hidden by a ‘Domain Privacy’ service website based in the U.S.
      I would very much like assistance in the recovery process,
      Thank you in advance.

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