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CNCIntel Review – Is CNC Intelligence Legit?

CNCIntel is one of the top recovery agencies on the Planet. As you shall read in the following comprehensive CNCIntel Review, the kind of team they have and the success rate they have managed to showcase over the years are exceptional.

From the early 2017, the crypto related frauds and other scams experienced a drastic surge and the main factor behind that was massive interest from the retail side.

As expected, the crooks and the fraudulent entities were quick to seize the opportunity and till date they are continuing to loot millions of dollars on a daily basis.

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Losing money to any kind of online scam is a heartbreaking thing. The worldwide web has made things easy for the cyber criminals and with a push of a button, they can pretty much set up any kind of trap they want. On the other side of the fence, the phishing occurrences on the web has also exploded and the data is sold for pennies on the dark web.

Navigating this space safely is something only a few have mastered and as far as consumer awareness goes, there is a long road ahead of us. Regardless of the kind of illegal operation that burnt a hole in your pocket, you can get in touch with CNCIntel to get the issues resolved. Obviously, there are a lot of things you need to know about this platform in order to understand their entire operational model.

To know about the people behind this firm, their policies and the services they offer in detail, stick with us till the end of this CNCIntel review, and you will find answers to all of your questions. Remember, there are tons of fake recovery agencies and that’s exactly why you need to do proper research before proceeding with any of them. 

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So is CNC Intelligence a scam or a legit recovery service?

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    Background and Key Details

    We strongly believe that transparency is the best way to earn the trust especially when it comes to the online space. CNCIntel was founded by a group of people that have decades of experience in the relevant fields such as crypto investigation, asset recovery and legal matters. According to our sources, their team has a combined experience of over 40 years and in this sector, that number is highly appreciated.

    Perhaps, the best part about them is the kind of attention they have got from the press. Note that, we have linked to a couple of news articles about them in the section below. Seth Gordon is the name that is well known to a lot of people that are located in the United States and have much interest in politics related matters. This firm has hired Seth Gordon as the Asset Recovery Specialist.

    In case if you are still wondering about the name mentioned above, know that he is the Ex-homeland security analyst who has decades of experience in this field. Information on other key employees are strictly kept confidential due to privacy reasons. The press coverage they have earned tells us everything we need to know about their credibility and legitimacy. 

    Press (news coverage of this platform) – CNC Intelligence News page.

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    Contact Information and Support

    Keeping the clients informed and happy are the goals of every recovery agency. To achieve greater user satisfaction, almost all of the reputable companies try their best to offer best in-class customer support. This platform offers multilingual support and the staff can be reached via email, telephone, and contact forms as well. If you are using their platform for the first time, then filling up the contact form is the best way to get started.

    According to the information in CNCIntel reviews, users can expect to get a reply within 24 hours. Telephone support is straightforward and we have gathered all of their contact formation in the following section.  

    • +1 (877) 328-1769 (US Toll-Free)
    • +1 (202) 773-4626 (US)
    • +45 78 75 54 21 (Denmark)
    • +61 (0) 2 7202 5791 (Australia)
    • +972 3 375 1456 (Israel)
    • Email:
    • Address: 2000 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, Washington, District of Columbia 20006 USA

    How does CNCIntel Work?

    The CNC Intel operational model is very easy to understand. First and foremost, they collect data about the incident from the client and offer them free consultation. The main intention of the consultation is to let the end customer know whether it is possible to retrieve the funds or not. Things like fees involved, possibility and time horizon are some of the main things covered in the consultation part.

    Once the client agrees to the terms of the contract, the experts in the firm will start the analysis work. Data will be gathered and evidence will be categorically collected to build a strong case. Depending upon the nature of the case, the attorneys will do their part and clear the formalities. Once the data about the culprits gets into the hands of the investigators, they will plot all the legal actions they can take against them and present it to the client.

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    We understand that in theory, everything covered above sounds easy, but for most people it will be an overwhelming process and that’s why hiring an agency to do your bidding is always the best option. Just like we said earlier, the recovery process is a herculean task and the time it may take ranges from a couple of weeks to few months. Note that this firm does not make any kind of claims about their success rate.

    However, based upon the user feedback, it is safe to say that they have around 50% success ratio. The fact that they have not exaggerated about their results showcase their real nature. At the end of the day, under promising and over delivering is the kind of approach this firm has taken towards their clients. Needless to say, their strategy is working out very well. 

    CNCIntel Review – What Type of Services does CNC Intel Offer?

    A recovery agency will be involved in a lot of different yet related aspects of consumer finance.

    In general, firms in this niche cover most basic types of online scams.

    CNC Intel offers intelligence services and recovery services for both the individuals and the corporations.

    The pricing varies depending upon the nature of the specific cases.

    However, compared to the industry’s standards, the fees charged by them are certainly on the lower side. 

    Asset Recovery

    This platform will help you recover the stolen funds from most common types of scams on the internet. It does not matter the kind of scam that got your money, if you are willing to take action quickly, then you do stand a pretty good chance of getting back the funds.

    We are not saying that it is next to impossible to recover the funds if you report it to the agencies and the law enforcement authorities after a considerable period of time. However, any kind of delay in reporting the incident does give ample amount of window for the crooks to flee away. 

    Investment Fraud – Making money online is a dream for many people. The pandemic has pushed a lot of people away from their jobs and most of them are desperate to find other sources of income. If you come across any kind of online investment opportunity that is likely to be branded as forex or binary options trading websites, then you need to be extremely careful.

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    Remember, they might entice you with things such as free bonuses and other perks, but that is just a trap. Scam brokers are present on the internet for ages and they are a nightmare for many people. If you ever make the mistake of depositing with them, then block your associated card or bank account immediately and request for a withdrawal.

    In some cases, brokers might honor the request, but the odds are against you. If the broker does not acknowledge your request or delays the process, then get in touch with us to know about the routes you can choose. To ensure the highest level of security for your funds remember not to indulge with any unlicensed and offshore entities. 

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    Romance Scams – These kinds of scams are the ones that affect you both emotionally and financially. According to the data by the FCA, in 2019 alone people have lost more than $210 million dollars to this kind of scammers. Online dating is a huge sector that has a bright future. Unfortunately, it is the perfect ground for the crooks to hunt for victims and they certainly are the master manipulators.

    The telltale signs of this kind of fraud are easy to detect, but most people due to some reason ignore the obvious signs. If anyone is trying to get close to you in a remarkably short period of time, then it might be good for you to reevaluate your decision. People operating through bogus profiles usually try to chat up a victim and will eventually find some excuse to ask for money. From medical reasons to other emergency situations, the crooks will certainly have a well written script.

    To be on the far side, do not send money to strangers. After all, one has to be careful especially when dealing with someone you have never met in real life, right?

    With time, the crooks might find some more interesting narratives and storyline to manipulate the public.

    So, we suggest you use a rational approach and not to make any decisions impulsively.

    Lastly, remember that if the party is creating a sense of urgency or are bothering you into doing something, then it might be good for you to cut them off permanently. 

    Swiss Bank Retrocession Fees

    Compared to all the other standard services, this one only applies to a very specific audience. In the old days, wealth managers were getting Kickbacks whenever they promoted certain financial instruments or products. While there was nothing wrong with getting a commission for a sale generated by them, a lot of managers were carrying out this kind of activities without the consent of the consumers.

    According to many educated guesses, there are more than 15 Billions plus Swiss Francs that are supposed to be reverted back to the actual victims. If you think you qualify for a chunk of this pool, then get in touch with this platform and they will guide you through the entire process.

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    Remember, there is a time window present and people have to act quickly to get back their money (if applicable) at the earliest. Swiss retrocession is a controversial case and as the court verdict was clear, the situation looks pretty calm now. 

    Cryptocurrency Related Services

    Cryptocurrencies are arguably the next big thing in finance. People are eager to get themselves involved and demand is literally shot up more than 10 fold in the last 6 months. Many crypto millionaires are born in a very short period of time and it goes without mentioning that the public is looking for the next coin that has the potential to go 10 times the initial offer price.

    The race towards finding the next big bull run is something both the institutional side and the retail side is involved in. While the conditions might bring favorable risk reward ratios to the educated side, the vast majority of the people are still misinformed about a lot of things. Scammers love the current environment as it creates a perfect hunting ground for them. From creating pump and dumb schemes to offering ICO’s, the options available for the crooks are sadly limitless.

    Thankfully, CNCIntel is equipped to trace any kind of frauds in this realm and the success rate they have managed to achieve is impressive.

    Below, we have listed the various subcategories of the services offered by them.

    Go through them and choose the one that is relevant to your case and it will make the process of submitting your case much easier.

    In case if you have any doubt, you can comment below and we will get back to you at the earliest.

    Alternatively, you can directly contact the customer support of this firm as well.

    Crypto Asset Tracing – Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology certainly have a lot of advantages compared to the traditional banking system. The anonymity factor is something people like about the cryptocurrencies and there is a big misconception that all of the cryptocurrencies are untraceable.

    Anyone that thinks cryptos are easy to meddle around are not well informed and obviously, they are wrong. Many intelligence companies have come up with a new range of forensic tools with cutting edge technology that can help authorities and individuals track the flow of funds. While it is true that a handful of cryptos are hard to trace, know that more than 200,000 coins are currently traceable. With time, more digital currencies will be added to the list.

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    This company will help you trace your stolen cryptocurrencies and they are familiar with all the kinds of common ways crooks use to get into your wallet. They have dedicated sections on their website that educates about the ways you can use to be on the safer side.

    Moreover, the detailed guide they have come up with that covers the common types of frauds and the gimmicks they use is a must read for all the newbies. Remember, while the recovery process might be simple, prevention is always better than cure which is why you need to be careful all the time. Time window required for them to trace the coins is not mentioned, but generally, it should not take more than a couple of weeks. 

    Cryptocurrency Fraud – Whenever the crypto markets experiences a wild bull run, the number of cryptocurrency frauds go up. As we mentioned before the retail side has no idea about the actual mechanisms of trading or investing and as a result, it is easier for the con artists to loot them in the name of investments. Countless ICOs and fly by coins have emerged in the past and unfortunately, a large percentage of the culprits were never caught.

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    The regulators are spreading awareness about the way this new form of currency works, but till now the reach has been limited.

    On the flip side, the number of fake trading and investment frauds along with phishing attacks have become extremely common and people are losing a large chunk of their investments.

    If you have been cheated by any platform or if you have lost money to any unregulated exchanges or other associated platforms, then this firm will do all the formalities on behalf of you and narrows down the details of the culprit.

    Note that, in some instances it might take longer for the firm to track the flow of the currencies especially if it is a breach of security or if the theft is done via a new exploit found in the wallet’s design. Either-way, getting help from professionals is the right thing to do and it tips the balance of power in your favor.

    To mitigate any kind of risks regarding possible hacking activities, always make sure that your account is 2 FA enabled and change your password from time to time. Also, make sure that you only use or deal with official websites and never put in any kind of confidential information on sites that do not have a valid SSL certificate. 

    Bitcoin Tracing and Recovery – Bitcoin is the number 1 cryptocurrency and it has a market cap of over 1 trillion dollars. The craze for this virtual coin is always growing higher and according to many financial experts, we are still early in the adoption curve. From the inception, many criminals and scammers have utilized this asset class to move massive amounts of money and evade paying taxes too.

    Government is concerned about the future of the monetary system because of the pseudo-anonymity factor alone. In the early 2018, many regulators have said that people have lost around 18 millions dollars a day and the trend is still going up every single day. For the average user, it is difficult to track the movement of bits, ask exchanges for KYC and deal with all the formalities involved.

    CNCIntel Banner

    This firm has established relationships with many top exchanges and thanks to their phenomenal legal team, it is comparatively easier for them to get and gather all the data necessary. The only hindrance to smooth flow of data is the unregulated exchanges and crypto tumblers. Crypto tumblers are softwares designed to prevent authorities from tracking the flow from one wallet to another.

    While the process might buy some time for the crooks, it is not a sure shot way of hiding wealth and ultimately, sooner or later, they are bound to get caught. For best results, always be quick to report to the authorities and collect as much evidence about the transaction as possible. 

    CNCIntel Review: Fees

    Pricing is always a tricky venture for the recovery agencies. Unlike many other products or services online, it is not easy to calculate the exact costs involved beforehand due to the nature of the case and the associated costs. Many fake platforms ask for money for consultation or to just go through the incident details. Reputable platforms like this one offer free consultation for everyone and it does not alter the pricing plan once the things are discussed.

    Fees charged by firms also correlates a lot with their success rate. Unfortunately, a lot of firms lie about their success rate and they showcase steep numbers only to enhance their profiles. So, always do background checks before making the final payment and as far as this platform is considered, the final fees involved will be told to the client after the case details are presented by them.

    If you are looking for a solid number, then know that it is reasonable to expect the fees to be around 20% on average. Some firms might claim that they have already recovered your funds just using the data submitted by the user and they demand additional fees to release the money. Any firm that uses the narrative mentioned above is a scam and people should never entertain those platforms.

    CNCIntel Review: What Their Clients Have to Say

    A reputable company always leaves a trial of happy customers behind and the best way to gauge the track is by looking at CNC Intelligence Inc reviews.

    CNC Intel has got 4.6 rating on Trustpilot. There is not a single bad CNCIntel review and that tells us a lot about their customer experience aspect. Clearly, the kind of work that has gone for all the aspects behind the scenes is huge and that has worked out well for them.

    The user feedback about this platform might appear to be thin. However, before you make any kind of sense on the data know that unlike other sectors, this space is a dry one and it does not invoke much attention. All of the CNC Intelligence reviews on Trustpilot are short and sweet, that kind of comments means they are highly unlikely to be generated by bogus accounts. There are no CNCIntel scam reviews or complaints about them.

    Exaggerating comments and lengthy reviews are always posted either by an angry customer or a puppet paid by the founders to maintain a positive image. Take a look at a couple of comments about them posted by the clients below, like this CNCIntel review:

    They told me that they actually did not recommend I take their services because it was a simple enough case they felt the bank would be able to handle it without hiring a company but Elliot still stayed on the phone for 20 minutes explaining the steps I need to take to proceed with my case

    And here’s another CNCIntel review:

    CNCIntel Banner

    CNC’s team is such a big big help and a wealth of information. I am so truly grateful.

    CNCIntel Review: Is CNCIntel a Legit Company or a Scam?

    By definition, a scam is something that claims to offer you attractive things, but does not hold up their end of the bargain. It is good to be skeptical especially with the way things are unfolding on the world wide web and it is indeed good to have a conservative approach. CNCIntel is a reputable firm and everything about them cannot be categorised as manipulative or fraudulent by any means.

    From bringing together people from relevant fields to the kind of attention they have received from the News Outlets screams authenticity and their web traffic also supports the image pretty well. Perhaps, the best thing about them is the way they have structured the fees. Agreed, it might not be the one size fits all approach, but in the sector they are active in, it is impossible to forecast all the costs involved.

    Moving on to their success rate, they make no claims about it. Moreover, the support team is also transparent and they serve many countries all around the world. For any reason, if they cannot assist you, then also they will make the situation very clear.

    Transparency and legality are two important things they adore and keeping in mind everything we have discussed till now, their services are something we wholeheartedly recommend to all of our audience. They also cover a wide range of things around consumer finance and as they give free consultation, approaching them is never a questionable idea. 

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    CNCIntel Review: Verdict

    Thanks for reading our CNCIntel review.

    CNCIntel is the perfect package for anyone that has lost money to online scams or wire frauds run by a legitimate company. There are no CNC Intelligence Inc scam reviews to be found. Their content regarding the way the crooks operate and the common types of hustles are informative. Their team is impeccable and on the ethical and moral ground, they certainly belong to the elite category. 

    Customer support is also professional and there is not a single CNCIntel review or thing about them that acts like a cause for concern.

    To summarize this CNCIntel review, after going through all of the data we could find about them, it is clear that they are the most competitive recovery agency and with decades of experience under their belt, you really cannot go wrong if you choose to hire them. 

    Express your opinion by dropping a comment below this CNCIntel Review.

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    Dose CNC Intel have a Chris Varick working as a recovery agent as he claims he is working for CNC Intel Group and it is hard ot work out who are the scam

    No, CNC Intel does not have a recovery agent called Chris Varick. Beware of the possibility that he may be a scammer and only contact CNC Intel via their official website: Please let us know where you came across this person so that we can warn others as well. Thank you!

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