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Crypto Complaint ( is a firm that has been around for roughly 3 years now. They have helped numerous people get back their funds in a hassle free way and they mainly focus on educating people about the crypto related fraud.

Their detailed blog section is truly unique and the attention to detail is evident as well. It goes without saying that they are transparent with the public and thanks to their social media presence, almost anyone can get in touch with them quickly.

As their goal is a noble one, we encourage people to check out their official platform because chances are you might end up finding tons of information that is hard to find elsewhere. It Goes without mentioning that there are a lot of things to discuss about this firm.

If you are curious to know the kind of things this platform can help you with, then read this detailed post till the end. In case you have any questions, leave a comment below and we will get back to you soon. 

Crypto Complaint Review

How does Crypto Complaint Work?

Crypto Complaint has an operational model that is similar to all the reputable firms in the recovery space. The only exception is that they are more inclined towards solving crypto related frauds.

The main goal of this firm is to help people take action against scammers in the most effective way possible. To assist people in getting the funds back, this company handles all the formalities and provides step by step instruction to the clients.

Once the proper formal complaint is launched, they will take care of the intelligence gathering and come up with a plan to make the culprits pay up. As every case is unique, the costs involved will vary and due to obvious reasons, the exact way they track and trace the flow of funds cannot be revealed.

Nonetheless, their experience speaks for itself and they are one of the best firms to go to especially if you are a victim of cryptocurrency scam. 

Two forms of Complaints

There are numerous types of scams present. While trends change from time to time, wildly put, it can be categorised into broker related fraud and an outright ponzi type scheme. As cryptocurrencies are still unregulated for the most part, it might be hard for individuals to act on any information they have.

In case you have lost money to a crypto broker or an investment platform and are unable to get it back, then raise a broker complaint. Broker complaints can be used in many instances such as sudden closing of account, unauthorised transaction, undisclosed fees, etc,.

Get in touch with our affiliated Cryptocurrency Forensic Specialists at CNC Intelligence for free by filling out the form below.

    While it is easy to confront a regulated broker, things do get complicated with unregulated entities. So, plan your move carefully and never shy away from taking help from professionals. 

    If your case involves cryptocurrency, then choose the crypto complaint form. The number of fake exchanges, ICOs and services are sky high presently. It is difficult to spot genuine offers and even professionals have a hard time navigating this field.

    Thankfully, new forensic tools help authorities track and trace the cryptocurrencies precisely which means the funds are relatively easy to recover. If you have lost money due to a fake exchange, ICO or other investment plans, then this form will help you a lot. 

    Crypto Complaint Blog Section

    One of the things we liked a lot about this firm is their dedicated blog section. They have blacklisted a few firms, have published a lot of reviews on the latest hustles that are looting the public and much more.

    On top of targeting viral scams, they do have a lot of educational material about the way crooks operate. We encourage you to check out their blogs from time to time.

    After all, there is no harm in learning about the latest happenings, right? Here’s a list of things they blog about.

    • CFD Scam
    • Forex Trading Scam
    • Crypto Scam
    • Broker Withdrawal Scam
    • Bitcoin Forex Scam
    • Mining Investment Scam
    • Ponzi Scheme
    • Fake Wallet Generators
    • Fake Charities 
    • Online shopping Scam
    • ICO Scam
    • Ransomware

    Contact Details and Support

    As we mentioned before, there are a lot of variables that exist in this space. Things like success rate, costs involved and fees can be estimated, but changes can happen anytime.

    So, if you have any query, the best way to get the correct answer is to contact their support team. Their staff can be reached via telephone, email and a contact form.

    ZenGo Wallet Banner

    Additionally, you can contact them via social media as well. Refer to the following section if you want to get all of their contact details. 

    • Phone – 1-224-707-1500
    • Email –


    Usually recovery firms do not give much emphasis on building reputation through social proof. Obviously, no one wants to leak their client’s data online, right? This firm does not have any considerable stance in terms of user feedback.

    However, you need to understand that they are only 3 years old and their website has a high trust score. In other words, they are reliable and are around for a long time.

    User feedback is an important aspect when it comes to gauging a firm. However, due to limitations, the rule does not apply to all the sectors. 

    Crypto Complaint Scam or Legit?

    Crypto Complaint is a legitimate firm that mainly tackles all types of scams. They specialise in recovering funds from cryptocurrency scams. Apart from the fact that they do not give upfront costs, we do not have anything to complain about.

    While governments around the world are doing their bit to make cryptocurrencies safe, the end goal is still way too far. So, exercise caution and in case you walk into a trap, make yourself heard and take action immediately.

    Recovery agencies are your best bet and statistically speaking, hiring them does improve your odds exponentially. After all, professionals get paid for a reason, right?


    This platform is the real deal and the kind of things they have to offer to the world is greatly appreciated. The support team is friendly and their operational model is both transparent and straightforward.

    They certainly have earned our respect and we wholeheartedly recommend everyone to proceed with them. 

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