Cryptobravos Review – Shady Platform

Cryptocurrency trading and mining platforms are getting a lot of attention in the online investing niche. People are eager to get started with the digital currencies and the data clearly displays the level of enthusiasm present in the market. While many people are getting involved without understanding the risks present, on the flip side a lot of scams are making fortunes for themselves by misleading the public.

Cryptobravos was a popular trading and mining platform that claimed to make the entire process of cryptocurrency investing easier for the retail clients. Their website was well designed and the interface was simple enough for most people. A lot of people thought this platform was the one for them due to the competitive pricing they offered.

Unfortunately, as this firm was unregulated, quickly they showed their true colors and left a lot of people empty handed. At the time of publishing this report, the official website of this firm is shut down and a lot of people are speculating that it will never be functional again.

While we can’t change the past, continue reading to know the ways of recovering funds from them and the legal options available for you. Remember, cryptocurrencies may be hard to trace, but they are not impossible and if enough people display interest, then the authorities will be forced to take action against them. 

Cryptobravos Platform Review

Is Cryptobravos Trustworthy?

Not at all, in fact they are one of the least reliable services out there. In general, one of the best ways to gauge a service is to look at the degree of transparency they display. For example, if a firm shares the details of their CEO, employees, etc, then it shows that they are trying their best to maintain a positive relationship with their audience which is a positive sign.

This firm does a good job of portraying themselves as a legit organisation. They do share a little information about their employees via a small section, but don’t fall for the trick. There is no way to verify the identities of their alleged administrative members and that’s the actual reality. Cryptocurrency sector has literally exploded in terms of market cap and due to the lack of regulation and market efficiency, the market swings and volatility are huge.

It is undeniable that traders love wild swings, but as beginners you need to be very careful while building your portfolio. After all, one wrong move can erase all your wins and might push you to spend additional money from your pocket. This firm is not regulated by any established entity and that means people who invest with them are exposed to great threats as far as financial security is considered.

Smart investors and traders always choose regulated counterparts as they provide client oriented policies. Moreover, the standards they uphold are also going to be fair for all the participants involved.

Trading Services

Cryptocurrency trading is a buzz word for almost 4 years now, but the trend is stronger than ever before. The market is pushed higher and higher by both the retail and the institutional investors. Many early adopters made a fortune and a lot of people, though they missed the window are chasing the price.

In other words, current markets are euphoric and no one knows the duration of the present bull run. Also, the volatility present in the sector is immense to say the least and movements like 10% are becoming very common. If you are starting out with cryptocurrencies then learn to trade with the amount you are comfortable losing and don’t use too much leverage. Also, give attention to risk management tactics and hedge your risk using derivatives such as futures or options.

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    We are not aware of the Cryptobravos spreads because they never revealed it to the public and we weren’t daring enough to give them our details. So, we cannot say whether they are ideal for scalpers and day traders. Nonetheless, it is highly unlikely that they offer spreads which are as competitive as Binance or Bitmex which are reputable platforms.

    If your trading approach mainly involves short term trades, then proceeding with this broker may not be worth it. On the flip side, if you primarily follow the buy and hold strategy, then we highly encourage you to use cold storage to store your coins. Leaving your coins on online platforms carry a high level of risk and given the history of this broker, it is a venture which isn’t worth the hassles involved.


    Cryptocurrency mining was an exceptional way to make significant passive income. Anyone with decent processing power could end up with a lot of coins, but this scenario is non-existent because of the competition present in the current markets. Now in order to just break even investors need to pump in hundreds of thousands of dollars which obviously means mining isn’t fit for everyone now.

    Running mining farms involves a lot of variable costs and technical expertise. So, think twice before investing in the rigs and understand that the landscape rapidly changes. We are not aware of the exact service Cryptobravos offers with regards to mining. However, regardless of the narrative they peddle, we suggest all our readers not to encourage them for any reason. 

    Cryptobravos Account Management Services

    Every fraudulent broker employs high pressure marketing campaigns and tactics to increase their revenue. They know that they have limited lifespan and as such they try to make the best out of it while it lasts. The crooks know that most retail traders are not exactly profitable. So, they promise easy and consistent returns and the only catch is that the client should invest a significant sum.

    People who are new to the trading world are more than likely to believe the ridiculous lies promoted by offshore entities and sadly they lose money to them all the time. This firm is also known to offer management services to the clients in a subtle way.

    They encourage people to invest more to make proportional returns and to diversify the risk. While the logic behind their argument might sound good in theory, know that in reality it is just a trap. To tackle this situation never let them lead the conversation and don’t invest more money if you are uncomfortable.

    Lack of Customer Support

    If you take a close look at all the established exchanges, platforms and brokers, you can easily figure out that they all give quality customer support. New entities are offering multilingual support and are making everything in their power more accessible to all the users. In short, if you spot a broker who gives a lot of priority to user experience, then you can give them the benefit of doubt as chances are, they are trustworthy.

    ZenGo Wallet Banner

    This firm doesn’t have a dedicated support staff and the contact information is nowhere to be found on their website. In other words, you can request a call back from them, but you can’t get in touch with them as and when you want? Clearly, the amount of inconvenience present while interacting with them is huge and it is unjustifiable too. 

    Recover Funds from Cryptobravos?

    As the number of scams which are looting the people in the name of cryptocurrency investments are growing, it is necessary for everyone to know the ways of recovering funds from them. In the initial days of the 2017 Bitcoin bull run, many people were under the impression that cryptos cannot be traced. However, many intelligence firms proved the critics wrong and are helping both the victims and the government trace the flow of funds.

    While some cryptocurrencies till date might be hard to trace, for the most part it is doable and the success ratio is well above 80% and that is a big deal. If you like many people located in the United States and Canada have lost money to Cryptobravos, then don’t let them get away with it.

    File chargebacks against them(if applicable) or reach out to us to know the available options depending upon your specific case. Lastly, don’t forget to report them to the concerned authorities depending upon your region. At the end of the day, the more complaints the authorities get, the more pressure they have to crack down the case and make the culprits pay.

    How can Cyber Scam Review Help me?

    Our highly skilled team members have combined experience of over 30 years. We don’t publish our statistics to brag, but we indeed are happy to help people who are in need of our services. In order to help people recover their hard earned money, we have done everything in our power to make the process easier. From offering free consultations to doing research free of cost, you name it and we have done it.

    All you have to do to utilize our service is fill out the contact form on our platform and input a few basic details about the situation. As soon as we receive the details, our team will run a deep check on the legal routes and will let you know the best way to deal with the situation. So, take action swiftly and take back funds which are rightfully yours.

    Cryptobravos Testimonials

    Testimonials are a big sentiment indicator of every business online. Whenever you are considering signing up for a new brokerage or service, always have a look at other clients’ opinions to understand the reality of the situation. However, don’t blindly believe everything you come across on random websites and forums. Though the content is generally not manipulated, some crooks are smart enough to trick the public and get good reviews by offering some incentives.

    Cryptobravos has earned a dedicated page on Trustpilot wherein the clients have shared their opinions and thoughts. Most of the comments are negative and as far as credibility goes, that is something this firm doesn’t have. There are few exaggerated comments from users too, but keeping in mind all the facts, they are most likely to be from bogus accounts. People behind this firm appear to be master deceivers who know their way around the online world.

    They haven’t left a clue about their identities and when it comes to their domain registration too, they have covered up the tracks. In case if you want to see the agony of victims firsthand, take a look at the following comments.

    Trustpilot took my review down about Cryptobravos! Are you kidding me…. Are you guys getting paid off by them? I am just trying to help others so they don’t have the same thing happen to them. Why would ALL these people make up these passionate reviews about Cryptobravous just for something to do.. What would they have to gain by doing that. You guys must be getting paid off by Cryptobravos. They steal money from people You guys at are helping nobody.. What a joke!

    Crypto bravos is total scam. I opened account in May 2020. The account growth is a phenomenal but it’s all fake. If you think, they will ever respond to your emails or phone calls? You must be dreaming. They are bunch of shameless thugs and scammers. There are fake positive reviews.


    Cryptobravos is obviously a fake exchange which defrauded people in the name of cryptocurrency investment opportunities. The connection between this firm and the actual markets are bleak at best and is certainly not the one you want to get tangled with. Their mysterious nature speaks volumes about them and the amount of complaints against them seem to be increasing day by day.

    Unfortunately, a lot of people lost a big part of their savings account to them as they were not able to spot the flaws early on, but now the public has realised their true nature. Thankfully, all is not lost yet and if you take action against them quickly, there’s a pretty good chance of recovering your funds. So, take a firm stance and spread the word to protect your friends and family.

    If you need any help or assistance in taking legal action against Cryptobravos, reach out to us. We are glad to help you in any way we can.

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    1. Yes is a scam got me for 13000 plus invested july 2020 . Nittrex something a big scam as iinvested 5500. Lessons well learnt. Both have pulled selves from net.

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