Dasha Kelly Scam – GoFundMe Ripoff!

Dasha Kelly has collected more than $230,000 via a GoFundMe effort to assist her and her family avoid foreclosure. Many others think the lady is not who she says she is.

Dasha Kelly, who has used the “Justice for Shadia Hilo,” Facebook page to propagate allegations that she is having financial difficulties, seems to be fabricating a storey in order to seek money.

There is no proof that Kelly is defrauding people by posing as the parent of another person’s kid, but some members of the Facebook group allege that she is.

Dasha Kelly Scam

Dasha Kelly Scam and CNN

CNN aired the storey when Kelly’s GoFundMe goal was met. The reporter paid a visit to Kelly’s Las Vegas residence to give the good news. Rather than facing eviction at the end of the month, Dasha Kelly can easily pay her rent and other expenses thanks to over $100,000 in contributions.

She expressed gratitude to her donors, tears pouring down her cheeks, for ensuring that her three children would not be forced to sleep on the streets.

The 32-year-storey old’s garnered widespread attention on social media. GoFundMe collected almost $200,000 in only a few days. Kelly was assisted in her time of need by hundreds of thousands of people from all over the globe who donated to her GoFundMe page and sent emotional words of support on social media. According to a source, Kelly invented her sob tale in order to increase her earnings, since it was an explosive topic.

“I personally know this girl, and she lied to me about who she was.” Jason J-One Jointer shared this on the “Justice for Shadia Hilo” Facebook page. I met her three years ago and we became acquainted.

She said that she was 21 years old when we first met. Additionally, she told me that she was childless at the time. She called me the other day and we quickly became acquainted; she even checked in with me to ensure she was no longer 24, as far as I am aware.

Dasha Kelly and Social Media Platforms 

Dasha Kelly allegedly misled to the public about her age and the number of children she had, according to Jointer. Other Facebook postings included similar tales, which may have revealed the identity of the alleged fraudster.

The CNN storey includes a note stating that the three children shown were Shadia Hilo’s. A pregnant Hilo says in a video posted on the Hilo Maternity Home’s website that Kelly is abusing her children for her own benefit.

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    On both Facebook and Twitter, repeated allegations have been made.

    She was really being interviewed by CNN at the time, and the children in town were her boyfriend’s. Shadia Hilo’s true mother is Shadia Hilo herself.

    Numerous individuals noticed that fabricating the number of children in order to get funds is unethical and immoral. This is particularly true for Dasha Kelly, whose GoFundMe page has surpassed $250,000 in contributions. Many people are asking for Kelly’s punishment and the removal of the GoFundMe campaign from Facebook and Twitter.

    Ongoing Investigations

    Jason Jointer asserts that the police are investigating the incident. Due to Dasha Kelly’s refusal to confirm any of the allegations, the issue has devolved into a he-said-she-said scenario. According to a Facebook group member, Fox 5 News was allegedly made aware of possible inconsistencies in Kelly’s storey and notified CNN.

    Bottom Line

    Apart from the possibility of a “embellished sob storey,” many individuals are dissatisfied with the amount collected by Kelly’s GoFundMe. Many others are also struggling to make ends meet, and Kelly’s GoFundMe campaign has collected an impressive sum of money.

    Recently, some have said that earlier generations used GoFundMe when their finances started to deteriorate, but were forced to work even harder as a result of their financial problems.

    According to others, if Dasha Kelly returns to work, she may be able to support the children she is said to have birthed. Numerous Las Vegas casinos have reopened and are now taking debit and credit card payments. Kelly told CNN that prior to the epidemic, she earned over $5,000 in tips working as a card dealer on many evenings.

    Casinos reopened, allowing her to recoup her Las Vegas expenses, but detractors said she would never return to work. While Dasha Kelly has not provided solid proof that she is who she claims to be, it is unknown if she is really Dasha Kelly.

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    On GoFundMe, you may add a report button, and if a fundraising page is found to be fraudulent, it will be removed.

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