DHL Scam Update – Quick Guide

DHL Scams are growing exponentially especially after the Pandemic started. People for obvious reasons are ordering online and the scammers are taking advantage of the shift present in consumer behaviour.

Though DHL is doing everything it can to raise awareness, clearly it is not enough. In this detailed article, we will enlighten you about the ways used by scammers and cyber criminals to rip off the public. Along with the explanation, we will discuss the best methods you can follow in order to keep yourself safe.

Note that following the safety tips covered below will certainly enhance the security factor. However, you should also always exercise caution because the scammers are indeed creative in their approach.

If you are getting emails or sms from unknown numbers with suspicious links attached, then the following paragraphs are something you need to read.

DHL Scam Update

How does the DHL Scam Work?

Cyber criminals are using the DHL brand name to send out phishing links. DHL Scam basically is a notorious move made by the crooks to gather data from the users. As you can tell by now, phishing is their goal and that is no joke.

Once the data is captured by key loggers or other backend servers, the scammers will either sell the data or monetise it by committing financial fraud. Regardless of which way the crooks might use the data, the end user will always be exposed to risk and the kind of damage would be severe to say the least.

According to sources, people running this type of hustle will use email as their primary mode of communication. 

How to save yourself from phishing?

The damages caused due to phishing is underestimated by many people. As data is the new oil, it is worth thousands of dollars to the right buyer. Unfortunately, phishing scams are something that cannot be eradicated completely due to the way the internet works.

So, the best way to tackle it is by educating the public and raising awareness. Whenever you are asked to enter sensitive information, always cross check the url and never stray away from official platforms.

If you spot anything unusual, talk to the customer care before putting in the details. More importantly, never ever reveal things like your social security number or pin code to anyone over phone, email or sms. Remember, the legitimate services never ask for it and scammers won’t stop pestering you about the same. 

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    Report Scammers to DHL

    DHL knows the extent scammers are ready to go in order to exploit the end users. So, they have a dedicated division that tracks and takes action against fake platforms. As a firm, they by themselves cannot keep track of every phishing link.

    If you spot a suspicious link with obvious telltale signs like spelling errors and mismatched domains, then do visit their official website. Once you are in, follow the instruction and report the incident by sending an email to

    As soon as the details are sent, the rest will be taken care of by them and you can walk away without any worries. 

    Safety Tips

    As we mentioned before, there is no one shot cure to stay safe from online scams and malware. However, there are few things in our control which will enhance our security while browsing the web. For starters, always double check the urls.

    Install quality anti-virus programs and do not use pirated apps or download things from unknown developers. Perform regular backups and never let your guard down regardless of how believable the situation is.

    More importantly, if you feel like the security of your account is compromised, change your password immediately. For best results, use the 2fa method. At the end of the day, if you follow the steps mentioned above, it will maximise your account’s security. 

    Lost money to DHL Scam?

    Unfortunately, people are not informed about phishing scams before something goes viral. As a result, few people always end up getting hurt financially by clicking on suspicious links. If your details are already compromised and your account has been wiped, then take action as soon as possible.

    Get in touch with our team and they will guide you through all the formalities involved and other associated things for free. We will not only help you with tracing the funds, but also educate you about the available options as well.

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    As always, we never charge any money for our services and Cyberscamreview exists mainly to eradicate scams and we will not stop until our end goal is achieved. 

    Bottom Line

    DHL Scam Messages have become a headache for many people especially in the United States. Many people have already lost thousands of dollars and the likelihood of their credit score getting repaired is also slim.

    If you spot any suspicious messages that resemble the things we have covered in the article, then report it immediately. Also, share this article with your social circle and help us put everyone on the same page. Together by educating the audience we can beat the scammers. 

    Share your thoughts on DHL Scam Messages and fraudulent emails by leaving a comment below. 

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