Echo Trades Review – Is it just Hype?

Echo Trades is the name of the webinar wherein the self-proclaimed trader named Rob Booker reveals the story of a farmer that is supposedly making millions of dollars on an annual basis. This webinar is said to reveal the market timing strategies that supposedly enables people to get more for their money via trading. The kind of assets they cover in this webinar is not clear and we weren’t exactly daring enough to put in our email address on their platform.

However, based upon many facts we discovered about them via various sources, it is possible to give an in-depth explanation about their agendas. “Rob Booker” is a name that is pretty popular in the world of trading. He makes a lot of exaggerated claims and has a lot of products in this niche. While his personal net worth and story is bleak at best, a lot of people still do believe in him.

Online investing world is very hard to navigate and the number of trading gurus popping up is increasing every day. The idea of making huge returns is something that always sparks interest in people. Nonetheless, make sure you have done your research very well or else you will regret your decision.

To understand the way this webinar is structured and the kind of narratives they are coming up with, continue reading this post and it will give you a lot of clarity on the situation. Remember, all the rich quicks have a hidden catch and you should be aware of the risks before taking a look at the benefits they bring to the table.

Echo Trades Review

Echo Trades Live Event in a Nutshell

Echo Trades event is designed in such a way that it inspires a lot of newbies and they boast a lot about their achievements. The webinar covers a story of a farmer from Eastern Tennessee that is said to have raked in millions of dollars in profits within a short timeframe. It is a typical rags to riches story that contains information about trading related aspects.

This event has already taken place and still, the user feedback element is missing. If anyone signs up with this program, then he or she will receive up to 70 Echo trade alerts along with a lot of mindset related content. The exact price of the end product is unclear, but it is estimated to be around $1000. The webinar is marked as free, but like every trading Guru out there, the scheme always has a hidden catch and for that reason, we recommend all of our readers to be very careful.

It is natural to feel tempted whenever some present you with an easier alternative to making huge money. However, without seeing a shred of evidence chasing a dream is not the ideal way to pursue your dreams. Thanks to the internet, most of the information needed to get started in this industry is already made available for free. One has to just put in the time and understand that it takes years to reach mastery and regardless of what anyone says, there is just no elevator to success.

Background and Creator’s Story

This is a crucial part of the story that appears to have everyone hooked. The star of the show is a farmer from Eastern Tennessee. His name is currently unknown. According to Rob Booker, the farmer has achieved phenomenal success in trading. In 2020 alone, the profits of the farmer is said to be over a million dollars and he supposedly started with only around $30,000.

In case if you are wondering, know that the farmer is a student of Rob Booker and currently, he has turned into a teacher. Undeniably, the background stories featured by them are appealing to the masses. Our main problem with the story is that the details are very hard to verify and the trading records are almost impossible to find. The lack of transparency is the thing we do not like about the gurus in the market and this one is no exception.

People that have achieved tremendous success in the field of trading rarely turn into a teacher. Successful traders are always looking for the next big thing in the space and they never have time to get into the coaching business. While there may be some good ones, the vast majority of the coaches are unreliable and they depend highly on the income from teaching to sustain themselves.

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    Now, as you know the reality of this space, we hope you will be careful while choosing a mentor. As a rule of thumb, do not entertain anyone that is not transparent about their portfolio. 

    Echo Trades Package Details

    This webinar opens doors for the creators to sell a lot of their products. The word free applies only to the webinar content, but if you want to replicate their strategy, then guess what? You need to pay high fees to unlock the strategies and the other associated packages. Breakdown of the services they offer is listed below. 

    • Trade alerts upto 77 per year. This section not only gives plain signals, but also touches the technical part so that people can understand the rationale behind building positions.
    • Entry into Echo Trades Masterclass – 24/7 access. It also contains instructions on options trading. People that are interested in maintaining a more diversified position can utilize this scheme. 
    • Live Trading Sessions – Note that live sessions are not conducted on a daily basis. Live classes will be held twice a month and as the time window is huge, newbies might find it difficult to follow along. On the bright side, clients can ask questions directly to the mentors and get answers on the spot. 
    • Psychology Aspects – Publications regarding the mental aspects required to be a successful trader is also included in the package.

    Hidden Catch and Upsells

    As we all know, at first this event or webinar was marketed as a free way to gain knowledge. However, by the time you watch the entire content it becomes painfully clear that you need to pay to unlock any actionable content. Many webinars and teaching platforms use this trick wherein they claim to offer their services for free, but in reality it is a marketing stunt conducted to collect emails and other leads.

    Once they have convinced the clients to sign up with them, eventually they will start pitching their expensive products and create a sense of urgency to push them towards giving them their credit card details. Upsells are present on this platform, though there is nothing wrong with charging people for service, keep in mind that there are tons of better alternatives available at the price point of $1000. 

    Contact Information

    If you are interested in finding out more details about the Echo Trades package or have any specific queries, then you can get in touch with the support team using the following details. Alternatively, you can directly go to as well. 

    • Address – 1800 Hughes Landing Blvd, Ste 200, The Woodlands, TX 77380, USA
    • Phone – 888 203-6792, +1 321 888-3962
    • Email –

    Data and Details about Trading Performance

    Making six or seven figures through trading alone as a retail investor is a dream come true for many. The numbers are enough to entice anyone and it is no brainer that newbies fall for these kinds of claims most of the time. There are hundreds if not thousands of retail traders that have made millions in the market. The main distinguishing factor between the real ones and the others is the evidence part.

    This platform clearly is boasting about the potential of their trading program. They also talk a lot about timing the markets which is very hard to do. However, when it comes to providing adequate proof, they shy away from publishing the data. Trading requires technical and fundamental analysis. Indicators might help you get a confirmation on your setup or analysis, but it alone is never enough to gain consistency. So, do not fall for the fancy trap of following an indicator because there isn’t anything that works all the time.

    Coming back to this webinar, the farmer’s gains are unverifiable and his trading methods are also not backtested. In other words, crucial stuff like win rate, drawdown expectancy and other adjustments required are not shared beforehand and that makes it not worthy of your time. We are not against any trading system, but whenever we see bogus claims that have zero credibility attached, then we strongly feel that it is our duty to inform the public about it. 

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    Is Echo Trades Worth it?

    This question has a binary answer. If you are a newbie that has not purchased any trading course, then you might get some value out of it, but never consider it as a one way ticket to the riches. There are boatloads of better content available about the trading related topics and surprisingly, most of them are free as well.

    If you are someone that has got reasonable experience then the webinar or the course might not be worth your time as it discusses most of the things you might be familiar with. For $1000, the fees are certainly on the higher side and are not affordable for many people entering the arena. One more big red flag about this event is that there is no reliable user feedback about them.

    We did not find any buzz about them on forums or social media platforms. The lack of social proof speaks for itself and it certainly is not something that can be considered lightly. If you have made any payments towards this product and are unable to get or apply for a refund, then fill out the contact form below.

    Our experts are familiar with this industry for decades now and they will show you the best ways of getting back your money at the earliest. As our main goal is to help people, we never charge for our services.

    Echo Trades Verdict

    Echo Trades is a viral webinar and it has indeed managed to capture the attention of a lot of traders. However, things are not as straight forward as they could have been with them. Fees and upsells are evident everywhere on their platform and at the end of the day it may not be valuable for all the types of traders.

    Moreover, Rob Booker’s is not the kind of person that is completely transparent. So, take a step back and analyse the details we have discussed in this post and then take a firm decision. After all, $1000 is not a small amount to throw around on unproven trading methods, right?

    Have you seen Echo Trades Webinar? Did you find it worthwhile? Share your view by commenting below.

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