Eterneva Scam Review – Mark Cuban Involved!

Eterneva is a firm which is involved in the diamond business, but with a twist. It gained a lot of popularity through the Shark Tank show which has an estimated viewer base of around 10 million US citizens. In simple words, they claim to provide a way for us to embrace the life of our loved ones by making diamonds out of the ashes.

The carbon element left in the body is said to be in enough quantity to form a decent sized diamond. On the other hand, critics and many experts in the sector disagree with the claims of this firm and that is why there is a lot of confusion around the authenticity of this project?

Mark Cuban has bought 9% of the Eterneva firm and in a recent press conference, he backed the claims of the firm and said that all of their statements are based on solid scientific data. For the average buyer or an investor, the drama around this organisation might be overwhelming, but don’t let too much data paralyze you.

Simply go through our post and we are sure that you will get all the answers in a single place.

Eterneva Scam Review

What is Eterneva?

Eterneva is an online platform that sells diamonds made out of ashes of our loved ones. Their offerings carry a huge sentimental value and in terms of dollars too, the prices charged by them are comparatively reasonable.

Moreover, on their website they have provided the customers with detailed instructions about the ways they use to extract the diamond and the processes involved. The web interface is user-friendly and pretty much everything about them is self-explanatory. So far, all the data and information available suggests that this firm is trustworthy.

However, many experts in the sector are peddling entirely different narratives and are saying that Eterneva is nothing more than a scam. The main reason for all the accusations are lack of data about the actual process used during the creation of the synthetic diamonds and the carbon element it contains.

Note that, there is no solid evidence against the firm, but the rumours for some reason are rampant and ever growing. The fake news around this firm was so concerning to a lot of parties and as a result, Mark Cuban himself went in front of the media to clear the air. 

Methodologies and Scientific Evidence

Eterneva has mentioned almost all of the information regarding the way they generate the end product from the ashes. Along with the articles, they have created videos which show their skilled employees doing their magic. Generally speaking, there are 3 crucial things required to create a diamond and they are heat, pressure and carbon.

Once you send the ashes to this firm, the first thing they do is carbon purification. Human body contains a lot of elements and roughly 0.5% to 4% of the composition of ashes is carbon. The extraction process is extremely time consuming and takes upto 8 weeks to purify and extract it. Second phase of the process is called “Diamond Growth”.

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    In this phase, scientists at Eterneva use their diamond growth facilities to replicate ideal conditions which enable the carbon to crystalize on top of the diamond seeds to form raw diamond. As each person’s carbon is different, the time required might vary anywhere between 2 to 3 months.

    Once the end product is formed, all of the diamonds are sent for quality inspection and before it moves to the next stage, it is thoroughly checked to ensure the shape and size requirement. After the quality inspection, the diamonds are said to be sent to an expert cutter who has more than 45 years experience. 

    Users can add the finishing touches by using this firm or they can take the end product elsewhere to make it complete. Things like diamond coloration, grading, engraving and other jewelry requirements might carry a fee and for the exact amount you have to contact the support team.

    Mark Cuban and Eterneva Company

    Mark Cuban, the billionaire investor is one of the well known sharks who bought a considerable piece of this firm. According to some sources, he has a 9% stake in the company which is valued at roughly 600,000 USD. Mark Cuban was impressed by the internal metrics of this organisation and certainly saw the potential early on.

    After the debut of this company on Shark Tank, the media gave it immense overage and eventually critics came out with a lot of vague and irrational statements. The virality factor indeed brought a lot of confusion and fear to the table.

    Thankfully, Mark Cuban made an open statement and said that he is satisfied with the standards of the firm and all of their methodologies are backed up by solid research. As of now, nothing extremely concerning about this firm is found and given the fact that big names are involved with them, the future does look promising.

    Customer Reviews

    As the Eterneva platform gets a lot of traffic, it has earned itself a lot of reviews and testimonials from the clients online. There is a dedicated section on their platform wherein the customer feedback is displayed. All of the comments we found so far were too optimistic and it tells a lot about the kind of attention given by this firm.

    You can take a look at all the comments by going to the official website or you can check Trustpilot to get a quick glimpse.

    ZenGo Wallet Banner

    From the first phone call to well after my daughters diamond was finished I have felt so taken care of and cared for!! Adelle has been so Compassionate and every time I asked a question or needed something she was right there every step of the way. It was worth every penny to have my daughter come home it’s like having her with me airways. My wish for anyone grieving is to be able to let Adelle & Eterneva create a diamond for you. We chose a blue diamond for our Katie it was her favorite color and it shines like she did

    Thank you so very much Adelle


    Our journey with Eterneva began when I was looking into options to memorialize our beautiful Havanese, Allie, who we lost after a brave fight with hemangiosarcoma. I was devastated to think that all her energy, light and beauty would be represented by the palm-sized teak box that held her remains. It simply wasn’t enough to honor the amazing creature she was and how deeply she touched our lives.

    Is Eterneva a Scam?

    Based on every fact we found during our investigation, there is nothing about them which is a cause of concern as of now. In the early days, numerous companies made false claims regarding the synthetic diamonds and defrauded a lot of people which is why people are hesitant to believe in new technologies.

    Nonetheless, this firm is the real deal and it does provide valuable services at extremely competitive prices. So, do not let fake news or vague theories confuse you, because it is nothing more than hyped fantasies. After all, every famous platform online will have some conspiracy theories.

    Eterneva Review Conclusion

    Eterneva is a firm which delivers exceptional diamonds made from the ashes that makes the client’s feel like they are close to the departed souls. The technology behind the diamond manufacturing is revolutionary and with competitive prices and skilled employees, they are going to disrupt the industry without much difficulty.

    Moreover, it has got the backing of Mark Cuban which can be considered as a seal of trust. At the end of the day, this is a firm which we can recommend to all our readers without any hesitation. 

    What do you think about the Eterneva Company and their claims? Comment your opinion below.

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