Everi Facta Settlement Update – Lawsuit

The number of issues with how certain mechanisms work in every sector is increasing. As a result, class action lawsuits are becoming more common, which will help the victims not only save time but also help them get compensation with the least amount of effort from their side.

Unfortunately, a lot of people still don’t have any idea about the way these sorts of claims work. In this post, we are going to discuss the Everi Facta Settlement. We understand that there is a ton of confusion about the way things work with this settlement. So, to know the process involved and how to collect the payment, continue reading the article.

Recently, there have been a number of fake websites pushing false narratives around the settlement cases and are looting the public by feeding them nothing but false information. In other words, you need to know the nature of the platform you are dealing with, or else the consequences might be severe. After all, you can’t trust any online site blindly, right?

Everi Facta Settlement Update

Before discussing this specific case, let us briefly explain the general idea behind class action lawsuits. A class action lawsuit is a scenario wherein one or more “Representative Plaintiffs” sue on behalf of a group affected by a specific incident.

The lawsuit we discussed in this post alleged that Everi Facta violated the FACTA (Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act) policies by generating the receipts during certain quasi-cash and other related disbursement transactions where the customers used the debit or credit card.

Simply put, the customer’s receipts showed the last four digits of the card as “BIN”. The activities undertaken in this Settlement were in-person transactions carried out at gambling facilities. Note that Everi Facta has denied all the allegations. The settlement does not in any way mean that Everi Facta has done something wrong. 


By now, we hope you have familiarized yourself with the core matter of the settlement. Now, let us look at a few of the most frequent questions the users ask. You should go through all the following information as it will enlighten you about every moving part of the equation.

How much money will the participants receive?

From the early days of this settlement process, there are a lot of conflicting answers to this question. The exact amount of compensation that every person concerned will receive cannot be said beforehand as many variables are present.

For example, there are lawyer fees and other legal costs involved. Nonetheless, according to official estimates, the amount is said to be around $40 to $60. Remember that the figures shown are only estimates, and the final payment received might vary a lot. 

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    Do Participants hire their own lawyers?

    Not at all. If every participant had to hire their own lawyers, it would never be productive. Thankfully, that will never be the case. In this settlement process, the court has already appointed a set of lawyers along with representative plaintiffs. The contact information of the lawyers is as follows. 

    • Name – Frank S. Hedin
    • Address – Hedin Hall LLP 1395 Brickell Ave., Ste 1140 Miami, Florida 33131
    • Email – fhedin@hedinhall.com
    • Name – Scott. D. Owens
    • Address – Scott D. Owens, P.A. 3800 S. Ocean Drive, Ste 235 Hollywood, Florida 33019
    • Email – scott@scottdowens.com

    When and where are the hearings held?

    At the time of writing this article, many hearings have taken place. You have to follow the official website for all the latest updates, where the latest information can be gathered. You can access the website by clicking here. The fairness hearing, which decides the attorney fees and legal costs, was held on November 30, 2020.

    There is no final verdict on the matter yet, as both parties have agreed to a settlement. However, the participants never have to go to court regardless of what happens. The Class Counsel and Representative Plaintiffs will handle everything related to the court matter.

    Do you qualify as a member?

    We will not bore you with fancy words and statements for this explanation, as you can find all the details on the official website. Instead, we will discuss the most basic rules applicable to the average user. To qualify for compensation, an individual must have carried out at least one quasi-cash transaction via debit or credit card at a gaming establishment in the United States.

    Note that the claim is valid only if the payment was processed using Everi Payments’ CashClub technology. If you have any doubts as to whether you are eligible, you can get the answer by reaching out to the Settlement administrator.

    Lawyer expenses and other costs?

    For some reason, the users do not seem to understand how the lawyer’s expenses and other costs are handled in a settlement. For starters, know that you are not required to pay anything to anyone.

    The court decides the amount payable to the class counsel and other associated parties. Payment for each and every case is different and is mainly correlated to the amount of damage inflicted. The court hasn’t decided the exact amount in this particular case, but it will do so 21 days before the deadline.

    How to exclude yourself?

    If the participant wants to exclude themselves from the settlement for any reason, he or she can do so by submitting a written request. The letter should contain the basic information about them along with their current phone number and signature. For the exclusion to be valid, the user must post their letter before October 19, 2020. The details of the receiver’s location are as follows.

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    Everi FACTA Settlement Administrator

    Attn: Exclusions

    P.O. Box 58220, Philadelphia, PA 19102

    Contact Information

    There will always be heaps of misunderstanding and confusion whenever a lawsuit is present. Most people will directly ring the Court or the Clerk’s office to inquire about the details, which is not the correct manner.

    You should contact the designated officials if you need help or assistance with anything related to the case. We have gathered all the contact details below.

    Address – Everi FACTA Settlement Administrator, 1650 Arch Street, Suite 2210, Philadelphia, PA 19103

    Email – info@everifactasettlement.com

    Phone number – 1-833-969-1221

    Website Information

    As we do with every platform and topic we review, we also ran a web search on this website. For privacy concerns, they have masked their registration details. However, they are not blacklisted by any search engines or services.

    Furthermore, they even feature a valid SSL certificate, a positive sign. Due to the nature of the case, their popularity in terms of web traffic has peaked and dropped massively. Check out the list below for more details on their domain and graphics.

    • Domain – everifactasettlement.com
    • Registered On – 26/08/2020
    • Expiry – 26/08/2021
    • Alexa Global Rank – 1,565,946
    • Geography – United States

    Everi Facta Settlement Verdict

    Everi Facta Settlement is a legit proceeding with immense potential to bring decent compensation to everyone caught in the middle. While it is true that all the aspects of the projects can’t be quantified right now, that won’t be the case forever. So, let the initiative run its course, and if you are involved, then collect the payment once the dust settles.

    If you have any questions left, comment below, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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    3 thoughts on “Everi Facta Settlement Update – Lawsuit”

    1. After filing with Donahue v. Everi Holdings, Inc., Case #2018CH15419. My mailing address changed. How do I update to receive a payout?

      1. Hello Ken,

        Thank you for reaching out. If you need to update your mailing address related to the Donahue v. Everi Holdings, Inc. case, we recommend the following steps:

        1. Contact the Settlement Administrator: The primary point of contact for participants in this settlement would be the Settlement Administrator. Their contact details are:
        – Address: Everi FACTA Settlement Administrator, 1650 Arch Street, Suite 2210, Philadelphia, PA 19103
        – Email: info@everifactasettlement.com
        – Phone number: 1-833-969-1221

        Reach out to them with your updated mailing address information. They would be the ones handling the administration of the claims and ensuring that the payouts go to the right addresses.

        2. Maintain Records: Ensure you keep a record of all communications regarding your change of address. This might include emails, postal receipts, or any other type of correspondence. This will help if there’s any confusion later on.

        3. Contact Class Counsel: The lawyers representing the class in the case might also be a good point of contact. The contact information of the lawyers associated with this case is:
        – Frank S. Hedin
        – Address: Hedin Hall LLP, 1395 Brickell Ave., Ste 1140, Miami, Florida 33131
        – Email: fhedin@hedinhall.com
        – Scott. D. Owens
        – Address: Scott D. Owens, P.A., 3800 S. Ocean Drive, Ste 235, Hollywood, Florida 33019
        – Email: scott@scottdowens.com

        While the primary contact should be the Settlement Administrator, it might be helpful to notify the Class Counsel of your change of address as a backup.

        Remember, it’s important to act as soon as possible to ensure that any potential payout is sent to the correct address. Best of luck with the process, and please let us know if you have further questions.

    2. I’m glad to see that the Everi Facta settlement is finally coming to a close. This lawsuit was a long and drawn out process, and I’m glad to see it finally come to an end.

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