EZTrader Review – Legit or Scam Service?

EZTrader was one of the first binary options trading platforms to launch a lot of exciting instruments. They initially opened their doors in 2008. They are currently developing their own proprietary trading platform in Cyprus, which is CySec-licensed.

As a consequence, they have been able to maintain their leadership position in the binary options industry while continuously improving their customer service and product offerings. EZ Trader takes great pride in their custom-built platform and superior customer service.

EZTrader has established close relationships with many football teams. They formerly traded with Bayer Leverkusen, Wolfsburg, and AIK, and are now the official trading partner of Tottenham Hotspur. They also include traders, since EZTrader hosts contests and drawings for match tickets and autographed merchandise.

EZTrader Review

EZTrader Trading Platform

EZtrader’s trading section has a simple, basic user interface that makes trading simple and straightforward. Due to the fact that the trading platform was built in-house, the trading section is visually distinct from the rest of the site.

At the top of the trading area, different types of choices are shown in tabs that may be accessed by clicking on them. When this option is selected, the data in the area to the right is transferred to the price graph to the right.

Traders choose an asset class using drop-down menus. If a market in a certain region is closed, its name is greyed out).

After selecting an asset class, the trader may access particular assets by selecting them from the list below. The payment and expiration columns’ values will change according to the asset chosen – and the expiration time may be modified as necessary.

After selecting the proper parameters, the price graph in the trading area’s main section will be updated. Additionally, the scale of the graph may be changed, with durations ranging from 5-minute intervals to daily intervals accessible.

To the left of the graph are the trading buttons, which are denoted by big green and red arrows pointing upward and downward, respectively. The transaction value is entered in the area to the right of the arrows. The investment and return columns are then updated immediately, allowing traders to view possible profits in real time.

Following that, open transactions are shown below, and traders may utilise the SellOption at this time if necessary or desired.

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    Instrument List

    Usability has been prioritised throughout the design process to ensure that trading remains fast, simple, and accurate. The mobile app now enables trading of all of the online trading platform’s more than 120 assets.

    The EZtrader application is protected by the most advanced financial mobile technology standards, and deposits may be made in a variety of ways via the programme. This may benefit investors by enabling traders to respond rapidly to shifting markets and opportunities.

    Additionally, the app gives users access to their open transactions and account balances, as well as price notifications and the latest news. The software is user-friendly and efficient, enabling legal trading on the go. Additionally, it has received positive feedback from consumers who have already downloaded the app.

    Customers of EZTrader have a variety of trading choices available to them, including the SellOption function.

    EZTrader Expiry and Time Frames

    Binary options, also referred to as digital options, are a kind of option in which the payoff is either a predetermined amount of money or nothing at all. The classic up-and-down trading strategy. Will an asset’s value increase or decrease?

    Sellers may choose to cancel their transactions early or “cash in” their profits by using the SellOption function of the platform. This feature enables users to either lock in a profit when a transaction is going well or to minimise losses when the price moves in the trader’s opposite way. Not only is it a convenient tool, but it also enables traders to maximise their earnings.

    This kind of transaction is similar to conventional binary options, but the expiration periods are much shorter, lasting just 60 seconds or less, as the name indicates.

    Daily/Weekly – These options follow the same rules as standard binary options, with the exception that the expiration dates are the markets’ close on the specified day or the end of the specified week.

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    Long term – Long term binaries are gaining popularity among traders who want their investments to have sufficient time to be affected by fundamentals. They operate similarly to standard binary options, but with much longer expiration periods. A good time span is between two and twelve weeks. At EZtrader, long-term options are often only tradeable in one direction, rather than both ways as with other transactions.

    Additionally, the company provides options on currencies, commodities, stocks, and indexes. The majority of the product selection consists of stocks. EZtrader offers stock from the United States, Europe, and Asia.

    Payment Methods

    EZTrader accepts a variety of deposit methods, however their availability varies according to the trader’s location. Credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners, Discover), Skrill (often referred to as Moneybookers), and wire transfers are accepted by depositors in the United Kingdom. A minimum deposit of £200 is required to open a new account.

    Prior to completing a withdrawal through EZtrader, an account must be validated, which is similar to the process used by the majority of brokers. This may be done at any time; however, it is highly recommended that you do it immediately.

    In certain cases, verification delays may result in withdrawal delays, which is often the cause of contention or dissatisfied traders. Accounts should be verified as soon as possible to prevent these delays.

    Withdrawals may be done through the ‘My Account’ panels after a user’s account has been confirmed. At EZTrader, credit card withdrawals are permitted only if the total amount placed with that card exceeds the total amount withdrawn by credit card.

    Profits earned after that must be withdrawn through Skrill or wire transfer. All brokers adhere to this procedure, which serves as a protection against money laundering.

    Refunds or withdrawals made through wire transfer incur a £15 charge. According to EZTrader, all withdrawals take about seven days to complete. The fact that this takes longer than many competitors may be something that EZTrader considers in the near future.

    End Note

    EZTrader appears to be a reasonable platform. However, that does not mean that you should let your guard down. Be cautious and invest only the kind of money that you can afford to lose. More importantly, if you ever face issues with them, then comment below and we will assist you in every way possible. 

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