Fake Amazon Calls – Fraud Alert 2022

From the inception of the Pandemic, the number of phishing scams has gone up exponentially, and to date, it is growing like wildfire. Scammers and crooks have indeed come up with new narratives, but the underlying motives are the same.

At the time of making this post, Fake Amazon Calls is the new buzz word and in this report, we will expose the way it works simply. Our goal is to help people recognize this kind of fraud and help them make wise decisions.

Also, we will show you the ways of recovering funds from them so that, even if disaster does unfold, you will know exactly what to do. This hustle right now is doing rounds in the United Kingdom and sadly, for the most part, the scammers are fleeing the scene without serious consequences.

The only way to resolve the matter is by creating awareness and that is exactly what we are trying to accomplish via our site. 

Fake Amazon Calls

Fake Amazon Calls is a phishing attempts wherein the crooks calling the victims claim to be from Amazon or some other related delivery company. The plot here is simple, the scammers are after the personal details of the victims and to achieve their goal, they will employ any tactics necessary.

From creating a sense of urgency to asking them to confirm their account status, crooks can use any argument to reach their end goal. Given the way this trap works, it is easy to detect the real nature in the early stages.

Sadly, few people that do not have much experience with online platforms can easily fall for it and they are the ones that are the most vulnerable. The key to addressing this kind of issue lies in detecting the threat. Once the real nature is understood by the end consumer, cybercriminals will be completely powerless. 

Collecting Personal Information

Personal information is always worth thousands of dollars to the right buyer. Scammers sell sensitive information about the victims on the dark web and make a fortune for themselves while maintaining a low profile. Usually, victims of financial fraud or identity theft will not realize the issue soon and they end up losing more than just money.

Rebuilding credit scores is no joke and to undo the damage, it might take years together. So, be careful when it comes to handling your data, and never trust a stranger with your information.

Get in touch with our affiliated Cryptocurrency Forensic Specialists at CNC Intelligence for free by filling out the form below.

    If you are confused about the legitimacy, then take professional help. Remember, prevention is better than cure and when it comes to your finances, there is no point in being impulsive because it is highly likely to backfire if you aren’t careful. 

    How to detect Fake Amazon Calls?

    There are two obvious signs every Fake Amazon Calls giveaway and they are: creating a sense of urgency and asking for your personal information. Amazon or any other online shopping platform will never ask for your banking information or social security number over text or phone calls.

    Also, they will never badger you into taking action quickly, Customer experience and satisfaction are important metrics for legit companies. On the flip side, only scammers act in an abusive way and their only motive is to trick you into putting in all your information.

    If you ever have doubts about the person on the other side, then talk with the official customer support immediately. As always, patience pays in this aspect too. 

    How to report the scam?

    If you encounter any Fake Amazon Calls or Scams, then raise the matter with Amazon. In case you have suffered financial damage, then contact the police immediately. In most cases, if you act quickly the damage will be negligible. As a rule of thumb, the quicker you react, the easier it is to recover the funds.

    It does not matter whether you have used a credit card or crypto to make the payment, using the right tools, it is possible to retrieve the stolen funds. The law enforcement authorities are not advanced in every country which means you may have to do a lot of the work yourself.

    Alternatively, you can use services like ours that do all the planning and execution for you for free. All you have to do to get the ball rolling is: fill out the form below and get in touch with us. 

    Bottom Line

    Fake Amazon Calls might be silent for a couple of weeks, but thees following the same exact approach will return eventually. So, be prepared and take every step necessary to protect your information. Always be updated and make safety your number one priority. 

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    Have you received any Fake Amazon Calls recently? If yes, share your experience below. 

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