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Welcome to our Faucet Crypto review, where we investigate the popular FaucetCrypto.com to determine if it’s a legitimate money-making opportunity or a SCAM!

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About two years ago, we answered a Quora question: Is faucetcrypto.com a scam or legit?

We wrote that Faucetcrypto is an average platform. They pay their users, but the payment per task is significantly lower than other faucets, and the fees involved can eat into your profits.

While they support over 20 cryptocurrencies, it’s important to note that earning a substantial amount with them is not possible. Ultimately, the platform benefits more than the users.

Since Faucetcrypto does not require any upfront investment, you can check them out and create an account. However, it’s crucial to manage your expectations and understand that no faucet will significantly help you earn a decent amount compared to average wages.

Remember that the support team is known to be slow, and if you encounter any issues, it might take months to resolve them. Additionally, user feedback indicates that many people are dissatisfied with the platform.

Regardless of your decision, always ensure your device has the latest antivirus program installed and refrain from downloading anything from platforms like these.

Another person responded:

It appears that they are a legitimate platform where you can earn cryptocurrencies. However, it wouldn’t be accurate to consider it entirely “free” due to the significant amount of work required.

By reading Trustpilot reviews, it becomes evident that the platform has some weaknesses, such as low payment and the need for hard work. These aspects are commonly expected from many similar sites. This doesn’t imply that you cannot maximize your earnings by figuring out efficient strategies and doing less work.

Nevertheless, I would advise you to carefully consider whether it’s worth investing your time into this platform or not.

Now, recently, in May 2023, another answer was posted:

I recently experienced the unfortunate situation of having all my funds stolen on this platform. They did not show any concern or acknowledge the possibility that someone obtained my password, which I know is not true.

Upon further investigation, it became evident that many identical transactions were responsible for stealing money from other users as well. As a result, I have lost all trust in this platform. Although the amount of money stolen was not substantial, what matters most to me is feeling secure and protected.

So is Faucet Crypto a SCAM?

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    FaucetCrypto.com Review

    An anonymous entity registered faucetcrypto.com through CloudFlare, Inc. on February 21, 2017. It is currently set to expire in 2024.

    The website is ranked 8,826 globally and 2,560 in Russia. It is the 34 most popular website in the “Finance > Finance – Other Category” in Russia, according to SimilarWeb. In April 2023, it received almost 6 Million visits from Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Indonesia, France, Turkey, Brazil, the USA, and other countries.

    It has a Semrush Authority Score of 35% with almost 1 million backlinks from 3,500 referring domains.

    So this is a rather popular website based on this information. We would be amazed if it turned out to be a scam. However, even some legitimate companies may employ fraudulent practices, so we must review this platform even though it’s pretty clear that many people are trusting in faucetcrypto.com by frequenting the site.

    Homepage (FaucetCrypto.com)

    Faucet Crypto is a platform that allows users to earn free cryptocurrencies through various tasks.

    The platform offers specific faucets for no less than 18 different cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin, Dash, Digibyte, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Syscoin, Zcash, and Horizen.

    How does it work?

    Users can earn these cryptocurrencies by completing different tasks, each with its completion method.

    The available tasks include:

    ZenGo Wallet Banner
    1. PTC (paid-to-click) Advertisements: Users must watch advertised websites to receive coins. This task is considered comfortable and straightforward.
    2. Offerwalls & Surveys: By answering questions, registering for services, and playing games, users can earn a significant amount of coins.
    3. Faucet Claim: This is the most straightforward task where users can click a button to claim their reward, but it is only enabled every 30 minutes.

    Faucet Crypto distinguishes itself from ordinary earning websites by offering unique features and an RPG game-style experience.

    Main Features

    Some of the main features mentioned on the platform include:

    • Direct Withdraw: Users can withdraw their earnings directly to their wallets without the involvement of third-party micro wallet services. The platform ensures that the owner of the funds is the user.
    • Referral Commission: Users can share their referral link with friends and earn a commission of 20% plus additional items from their friends’ earnings for a lifetime. Advanced referral statistics are available to track earnings.
    • Level Up System: Completing tasks allows users to earn levels, and with each level reached, the rewards increase for a lifetime. Users can combine these bonuses with items to multiply their earnings.

    The platform also includes a market where users can buy and sell items with other real users and an inventory feature to safely store all dropped and purchased items.

    Faucet Crypto boasts a growing worldwide user base, with impressive statistics showcasing the platform’s popularity. It has over 2 million registered users, with over 696 million tasks completed and total withdrawals exceeding 6 million.

    FaucetCrypto’s Supported Cryptocurrencies

    The platform currently supports the following cryptocurrencies:

    1. Bitcoin Cash
    2. Binance Coin (Smart Chain)
    3. Bitcoin
    4. Dash
    5. Digibyte
    6. Dogecoin
    7. Ethereum Classic
    8. Komodo
    9. Litecoin
    10. Polygon
    11. Pivx
    12. Qtum
    13. Ravencoin
    14. Solana
    15. Syscoin
    16. Tron
    17. Zcash
    18. Horizen

    Most withdrawals are sent directly to the user’s blockchain wallet address, ensuring a seamless transaction process.

    FaucetCrypto Support Center

    Faucet Crypto provides a Support Center to address frequently asked questions and assist users with issues.

    Some of the common questions and their answers are as follows:

    Why is my withdrawal processing?

    Certain cryptocurrencies are sent with low-fee options, which can result in longer processing times.

    It may take up to 3 days for the withdrawal to process.

    Why can’t I do offerwalls?

    Offerwalls are third-party services that target specific groups of people based on factors like country and age.

    If you cannot access offerwalls, it could be due to restrictions imposed by these services.

    Why is my balance changing?

    Your balance is not changing. It is kept in “Coins,” a fictional coin with a dollar value.

    The real-time conversion to your chosen cryptocurrency is displayed on the website.

    Why didn’t I receive my withdrawal?

    For all cryptocurrencies, your withdrawal is sent directly to your wallet, and you can track the transaction on the history page with the provided blockchain explorer link.

    Why am I receiving a VPN error message?

    Any tool that masks your IP address, such as a VPN, is prohibited.

    Ensure that such services are not activated in your browser or operating system.

    Why am I banned from the chat?

    Before sending a message in the chat, users must agree to the website’s rules.

    The ban cannot be reversed if you violate any of the rules.

    Contact FaucetCrypto

    The Support Center also provides information on contacting the Faucet Crypto team for further assistance.

    If users have issues not covered by the FAQs or want to report a bug, they can use the support section to contact the company by submitting a ticket.

    However, specific topics are specified as ineligible for support, including issues related to offerwall services, unsupported countries, begging for coins or credits, refund requests, non-English messages, and incomplete issue descriptions.

    Unsupported countries include

    • Iran
    • China
    • Venezuela
    • North Korea
    • Cuba

    Users are advised to read the Frequently Asked Questions and other relevant information before submitting a support ticket.

    To contact the support team, users must provide their name, email, select a reason for contacting, and submit their message. The team aims to respond within seven days, depending on the volume of requests.

    Who is behind Faucet Crypto?

    There are no About Us or Contact pages and no information about the company that operates this website or the people behind it.

    ZenGo Wallet Banner

    According to the Terms and Conditions document, Brazil’s legal framework and regulations govern the agreement between Faucet Crypto and its users.

    Therefore it’s safe to deduce that the company behind FaucetCrypto.com is in Brazil.

    Crypto Unifier

    Faucet Crypto is powered by Crypto Unifier, a service that allows for the integration of blockchain infrastructure from multiple cryptocurrencies without the need for intermediaries in transactions or balances.

    It simplifies integrating different blockchains using the same APIs, eliminating the need to install and maintain nodes.

    Users have access to the private keys of their cryptocurrencies, giving them complete control over their funds.

    The service offers features such as a wallet system for sending and receiving transactions, a merchant system for creating invoices and accepting cryptocurrency payments, and instant forwarding invoice values to destination addresses.

    Crypto Unifier does not interfere with transaction values or charge additional fees.

    Users can create an account and use the service by generating a wallet/merchant API key and integrating it into their website or application.

    Crypto Unifier offers a contact page where users can fill out a form to get in touch with their inquiries. They commit to responding within seven business days. Alternatively, users can contact them via email at contact@cryptounifier.io.

    Crypto Unifier is a Twitter account active since July 2020 with 67 followers and a GitHub account providing tools and libraries for integrating multiple blockchains into services. The account has one follower and is based in Brazil.

    In one of the replies to a review, they wrote:

    If you would like to speak with us to clarify your concerns, you may tag us on Twitter @faucetcryptocom

    Crypto Unifier was developed by Dante (@srdante), a software engineer and entrepreneur based in Brazil, and he has 29 followers.

    The domain cryptounifier.io was also registered and hosted by Cloudflare, Inc. It has been around since May 2020. A Brazilian entity owns it.

    Cryptounifier.io and faucetcrypto.com use the same design, and it is rather apparent that the same entity is behind both sites.

    How does FaucetCrypto make money?

    A crypto faucet is a website or app that rewards users with instant payments of cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, in exchange for completing tasks, such as clicking on paid ads, completing CAPTCHA tests, logging in daily, playing games, or watching ads.

    Crypto faucets operate on a mutual exchange model between the user and the faucet. Users complete tasks and earn cryptocurrency over time in small quantities. It requires consistent effort over days, weeks, or months.

    The main benefit of a crypto faucet is that it eliminates intermediaries, such as online monetization companies or advertising platforms, and directly rewards users.

    The faucet generates revenue from the traffic generated by user actions. In contrast, the user, or wallet holder, earns the cryptocurrency directly to their crypto wallet, bypassing traditional financial services and advertising models.

    Faucets provide a low-risk way to earn crypto coins. Although the rewards may be small, the potential for future value appreciation exists due to the volatility and potential growth of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

    Faucet Crypto Reviews

    According to a review at a2zstocks.com, users can earn up to 100 Satoshi per day, equivalent as of March 31, 2023, to 1.7 cents; this could amount to $6 per year. (One Satoshi equals 0.00000001 Bitcoin, the smallest unit of Bitcoin that can be recorded on the blockchain. Therefore, 100 Satoshi equals 0.00000100 Bitcoin).

    According to a review at root-candy.com, there have been reports of users getting blocked after reaching the payment threshold or getting infected with malware.

    A review at paidfromsurveys.com mentions the site’s pros and cons, including its global availability, mobile-friendliness, unique reward system, low rewards, and occasional links to malicious or spammy sites. Overall, Faucet Crypto is considered a decent PTC and faucet site, with the caveat that earning potential is relatively low.


    A discussion on Reddit’s r/CryptoCurrency forum revolves around the legitimacy of FaucetCrypto.com. The original poster asks if the website is legit, as it allows users to view websites for a certain amount of time and rewards them with satoshis (small units of Bitcoin).

    Some users share their experiences and opinions about the site. One user mentions that while the rewards are insignificant, they are greater than zero, indicating that the site provides some earnings.

    Another user shares their experience, stating that they have collected Dogecoin from the site, which has appreciated by over 600%. They suggest that making something out of nothing is possible and that the value of earnings depends on time and perspective.

    Another user confirms the legitimacy of FaucetCrypto.com, mentioning that while the payouts are not substantial, consistent small earnings can be obtained. They also say using a faucetpay system for BTC or ETH payouts and direct wallet deposits for other cryptocurrencies.

    ZenGo Wallet Banner

    A couple of users comment on the revenue model of FaucetCrypto.com, stating that the site earns more from ads than it pays out to users. This is seen as a typical aspect of businesses.

    Overall, the discussion indicates that FaucetCrypto.com is considered a legitimate platform, but the earnings are not substantial, and users may need to put in a persistent effort to see significant results.


    Faucet Crypto has a Trustpilot rating of 4.6 out of 5, based on 1,769 reviews. Here is a summary of some of the reviews:

    Muhammad Syaifuddin had his account hijacked and lost 33,000 coins. The Faucet Crypto team suggested changing passwords, clearing browsing sessions, and setting up 2FA authentication.

    Joshua Tsai complained that Bitcoin withdrawals were not available due to maintenance. Faucet Crypto explained that maintenance could indicate issues with their payment processor or congestion on the Bitcoin network. They suggested withdrawing other coins and swapping them externally to Bitcoin.

    Eric Tham accused the site of abusive behavior and claimed that the admin, Dante Chen, was a wrestler from Singapore. Faucet Crypto denied these allegations, stating that chatroom bans are implemented for spamming or inappropriate behavior.

    Zoheir Khermous praised the site’s faucet, bonus system, and helpful community. They also mentioned that withdrawals were not available daily but within a reasonable timeframe.

    Aviram Karmona had been using Faucet Crypto for over a year and expressed satisfaction with its reliability, variety of options for earning, and the ability to withdraw coins to their wallet.

    Most reviews for Faucet Crypto on Trustpilot are positive, highlighting the site’s usability, reliability, and transparency. Some negative reviews mention account security, maintenance, or perceived site behavior and policy issues.

    Trustpilot Negative Reviews

    10% of the reviews gave a one- or 2-star rating, indicating strong or some dissatisfaction.

    Some common themes in the negative reviews include:

    1. Maintenance and withdrawal issues: Some users complained about Bitcoin being on maintenance and facing withdrawal difficulties.
    2. Country restrictions: Users from certain countries, such as Iran and Vietnam, mentioned being banned or restricted from using the service.
    3. Support responsiveness: Some users reported difficulties reaching and getting support from the Faucet Crypto team.
    4. Low earnings: Several users mentioned low earnings or difficulties in redeeming coins due to limited availability.

    Zuru reviews the Advertising Function. He writes:

    I tried the advertising function, and it’s already been pending for 4 days… Edit: So, after 5 days of pending, I have to say the quality of the traffic is absolutely terrible. I’m getting around 12% of the same result as other advertising platforms with the exact same title and description.

    Also, Similarweb.com says this site has 5.4 million views per month, which is probably filled with bot views. I’m getting an average of 1,700 clicks per day, in comparison to another site which has 4.5 million views/month where I’m getting 12,000 views per day.

    Reply from Faucet Crypto:

    When an ad is created, the notification states that it can take 7 days for your ad to go ‘Live’. We will have to manually check each and every ad created to ascertain that it does not break any rules nor is inappropriate. Please kindly exercise patience.

    FaucetCrypto Review Conclusion

    FaucetCrypto.com allows users to earn free cryptocurrencies through various tasks, providing an entry point into the world of cryptocurrencies.

    The platform, which boasts impressive traffic numbers and a broad global reach, appears legitimate based on its overall operation and reviews. However, it is worth noting that the earnings potential is relatively low, and users might encounter issues such as slow support response, maintenance and withdrawal problems, and security concerns.

    Negative user experiences, especially those involving stolen funds and perceived security vulnerabilities, are a stark reminder of the risks involved. It is, therefore, crucial to approach such platforms with caution, understand the potential risks, and ensure adequate digital security measures are in place.

    The absence of information about the team behind Faucet Crypto and its legal entity raises questions about accountability, transparency, and recourse in case of disputes. It’s essential to remember that while it seems legitimate, FaucetCrypto.com, like all cryptocurrency faucets, should not be considered a significant income source. Instead, it can serve as a supplementary means of earning and an introduction to cryptocurrencies.

    In conclusion, while Faucet Crypto offers an interesting and somewhat engaging way to earn small amounts of various cryptocurrencies, it has challenges and risks. Considering these factors before deciding whether it is worth your time and effort would be best.

    If you have fallen victim to online scams, please comment below. If you have suffered a substantial financial loss, do not despair. We are here to assist you in recovering your funds!

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