“Favor for a Friend” Gift Card Scam – Plot

“Favor for a Friend” Gift Card Scam is shaking the web recently and many people have suffered financial loss because of it. This kind of scam is a new one which means the public aren’t really aware of the trap or the consequences involved.

In this post, we will share all the details about the way this fraud works so that you can navigate this problem effectively whenever you encounter it. Keep in mind that the scammers are going to twist their theories and use different approaches from time to time. However, if you notice the underlying mechanism, it is easy to detect it.

Gift card scams are deadly as it is very hard to track the culprits. So, we encourage you to be cautious and take any steps required to safeguard your interests. To learn more about the way it works, continue reading.

“Favor for a Friend” Gift Card Scam

How does “Favor for a Friend” Gift Card Scam Work?

“Favor for a Friend” Gift Card Scam as the name suggests is a form of gift card swindle. The scammers approach the victims and use the names of the mark’s friends. Usually, the subject line and the narrative they employ is going to be extremely relatable.

Crooks might also use subtle things like tags and other phrases. If anyone mistakenly sends them gift cards or PIN numbers, then that money is most likely to be lost forever. Whenever someone asks for money via text or email, always be alert.

Check the sender’s details or call them directly. If you find any inconsistency in their stories or if the party on the other end is asking for sensitive information, do not interact with them. Report the suspicious incidents to relevant authorities and never send them funds in any way. 

Ways of dealing with this Hustle

There are a lot of things that can help us determine the reality of the situation. In most cases, the signs are going to be subtle. However, if you are just patient enough to do background checks and think rationally, you will make the right decisions.

To help you identify the nature of the operation quickly, we have created the following section. Note that the deceptive tricks employed by the crooks might differ from time to time which means you need to update yourself about the latest form of hustles regularly.

Never send money via gift cards – People apart from scammers never ask you to send money via gift cards and they certainly won’t pressurize you into taking action. If anyone asks you to make a payment or send the PIN code of the gift card, do not comply, instead report the incident and let the police handle the rest.

In case if the party on the other end is trying to create panic or chaos, do not get impulsive and never hand them any kind of sensitive information.

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    Verify the story – Cyber criminals are skilled when it comes to creating believable stories. If you ever question the legitimacy of an email or a text, do not sit idle. Verify the story firsthand by contacting the sender and do not interact with unknown profiles.

    Also, remember to never let your guard down with your online friends. Due to numerous risks present, it always pays to be extra cautious while dealing with others. 

    Look for flaws in the narrative – Regardless of how neatly designed a scam can be, there will always be flaws present. Look for the things that do not add up in the underlying narrative. If you spot a lot of gimmicky tricks along with unverifiable claims and twists, then it is better to walk away from the interaction. 


    “Favor for a Friend” Gift Card scams are just another reminder of how flawed our entire system is. It is not possible to neutralize threats like this anytime soon.

    So, our best bet is to create awareness and educate more people about the recovery process. If you are a victim of any type of online scams, reach out to us and our team will show you the best way to retrieve the funds for free. 

    Have you encountered any “Favor for a Friend” Gift Card Scams lately? Tell us your answer by commenting below. 

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