a Scam? Our Investigation - Review presents itself as a premier online scam money recovery platform, boasting 24/7 customer support and impressive claims of over $90 million in settlements, 2,475 successful cases, and a 92% success rate. While these statistics paint a promising picture, our investigation into uncovered several red flags that potential clients should know. Despite their over ten years of service claims, we discovered that was only recently registered.

This discrepancy raises significant concerns about the accuracy of the information provided to users. If you are considering using’s services, we strongly recommend reading our comprehensive review to understand the potential risks and issues associated with this platform.

Overview of was registered on May 2, 2023, which contradicts its claim of providing clients with over ten years of service. This misleading information raises severe doubts about the platform’s credibility, primarily since no reviews or evidence support its long-term operation—the absence of reviews or testimonials older than a year further undermines its claims of extensive experience.

Moreover, claims to have successfully recovered 2,475 million cases, but no verifiable evidence supports this. No reputable news outlets have covered these supposed successes, and there is a conspicuous absence of independent validation or user testimonials. This raises questions about the authenticity of their success rate and the actual number of cases they have handled.

The platform also lists unverifiable headquarters locations via Google Maps. Our investigation found no physical office at the provided address, which further doubts their operational transparency.

Furthermore, fails to disclose any investigation licenses. Despite extensive efforts to locate any regulatory documents registered with government authorities, none were found. This lack of transparency and verifiable credentials highlights significant concerns about the platform’s legitimacy and reliability. Without proper regulation and licensing, users cannot be assured of the platform’s adherence to legal and ethical standards.

Red Flags

  1. Fake Claims: makes several impressive claims, such as having over ten years of service and successfully recovering 2,475 million cases. However, our investigation revealed that the platform was only registered on May 2, 2023. The absence of reviews or evidence supporting their long-term operation and success stories indicates that these claims are likely fabricated, undermining the platform’s credibility.
  1. No Social Media Presence: lacks an official social media presence, which is unusual for a service-oriented business. A strong social media presence is essential for engaging with clients, providing updates, and demonstrating transparency. The absence of social media accounts makes it difficult for potential clients to verify the platform’s legitimacy and stay informed about their services and achievements.
  1. Unclear About Section:’s About section is vague and does not provide sufficient information about the company’s history, team members, or operational details. This lack of transparency prevents users from understanding who is behind the platform and how it operates, which is crucial for establishing trust.
  1. No Investigation License: does not disclose any investigation licenses. Despite extensive efforts to locate any regulatory documents registered with government authorities, none were found. This lack of proper licensing and regulatory oversight raises significant concerns about the platform’s legitimacy and adherence to legal standards. Users cannot be assured of the platform’s commitment to ethical and professional practices without proper regulation.

Fake Claims

One of the most alarming issues with is its series of fake claims. The platform advertises over ten years of service and boasts about successfully recovering 2,475 million cases. However, these statements are highly misleading. Our investigation revealed that was only registered on May 2, 2023, directly contradicting their claim of a decade-long presence. Furthermore, no verifiable evidence or independent reviews support their supposed success rate.

No reputable news outlets or user testimonials can corroborate these figures, casting significant doubt on their authenticity. This pattern of exaggeration and misinformation undermines the platform’s credibility and raises serious concerns about its trustworthiness. Potential clients should be wary of these false claims, as they indicate a deliberate attempt to deceive users about the platform’s capabilities and experience.

Conclusion of our Review

In conclusion, exhibits numerous red flags that raise serious concerns about its legitimacy and reliability as a money recovery platform. Despite claims of over ten years of service and impressive recovery statistics, the platform was only recently registered in May 2023, with no verifiable evidence to support its purported successes. The lack of a social media presence further hampers transparency and engagement with potential clients. The unclear About section fails to provide essential information about the company’s history and team, adding to the opacity.

Moreover, the absence of disclosed investigation licenses or regulatory documentation suggests a lack of adherence to legal and professional standards. These factors collectively paint a troubling picture. Indicating that may not be the trustworthy and experienced platform it purports to be. Prospective clients are strongly advised to exercise caution and consider more transparent and regulated alternatives for their money recovery needs.

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