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On June 3, 2023, an Alabama, USA person who reported losing $134,000 filed the following complaint with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) about this cryptocurrency scam:

I transferred money and traded under their guidance, and each trade was successful. I was encouraged to deposit more funds to a level where I could potentially earn higher returns. I had been talking with this person for over a year, and the website appeared to be very legitimate, until I attempted to withdraw $65,000 of my earnings.

They informed me that in order to withdraw, I needed to pay 20% of the total profit, which they claimed was the mining fee on the earnings, to fiat wallet. They assured me that once the payment was verified, I would be able to freely withdraw my funds. I expressed my confusion, suggesting that they deduct the fee directly from the profit and provide me with the remaining balance. However, they repeatedly insisted that this was not how their platform worked. According to them, I had to demonstrate a profit on my deposit in order to access my funds.

While I understand that a small fee might be necessary, it seems unreasonable that the fee for my profit of $214,000 would amount to $42,000 (which is 20% of the total). Something seems off about this situation, and I am seeking assistance. Please help me.

The complainer provided the following details about the scammer:

  • Location: Miami, FL
  • Telephone: (914) 205-4880 (a Westchester County, New York, USA number)
  • Website: Review

The domain was registered on October 31, 2022, for one year through Pte. Ltd. It is protected by Cloudflare and hosted by Alibaba.

The copyright line reads “©Copyright 2016 – 2022 Galaxy. All rights reserved.”

The website is not currently indexed on Google.

According to the homepage, Galaxy is a crypto exchange center that offers better deals and aims to provide a better life for its users. It allows buying, trading, and earning cryptocurrencies with many options. The platform provides the latest quotes and is a gateway to Bitcoin and other mainstream currencies. The company emphasizes security and offers both physical and leveraged trading options. They have their own application token, Unus Sed LEO, designed to empower the Galaxy community.

They write, “Everyone can own crypto. Everyone can trade crypto software. Here’s how Bitget can take you a step further.”

Apparently, they have copied the text from a different website called Bitget but forgot to change “Bitget” to “Galaxy.”

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    The website content and layout are similar to countless other scams we have already exposed with, for example, menu items that do not work unless the user is logged in. It’s a common template often used by Chinese scammers.

    Company Profile

    According to the Company Profile, the platform is a dedicated platform for conducting digital asset transactions and related services. It aims to provide a complete one-stop blockchain digital asset transaction experience. The platform emphasizes the importance of user privacy and security and has formulated a privacy policy to protect users’ personal information.

    Help Center

    There’s a Help Center that contains information about common problems related to a platform for buying and trading digital currency. It includes instructions on how to buy digital currency on the platform, how to top up an account, how to modify the bound Google verification code, the purpose of real-name authentication, why the converted amount in assets changes, the definition of frozen assets, what to do if the fund password is forgotten, and an announcement regarding the support of the ERC20 protocol and OMNI protocol for USDT deposit and withdrawal. The text also includes precautions and risk warnings for depositing and withdrawing USDT.

    No contact information is provided, but there’s a live chat page.

    Galaxy Global Pro VIP Reviews

    A user called “Hyiptext” provides the following information:

    • the minimum investment amount is $100
    • investment plans with a leverage of 100x
    • available deposit and withdrawal options (Bitcoin, Ethereum, bank transfer)
    • a referral commission of $3.5

    Galaxyglobalpro Review on

    Scamadviser about two websites: and

    Here are the conclusions:

    • The website has a low trust score, indicating a potential scam.
    • The owner’s identity is hidden in the WHOIS registration.
    • Several low-rated websites are hosted on the same server.
    • The website has low visitor numbers.
    • Cryptocurrency services and anonymous payment methods are detected, which can be high risk.
    • The website is relatively new.
    • No reviews are available.

    In both cases, Scamadviser suggests exercising caution when using these websites and recommends thorough research and verification before engaging with them.

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    Complaints We Received

    On July 21, 2023, we received the following complaint:

    I’ve been working with Galaxy Global Pro Crypto, represented by someone from California, for the past eight months. We’ve been engaged in trading activities during this period, and I’ve successfully accumulated over two million dollars with them. Each winning trade attracts a miner’s fee, or as they call it, of 20%. This fee, amounting to a staggering $320,000, appears quite high to me.

    The situation complicates when it comes to withdrawing my earnings. They insist on receiving the 300k miner’s fee upfront and won’t subtract it from my earnings. I have clearly communicated to them that I cannot pay these funds. If I fail to pay these fees by the end of July, they threaten to freeze my account, causing me to lose everything.

    They have proposed to assist me with $270,000, asking me to cover the remaining $60,000. Further, they warn that if I don’t meet the deadline and they close my account, they will seek repayment for the initial funds they lent me, amounting to around $175,000, to kickstart my trading.

    Galaxyglobalpro Review Conclusion

    Based on our investigation of, it is crucial to exercise extreme caution when considering any involvement with this website. The complaint filed with the BBB, along with our analysis, raises serious concerns about the platform’s legitimacy.

    The lack of transparency regarding the platform’s ownership, coupled with low visitor numbers and the presence of other low-rated websites on the same server, indicates a potential scam. The questionable practices reported by the complainant, such as demanding a significant fee to withdraw earnings, further add to the suspicions surrounding

    Additionally, the website’s content appears to be copied from another platform, suggesting a lack of originality and professionalism. The absence of contact information and the reliance on a generic live chat page only raises more red flags.

    Considering these findings, it is highly advisable to avoid engaging with If you have been scammed or have any experiences related to this website, we encourage you to share them in the comments to help raise awareness and protect others from falling victim to potential scams.

    Always conduct thorough research, verify the legitimacy of platforms, and consult reputable sources before making any financial investments online. Stay vigilant and protect yourself from online fraud.

    If you have fallen victim to online scams, please comment below. If you have suffered a substantial financial loss, do not despair. We are here to assist you in recovering your funds!

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