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The fascination of the retail players towards the forex market appears to be ever-growing. Due to the leverage these instruments provide, many people are interested in them and over the years, the access to information to retail traders also has improved significantly.

While every participant is eager to start their journey in the markets, you always need to understand to take proper precautionary steps or else things can get nasty soon. In this post, the main topic of discussion is an unregulated forex broker called GCG Asia.

Presently, at the time of publishing this article, their official platform i.e. Guardiancapitalag.asia is down and the word about them on many forums is not exactly reassuring. Clearly, there are a lot of issues with the way they operate and the risk they pose to the clients is immense. To know the real side of this firm and understand both the merits and demerits of joining them, continue reading this blog post.

GCG Asia Review

Hands down, every time we conduct an investigation on any broker, their regulatory status is the first thing we consider. Note that you can’t trust a broker simply because they are regulated too, you need to look at the fine print to get the utmost clarity. Simply put, regulators such as ASIC, and FCA put a lot of emphasis on the customer’s safety and impose strict rules on the firms under their radar.

GCG Asia claims to be under the supervision of FINMA (Swiss regulatory authority). At first, their way of presentation is indeed charming enough to fool most newbies, but don’t fall for their trap. This platform is unregulated and after doing some more research we found out that FINMA has blacklisted them for offering unauthorized services.

At this point, we are pretty sure that it is clear that you can’t trust their claims blindly because they have no credibility factor. Also, as they are flagged by regulators it means the clients are not covered by any sort of insurance in case something goes wrong with them.

Customer Support

Sadly, we couldn’t gather the contact information of this broker as their official website is down for alleged illegal activities. Nonetheless, based on our experience and user feedback we can tell you the kind of things you can expect from them. Usually, most offshore brokers give little or no importance to the customer support aspect as they are not that concerned with satisfying the clients or retaining the user base for a long time.

For unknown reasons, if the broker you are using freezes your account or blocks you, then it is time to be cautious about them. Technical errors or glitches can happen on any platform. However, if the communication between the firm and the users is not fast and up to date, then it’s clear that your best interest is not on their minds.

Coming back to this firm, the average processing time is not mentioned, and given their nature, don’t expect class-leading service from them.

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    MT4 Trading Platform Support

    One of the few good things about this platform is its software integration. They support MetaTrader 4 and along with it they also offer PAMM accounts. In other words, they have made it easy for both experienced traders and newbies to make the best out of the markets. Professional traders can use the MT interface and create customizable charts, indicators, automated trading bots, etc.

    From tweaking the charts to setting up specific sounds for news events, almost everything a trader needs can be manipulated to suit their personal style. If you want something more, then you can simply browse trading-related forums to find thousands of free and paid indicators, templates, etc,.

    Also, they offer demo accounts to the users which means anyone can try them out without putting anything at risk. The spreads on virtual accounts are too good to be true and the commission rate is also zero. So, don’t expect the financing to be so easy on the pocket, and understand that in a real account, the spreads can and will vary depending upon the volatility. 

    GCG Asia Trading Conditions and Leverage

    GCG Asia doesn’t share the details of certain key trading aspects with the clients which is ridiculous and dangerous at the same time. For starters, things like leverage, spreads and commission charges are not disclosed by them outright. All the brokers operating in Europe have to cap the leverage they offer to retail traders at 1:30 as the law clearly states so.

    On the flip side, this broker is said to provide up to 1:200 leverage which acts like a double-edged sword. Experienced traders won’t have any trouble while employing leverage, but for beginners, it might be a bit complicated and one wrong move can potentially wipe out their account.

    The fees regarding managed account services are also unknown and information about inactivity fees is also not mentioned. In short, the unanswered questions about all the metrics are worrisome, to say the least, and it acts like a big old red flag. In order to be profitable traders need to monitor their costs closely and if they try to skip this crucial step, then the odds will make or break their capital. 

    Deposit and Withdrawal

    Here’s where things get crazy. There is literally no information about the ways clients can fund or withdraw from their trading accounts. Customers are not informed about the fees associated with any kind of transaction. Usually, most regulated brokers make their policies clear at the beginning in order to enable the clients to understand the requirements.

    On the other hand, scam brokers never talk about the terms and conditions associated with deposits and withdrawals. After going through their entire platform and keeping in mind all the traits they display, the lack of clear rules is undoubtedly a big concern and for that very fact alone, you should avoid interacting with them.

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    Recover Funds from GCG Asia

    The user feedback section of this broker on many review platforms and forums is negative. Many clients appear to be frustrated with them and some have apparently lost money too. Either way, if you haven’t received your money back from them, then it is high time you take action against them. The recovery steps depend upon the way you deposited funds onto the platform.

    So, let us know the details of the incident and let our recovery experts do all the daunting analysis. We offer free consultation and all you have to do to utilize the offer is fill out the contact form on our website. As soon as we have enough details, we will let you know all the legal options suitable for your specific case. 


    GCG Asia at the end of the day is nothing more than a highly unethical unregulated forex broker who offers fancy features at competitive prices. While newbies might like them for the low spreads and commissions structure, experienced traders would never trust them to handle their capital. Moreover, the user feedback is also concerning and their customer support is also pretty much non-existent.

    The number of trading instruments available is high, but most regulated brokers also offer the same thing and they also ensure the security of the funds. In short, as it doesn’t make any sense to deposit with this high-risk brokerage, you shouldn’t indulge with them for your own safety. It is possible to recover the funds from them, but it might be a lengthy process especially if they are skilled at maintaining a low profile.

    So, save yourself from a ton of concussion and anxiety just by choosing the regulated counterpart and we can assure you, it will be the best decision you will ever take in your trading journey. Remember, the number of people who lost everything to fly by brokers is in the millions and as such you should be careful while dealing with any firm which falls in the unregulated category.

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