Globale Invest Review – Trading Blunder

Globale Invest claims to be a reliable trading platform that has a lot to offer. Apparently, they offer retail traders a lot of instruments ranging from forex, commodities to cryptocurrencies. The exact number of trading instruments present is not revealed.

However, we can easily say that there are much better, more robust platforms out there. This broker claims to support the MT4 platform which is a good thing. Sadly, information about the demo account is not clear and that is a red flag. Regulatory status is also mysterious and the way they operate raises a lot of concern.

User reviews are present, but the numbers are not statistically big enough to make informed decisions. All in all, one needs to exercise caution before depositing funds with them. If you are eager to know more about this platform, the following paragraphs will enlighten you.

Globale Invest Review

Globale Invest License and Security

Importance of dealing with regulated brokers cannot be stressed enough. Retail investors should be careful while doing due diligence about the brokers or else the consequences are going to be severe. Globale Invest does not reveal any information about their whereabouts.

Apart from the email address, there is no contact information provided by them. Given their age in the sector, it is not a wise move to give them the benefit of the doubt. Clearly, they are unregulated and if anything goes South, chances are clients will end up losing all of their hard earned money.

As there is no safety for the funds deposited, it is a no-brainer decision to walk away from them. After all, how can we trust an anonymous organisation with our money when there are so many disturbing signs present?

Trading Instruments Offered

An ideal broker should offer multiple instruments which enables traders to diversify their portfolio. Globale Invest claims to offer major forex and cryptocurrency pairs along with commodities and indices. While the offerings look good on paper, we do not have a clue about the spreads and leverage.

Note that they offer only the main forex pairs which means it is not the ideal fit for all of the traders. We strongly suggest our viewers to check them out thoroughly before funding the account. Being safe should always be the number one priority.

Also, take a look at the associated fees and spreads before initiating any position. Lastly, do not forget to have a proper risk management system in place. 

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    Support Team

    The leading brokers in the sector give special attention to the customer support aspect. The idea behind providing a reliable support team is to ensure user retention and enhance user experience. Globale Invest does not reveal all of the contact information.

    Only the email address is showcased by them and there is no clarity on the response time. In other words, it is hard to reach out to them and that is not a reassuring gesture. Given other missing links in their narrative, it would be an irrational decision to stick with them.

    Think about it for a moment, if they were serious about assisting their users, why would they shy away from being accessible? 

    Globale Invest Trading Conditions

    As there was no way to test them out before signing up with them, we do not have a clue about their interface. They claim to support the MT4 platform which is good enough for most traders. Availability of web based traders is not clear.

    Also, we do not have a clue about the default interface or the kind of indicators it supports. Due to scarce data, charting is also in the gray area and we advise everyone not to be impulsive with them.

    Information about leverage, spreads and swaps are also not in the dark. Regardless of whether you are a short term trader or a long term holder, do not initiate positions before knowing the trading costs. Lastly, we do not know whether they allow every kind of trading strategy. 

    User Reviews

    During our research, we did find few user reviews about them. Note that the numbers aren’t big enough to draw conclusions. On Trustpilot, they have received good ratings, but it is based on less than 30 inputs.

    So, do not let the ratings blind you from seeing their true nature. Take a look at the user comments below. Aren’t they just too perfect?

    ZenGo Wallet Banner

    They offer reliable and exhaustive tools to trade. That is something I already found with the previous broker. However, this is the first time I have encountered such transparency. With them, no hidden commissions, timely withdrawals, clear explanations… It’s a real plus for me!

    My experience with Globale Invest is great. Of course, they’re not perfect, no broker is. But, compared to what I experienced with previous brokers, I find they offer a premium service.

    Globale Invest: Scam or Legit?

    Globale Invest is a sketchy broker that displays a lot of disturbing traits. Owners are unknown. Documents and certificates are not present. Moreover, trading conditions and instruments offered are also not listed properly.

    In short, the cloud of uncertainty present along with lack of regulation paves way for concern. To ensure our safety, we need to stay away from them or else the consequences might be severe.

    GlobaleInvest Review Conclusion

    Trading the financial markets includes a lot of aspects. Choosing the right platform is certainly a major decision and it should not be taken lightly. Always do due diligence and never let fancy gimmicks or lower fees sway you away.

    If you have fallen victim to online scams, please comment below. If you have suffered a substantial financial loss, do not despair. We are here to assist you in recovering your funds!

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