Google Voice Scam – New Threat but Old Trick

Google Voice Scam is an age old type of hustle that is getting popular again. Scammers are targeting sellers from different marketplace and are trying to extract verification code from them in order to obtain a Google voice account number. Obviously, their motives are sinister and if anyone falls for their trap, then the damages are going to be severe.

According to few online sources, the number of victims are alarmingly increasing by over 50% every year. Authorities have taken steps to raise awareness, but as people are not aware of the risks correctly, they are likely to fall for the trap.

Scammers use the numbers generated to conduct criminal activity and disposes the number, but at the end of the day, the owner of the account will be answerable for it. As this hustle is gaining traction, go through this post and learn everything you need to know about it.

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Google Voice Scam

What is Google Voice Scam?

Instead of maintaining multiple phone numbers, users can create and manage different phone numbers using Google Voice account. The innovative features offered by tech giants are unparalleled. Sadly, scammers have figured out a way to conduct their questionable activities at the expense of others and all they need is access to your verification code.

By pretending to be someone from the support team to mimicking authoritative entities, scammers will do anything it takes to get the codes. Basically, if anyone asks you for verification code along with other sensitive information, then you need to walk away from them. Always give top priority to your safety and privacy.

Lastly, look for obvious gimmicks and other desperate tricks scammers typically use. If you find one or more traits that are too obvious, then end the interaction and report the incident.

Approached followed by the crooks

Scammers are very clever when it comes to intriguing your interests. They are experts in knowing what the other person wants and they try their best to blend in. Typically, they find details of the victims via online marketplaces.

Once the contact information is received, they pretend to be buyers and force the person on the other side to give over the verification code by using convincing narratives. Most people that aren’t updating themselves about the latest hustles will give away the information and will end up with a dent in their pocket.

Though the threats are hard to spot every time, keep an open mind. More importantly, never share your OTP with anyone and stay away from people that employ high pressure marketing tactics.

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    How to identify and handle Google Voice Scam?

    As we mentioned before, the key to identifying this type of hustle is to look at the small stuff. Things like flaws in the narratives, grammatical errors and URLs are something you need to check out thoroughly. Also, try to follow the things covered below.

    • If the buyer has no verifiable feature, then be very cautious. Try to gather as much information as possible before moving forward with them in any way.
    • Regardless of what anyone says, never send payments in via gift cards. It is almost impossible to recover money if you send it through gift cards.
    • Use e-wallets or credit cards as they provide you a huge degree of protection. Plus, try to deal with official platforms and do not entertain new websites or brands before doing proper research.
    • Always meet the buyer or seller in public places. Do not leak any personal information.

    Fund Recovery

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    End Note

    Google Voice Scam is an old scam in a new form. The underlying deception and logic are the same, but it is wrapped with a new narrative. Monitor your account closely and never give away verification code or other personal information to strangers. Also, change your passwords regularly and use 2 FA whenever possible. 

    Things like Google Voice Scam are becoming too common. So, be alert and regardless of what the situation might be, never let your guard down.

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