GSI Markets Review – Is a Scam?

GSI Markets is an unregulated broker which has a lot of conflicting sentiments online. Some forums and reviews sites are giving them cent percent ratings while others are issuing warnings against them. Though, online investing is almost 2 decades old now, the information for the most part about any exchange or brokers is always likely to be manipulated and there is no way to put an end to it at least for now.

The advancement of cryptocurrencies and the spike in volatility across all the instruments is making the public flood into the markets. Undeniably, the amount of potential trading offers and the ease of access the retail traders have at the time being is unprecedented.

However, that doesn’t mean you should start your journey with any broker you find online. Note that we are not saying every unregulated broker is a disguised scam, but looking back at the data, most offshore entities do hustle their own clients. Now, let us focus on GSI Markets and explore all of their merits and demerits.

GSI Markets Review

Parent Firm and Licenses

GSI Markets Group is owned and operated by Media Force Limited(Registration number – 19085). They are registered in the Marshall Islands. Though, on paper they are registered that doesn’t mean they are credible in any way. Our experts ran a deep search on this firm and found out that in 2017, they moved a part of their operations from Israel to Marshall Islands for presumably shady purposes.

Moreover, there are few facts which proves that they were active in South America as well and most of their campaigns do target Latin America. In their homepage, they mention that their services are offered in more than 100 plus countries. While their claim about the reach they have might be true, people should understand that regulators are not happy with them.

The FCA in the UK has issued warning against them and sooner or later other regulators will do the same. Given their history and numerous complaints, it is crystal clear that they are not the ones you want to get stuck with. After all, just look at the number of regulated counterparts present.

Anyone can easily find the one which will address their specific trading requirements. Their support team seems to interact with the clients through a variety of communication modes. All of their contact details are listed below.

  • Address – Trust Company Complex, Ajeltake Road, Ajeltake Island, Majuro, Republic of the Marshall Islands, MH 96960
  • Phone number – +(44) 203 150 1767, +(55) 213 50 01808, +(56) 229 381 559, +(57) 150 85305, +(502) 227 86726, +(52) 555 350 7203, +(507) 833 7744
  • Email –

GSI Markets Trading Software

GSI Markets offers a unique Sirix platform and in case if you are wondering know that they support MT4 too. The default web based app brings a lot of features to the table and enables beginners to easily copy trades from any account they like or follow. For people who can’t afford to spend time in front of the charts, social trading and MAM services are available. Sadly, we don’t know the fees of any of the services.

All kinds of trading strategies are allowed by them and clients can run any Expert Adviser they want as well. The spreads they charge is on the higher side and unless you have opted for the VIP account, the conditions aren’t going to be favorable for scalping. The default trading interface certainly lacks few well liked trading tools and templates. However, anyone with reasonable experience can easily use the MT4 platform to make up for the difference.

Maximum leverage offered by them is 1:100 and it’s more than enough for anyone who knows their way around the markets. Though, the minimum amount required to get started with them is around $250, traders have to put up a lot of money to unlock sophisticated account types. As usual, more features are unlocked for capital intensive account types. Social or copy trading features always sound good on paper, but before you utilize them understand the risk involved.

Get in touch with our affiliated Cryptocurrency Forensic Specialists at CNC Intelligence for free by filling out the form below.

    While the profiles shown by them might show huge profits, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will also earn the same. Moreover, things like glitches and technical errors can break your account within minutes. On the bright side, they do offer islamic accounts and theoretically speaking, they don’t have conflict of interest as they are an ECN broker.

    Traders Education

    There is an entire section dedicated on their platform only to increase the knowledge of the clients. The topics covered by them are nothing unique, but it does enable beginners to understand the basic terms and methods of the markets. From ebooks to video content, everything can be found in a single page and that’s a positive sign.

    The ease and practicality they have brought to the reach of retail clients deserves appreciation. Their education section would have been better if they included things such as Analyst opinion, verifiable trading signals, etc,. In short, this section on their website is almost flawless and is something which you might want to check out later.

    Trading Signals and Tools

    This broker offers a range of practical trading tools such as technical signals, economic calendar, position calculator, etc,. The signals tab consists of technical analysis perspective and metrics primarily. Though, many other websites offer technical signals at a glance, it isn’t clean in terms of presentation. Position calculator is a helpful tool especially for beginners as it will help them assess the lot size for every trade which in turn would help in risk management too.

    There are a lot of trading bots offered by them and clients have to pay around $30 to access it. Without doubts the cost of the robots available is cheap, but as we don’t know their accuracy rates, it may not be worth investing in it. After all, if their bots were really good, why in the world would they sell them for such a low price? They do talk about the manual trading signals, but as they haven’t provided much information on it, we cannot comment anything on them for now.

    Is GSI Markets a Scam?

    Looks like it. GSI Markets has a bad reputation online. Apart from a few websites, no one has anything positive to say about them and that kind of sentiment paints a different picture about them. A lot of people feel like they got scammed by them and some are still looking for ways to get their money back.

    Just take a look at the feedback they have got on Forexpeacearmy, isn’t it obvious that something is way too wrong with them? If you have made any deposits on this platform and aren’t able to get it back, then don’t give up hope. There are plenty of legal ways to tackle them and depending upon the payment type, we should narrow our options.

    To get an exact blueprint when it comes to recovering funds from this broker, fill out the contact form on our website and let our experts do all the work for you for free. Remember, the longer you delay putting in the application, the more chances this broker will get to turn the case into their favor. 

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    GSI Markets Review Conclusion

    GSI Markets is a borderline shady broker who follows a lot of questionable methods and tactics. They still offer welcome bonuses which are not recommended for newbie traders. The information about their whereabouts is not as transparent as other reputable platforms.

    Their policies on funding and withdrawals lack key details and the trading conditions are also not the best out there. Moreover, the FCA issuing a warning against them also acts like a big deterrent. So, avoid depositing your funds on their platform and look for regulated alternatives.

    If you have anything to add to the GSI Markets Review, then kindly do so in the comment’s thread. 

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