Haresatinbuy US Scam Review – DEC 2021

The Haresatinbuy US Scam is a trending topic on social media platforms. This outlet claims to sell gaming consoles at bargain prices. If you are a hard core gamer, then chances are you might be familiar with this brand. Their website looks professional and it goes without mentioning that their offerings are enticing.

However, if you take a close look at their business model, there are a lot of unanswered elements. For example, a physical address is not provided and the owner’s information is not shared with the public.

They have zero social media presence and user feedback about them is way too negative. Plus, even their domain age is not something that paints them in a good manner.

Compared to the merits, the list of uncertainties are more and it does pay well to be cautious with them. If you are interested in knowing all the available information about them, then the following paragraphs is something you should read. 

Haresatinbuy US Scam Review

Haresatinbuy US Scam Description

Due to a lot of accusations about this platform, people are searching for the “Haresatinbuy US Scam ” term in search engines and social media platforms. The underlying website looks good, but when it comes to authenticity and legitimacy, the details are lacking heavily.

For starters, transparency is not present. Customer support isn’t adequate and payment options are limited. Refund policies have a lot of twists and they certainly have not ensured the user experience aspect to the utmost level.

Discounts provided by them are massive, but given every detail about them, it is not a wise thing to proceed with them. After all, your peace of mind is something that cannot be risked for any reason, right?

As many things about them do not add up, make sure to be alert while dealing with them. For any reason, if you want to buy from them, then use e-wallet options to be on the safer side. 


New platforms have to give a lot of attention to the customer support department to maintain a good relationship with the user base. This firm interacts with the public mainly via email.

The lack of personal touch is evident and for some reason, they are trying to hide their footprints. For example, the physical address is not showcased and even on social media platforms, they are not active.

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    We strongly believe that there is something fishy going on and only time can tell us their real nature. If you are looking for their contact details, check out the list below. 

    • Email Address – Service@nicegamelive.shop
    • Phone – 7756917592

    Returns, Refunds and Shipping

    This platform claims to offer a generous 365 days returns period. However, there are a lot of conditions applicable which means you need to read terms and conditions carefully.

    According to the data we found on their website, they supposedly ship to over 100 countries. Average shipping time is said to be around 3 to 4 days. Funnily enough, tracking mechanisms are not covered and the details put up by them are vague to say the least.

    Refunds can be obtained, but there are a lot of conditions you need to satisfy before getting your money back. All in all, their policies are not something that is geared towards the benefit of the users entirely. We can say with convenience that there are much better alternatives out there. 

    Payment Methods

    As a general rule, we encourage people to use e-wallet while dealing with new entities. Things like sensitive information and banking data are not something you should input on unknown platforms. After all, you cannot take chances with things that will ruin your finances forever, right?

    Thankfully, Haresatinbuy US offers the PayPal option. Along with the e-wallet, people can pay with their credit card as well. We do not know whether any additional fees are present so, using an e-wallet is hands down the best way to move forward with them. 

    Haresatinbuy US Scam Feedback

    We tried a lot to find social proof about this website. Unfortunately, though we spent a lot of time on the internet, we could not trace much user feedback about them. Compared to the kind of traffic they get, the lack of input from clients is indeed a disturbing thing.

    On social media platforms, we did come across a few negative remarks. However, as nothing about them or the allegations are verifiable, we cannot comment anything about them firmly yet.

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    Nonetheless, do not take chances with them as the stakes are high. Remember to stick only with names that are around for long. Also, for security reasons, use e-wallets as much as possible. 

    Recover Money from Haresatinbuy US Scam

    In case you have lost money to Haresatinbuy US Scam or to any other fraudulent vendor, act quickly. Platforms that feature a lot of plagiarized content usually never end well. Unfortunately, people are not aware of the recovery process and needless to say, a vast majority of the public are overwhelmed by the entire thing.

    Using chargebacks and wire recalls, tracing funds is easier than ever before. If you need help with handling formalities or simply need advice to get started with the legalities involved, contact us via the form below. If you have any questions, comment below this post and we will get back to you. 


    Haresatinbuy US is in a very fragile region. On one hand, their reputation is slim and authenticity is something they never seem to portray. Given every available fact about them, we suggest you to stay away from them.

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