HFTcoinage.com Review – Scam or Legit Mining Platform?

HFTCoinage.com portrays itself as a trading platform or pool where you invest your money in Bitcoin and your Bitcoin investment undergoes a regular mining operation 24hrs/day.

The way they have designed their website almost makes no sense whatsoever. The website makes a faint attempt at looking legitimate by providing a “company certificate”.

It is no rocket science to realise it’s a bogus certificate in one go.

It is for sure that anyone who invests their money with them is going to certainly regret it. Take a look at the alarming flaws that the website has to offer below.

HFTcoinage.com Review


HFTCoinage.com provides a ridiculous management profile. It appears that they are using stock photos to make people believe that they are legit. The CEO’s name “Antonio Conte” becomes Marc Smith the very next page. The director “Carter Co-field”is a real life CPA who owns a firm to name a few.

Whenever you spot things that are far from reality of the situation, you need to step away from the scene for your own good. If a company is lying about who owns and runs it, think long and hard about investing your money.

How does HFTCoinage.com Work?

HFTCoinage.com claims to offer institutional access to 39 derivatives exchanges, 175 foreign exchange markets, a wide range of global securities marketplaces, and various bi-lateral liquidity venues. They also claim to provide retail market access through platforms such as FOREX.com and City Index.

HFTCoinage.com makes it look like they are going to help you be financially stable and financially independent but we can assure you they have no idea what they are up to.

They also hilariously claim that they are one of the Fortune-100 companies with a nearly 100 year track record. One does not need a Phd to figure out such a pathetic lie.

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    Flaws in their cooked up story are way too easy to spot and they did not even bother to do their homework properly.

    Profits Promised

    There are 4 investment plans offered by this firm. They also promise a start-up bonus interest of 0.0004 bitcoin, once your account is created and registered.

    It will be credited to your wallet.

    They supposedly help people generate 100% daily to 300% daily.

    Based on the number of bluffs present in their narrative, it appears that HFTCoinage.com is aggressively seeking clients.

    Basic Plan 

    • 100% daily for 7 days 
    • Minimum amount : $500 
    • Maximum amount : $1,000

    Standard plan

    • 150% daily for 7 days
    • Minimum amount : $1,100
    • Maximum amount : $10,000

    Premium plan

    ZenGo Wallet Banner
    • 200% daily for 7 days
    • Minimum amount : $10,100
    • Maximum amount : $20,000

    Exclusive plan

    • 300% daily for 7 days
    • Minimum amount : $20,100
    • Maximum amount : $1,000,000

    They just want people to deposit with them so that they flee the scene with all the cash. 

    Loopholes in their narratives are too obvious and apart from newbies, no one will believe them for any reason. While it is possible to achieve double or triple digit returns with a good strategy, this level of success is not guaranteed and it certainly isn’t consistently achievable.

    We would suggest not to be attracted by the numbers which are far from reality. After all, if they were that profitable, why would they give it to others with no monetary gain?

    User Testimonials

    Apart from all the above flaws they also go ahead and provide fake user testimonials.With some due diligence, you can learn how to spot the tell-tale signs of a fake review versus one of a verified purchase with a legitimate star rating.

     The first signs indicating that the reviews are fake is that they will either be very short or very long and completely positive. Also the reviews on this website are not specific and don’t give useful information about how the website was actually helpful.

     They are often repetitive, using the same phrases as other reviews either of the product or that the reviewer has written before. On top of that it is almost impossible to verify the profiles.

    Guess what? HFTCoinage.com does not have social proof. On third party websites and forums, it is indeed hard to find information about them. Given the lack of clarity they exhibit in every angle, do you really want to take your chances with them?

    Is HFTCoinage.com Scam or Legit?

    HFTcoinage.com is one sketchy website. It definitely is a scam and do avoid this website at all costs. There are solid facts that clearly tell us everything we need to know about them and the reality is scary to say the least.

    Starting from the bogus founders to the fake reviews and the company certificate everything about them indicates that they are a guaranteed fraud.

    For example, check out this hftcoinage scam review from the BBB posted on December 1, 2022:

    Posing as The Box truck Coach Sheldon Moore and his wife Tammi Moore. Scammed me into depositing $1000 on cashapp and then purchasing Bitcoin and transferring it to the fraudulent website HFTCoinage.com

    Contact details

    The company provides contact details regarding where they are placed, their Whatsapp number and the email id. 

    They are placed in New York, USA

    Whatsapp : (484) 469-0986

    Email id : hftcoinage2022@gmail.com

    HFTcoinage.com Verdict

    HFTcoinage.com is here to loot all the money and wind up the website and there will be no turning back. Period. Now that it has become obvious that they created a whole lot of fake social proof just to scam people, the best option is to stay away from them.

    It is important to be cautious when encountering seemingly fabricated stories, as joining in on these without careful consideration can lead to risks that are more significant than financial loss. Always be alert and think critically to protect what is most valuable to you.

    As a general rule, never invest in those companies that promise greater returns just in a day or two. The solid facts that we have gathered paints a crystal clear picture about their motives and they are here only to inflict damage to the public.

    If you have fallen victim to online scams, please inform us by commenting below. If you have suffered a substantial financial loss, do not despair. We are here to assist you in recovering your funds!

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