How to Avoid Scams – Don’t be a Victim

The number of scams on the internet is literally unprecedented and it isn’t likely to go down anytime soon. Cyber criminals are making a fortune and are responsible for the theft of billions of dollars. Though banks have put certain mechanisms in place, it isn’t enough and the main thing lacking is customer awareness.

As the landscape of the internet changes too quickly, people do have a tough time detecting fraudulent things and the data clearly supports the current situation. To know the main types of hustles out there and the ways of recognising the issue along with the tackling measures one can take, continue reading.

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How to Avoid Scams

Basic Rules to Detecting Scams

The one main thing that is commonly seen in almost every type of scam is the way scammers create panic and chaos to induce a sense of urgency. Basically, whenever you are being pestered to take action on the spot, you should always cut the interaction short.

Things like gifts, rewards and other narratives that are enticing might invoke your greed, but do not let it blind you. After all, nothing truly comes so effortlessly, right?

Ask Question

Regardless of what narratives a crook might employ, always ask enough questions. People that impersonate others often have a huge problem when it comes to maintaining their composure.

Of course, this is not a fool proof way to gauge the real intention, but it does go a long way when it comes to understanding the agenda of the opposite party. Also, remember to never give up control, dominate the conversation and think twice before making any kind of moves. 

Verify the Identity

Thanks to the internet, it is a lot easier to find the identity of people. Using things like social media platforms or other related websites, it is possible to do basic background checks and it won’t take much time.

If you are not sure about the person talking to you or reaching out to you, ask for a little basic information and do a thorough check. Gathering details about strangers that are trying to establish contact with you is always a good thing. So, record the interaction and collect as much information as possible. 

Look for Flaws or Broken Parts in Narrative

Scammers are good with creating scripts that address your basic questions. However, if you closely observe, there will always be loose ends in their story. When talking with strangers, pay attention to the details of the story they peddle.

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    People telling the truth will never have anything to worry about. On the flip side, people that are bluffing will always leave a lot of clues behind and we just have to pick on them as soon as possible. Keeping an open mind definitely helps a lot and it is all about detecting the threat early. 

    Never Click on Suspicious links

    Do not click on links in texts or emails, even if they seem to be from a known firm or individual. Scams always alter their deception techniques, therefore there are always new things to be totally aware of.

    Even if it’s not a recognised hustle, you should disregard any text or email message that urges you to open a link unless you’re certain it’s authentic.

    Be aware of Phishing

    Crooks redirect people to phishing pages in order to extract the login information and other sensitive details. To save yourself from this type of fraud, always double check the URLs and keep your system and software updated.

    Follow safe browsing practices and never deal with unknown platforms without taking proper precautions. If you are unsure about the legitimacy, then use an e-wallet or credit card to enhance the safety aspect.

    How to report Scam Texts and SMS?

    You may report any fraudulent SMS to your network operator by dialing 7726.

    You may also alert the internet service provider (ISP) responsible for sending the fraudulent email. In most instances, your email will have a “report” button or link.

    If you get a text message, email, or phone call that seems to be from a trustworthy organization, you should notify that organization.

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    The corporation may then warn its consumers about the scam and take measures to avoid future attacks against them.

    Act Quickly and Tackle Scams

    If you do fall for a trap, then early detection will work like a boon for you. As soon as you notice suspicious activity or charges, contact your bank. Ask them to freeze your account and associated cards. Crooks are pretty fast when it comes to draining your account which is why you need to monitor the activities closely to be on the safer side.

    In case of financial ruin, collect data and raise a formal complaint. Get in touch with us and we will go over the details and give you an efficient action plan which involves everything from tracing to handling formalities. Due to the kind of experience our team has gained over the years, there isn’t anything new in our books.

    Scams Bottomline

    Avoiding Scams is becoming a necessary skill that every person should master. Keeping a calm mind and an analytical approach will be the best thing one can do while dealing with new forms of hustles. 

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