How to earn Cryptocurrency with Brave Browser?

Brave is a privacy-focused browser that puts user privacy first while enabling them to surf the web. This mostly entails blocking advertising from following you, since advertising is a major source of revenue for many websites. 

On the other side, the creators of Brave are not only concerned with privacy. One of their objectives is to use the BAT cryptocurrency, which is based on the Ethereum blockchain, to fundamentally alter how websites generate revenue. 

Both news and information websites such as this one and their users will profit from the idea. Is it likely to acquire traction? It’s difficult to tell, but the concept of putting power in the hands of consumers is appealing.

As is the case with Chrome, Edge, Opera, and Vivaldi, Brave is built on Google’s open-source Chromium browser engine, making it compatible, quick, and familiar. 

Additionally, it has many unique characteristics: It features ad blocking and tracking protection, as well as a private browsing mode that conceals your activities via Tor, a BitTorrent client, and a bitcoin wallet. 

The BAT system will only function if a large number of websites take use of its features, which include ad-free content and the ability for users to earn money by paying attention to a website’s ads. According to Brave, the platform is used by roughly 500,000 content producers and publishers. 

Additionally, the firm makes a convincing argument that the majority of online advertising income is now being generated by Google and Facebook, rather than content producers. 

The concept is straightforward: If you experience discomfort as a result of watching Brave Advertising, you may earn a smidgeon of BAT. In comparison, if you want to bypass a website’s barrier and see it without advertisements, you must make a BAT contribution to the website.

How to earn Cryptocurrency with Brave Browser?

Brave Browser is available for download and installation

You may get it at installer is available for Windows, macOS and Linux. It’s a little file that, like the others in the Chromium family, downloads and install the browser software. The browser instals to 495MB on the hard disc; not tiny, but comparable to Chrome.

Configure the Brave Reward System

With a single click of a button, you may activate prizes. Following that, you’ll have the ability to earn, purchase, and spend BAT cryptocurrency. Ads and auto-contribution are the two main features that you may enable or disable. 

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    If the Ads switch is enabled, you may earn BAT by watching advertisements on participating websites. When Auto-Contribution is enabled, the participating sites that you visit will receive BAT that you have earned or purchased.

    Explore and earn some money!

    “You’re being compensated to see this background picture,” reads the box at the right of this browser’s home screen. This is because the picture is a sponsored one from in this instance. On your home page, under Brave Rewards, you can see your BAT balance. 

    It’s critical to understand that the advertisements that earn you BAT are distinct from those that appear on standard websites; you can still block them using Brave’s ad filter. Additionally, they are less intrusive and do not monitor your activities like traditional advertisements do.

    Learn more about Brave

    A welcome presentation guides you through the process of importing bookmarks, disabling advertisements, selecting a search engine, and setting Brave Rewards. We’ll concentrate on the final one since it’s where the Basic Attention Token is used.

    Contribute to Web Pages

    The BAT incentive scheme is predicated on the red triangle in the upper right corner: The site accepts BAT as shown by the blue check mark. Following that, you’ll see the previously stated menu of options. You may choose to include or exclude the site from your donations.

    Check Your Wallet on Brave

    Without needing you to join up for anything, BAT allows you to earn and donate. To withdraw your BAT or to fund your account with funds from other sources, you must first authenticate your wallet with Uphold, a trusted digital currency broker. Uphold even provides a debit MasterCard secured by bitcoin.

    TAP Network Rewards gift cards for Amazon, Walmart, Uber, and other shops may be available if you buy them using your Brave BAT balance. Additionally, a TAP account must be created and linked to your verified Uphold account.

    Utilizing Advantages

    As mentioned before, the BAT cryptocurrency is designed to fund websites that you like, rather than to make you wealthy. However, you may use Uphold to swap your BAT for regular US dollars. 

    ZenGo Wallet Banner

    It’s as easy as clicking the Withdraw Funds button in the right panel of the Brave Rewards page’s Settings section. The BAT may then be converted to another cryptocurrency, US dollars, Argentine pesos, or any of over a dozen other currencies, and sent to your bank account. 

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