IGFB Scam Review – Know the Truth!

IGFB is an entity that is offering trading services in the EU region. At first glance, their platform looks decent and trustworthy, but that is not the case. This broker is unregulated and is offering their service illegally to the residents of Europe. Even CONSOB has issued warnings against this platform and the kind of reputation they have earned over time tells us a lot about them.

We spent a lot of time testing their interface and for the most part, almost everything felt outdated. From the software to charting tools, everything is slow and appears sleazy. Spreads and other trading fees are on the higher side and we do not know whether all kinds of trading strategies are allowed or not.

In simple words, too many uncertainties are present and the gimmicks exhibited are way too much as well. If you are facing withdrawal issues on their platform, then reach out to us and we will help you get your funds back. To learn about the way this firm works, check out the following content. 

IGFB Scam Review

Is IGFB Regulated

IGFB is located in the Caribbean region. It is owned and operated by Seabreaze Partners Ltd. There are few contact details provided by them, but do not let it fool you. The regulation in the Caribbean is a fantasy and it won’t protect you in any way.

Standard practices like the ones enforced by FCA or ASIC are not applicable in this region. In other words, investor’s money is not safe with them. Note that, if the firm ever goes dark or bankrupt, then it will be a daunting task for the retail crowd to get their capital back.

Clearly, the odds are flipped in the favor of the house and they have an unfair advantage in literally everything they do. As safety of the funds isn’t guaranteed, you should never deposit with them. Always do a thorough background check and never associate yourself with offshore firms. Top priority should always be given to regulatory status. 

IGFB Trading Platform and Terms

This broker offers web based software. The platform itself does not provide any unique features. If you are someone that likes trading bots or automated systems, then you will definitely be disappointed with them. Advanced order types are present, but you need to really believe in their execution style and speed to trust those.

Charting is also pretty outdated. No custom indicators are supported and the worse part is, fees are also on the higher side. Average spreads are over 3 pips which is huge. Chances of short term traders making consistent profits with them are scarce.

Leverage is capped at 1:100. Just because they offer high leverage, do not use it. Be careful in your approach and never open a position unless you know all the metrics involved. The conditions provided by them are not something that inspires the retail crowd. 

Payment Methods

IGFB supports wire transfer and credit/debit cards. We do not know whether any additional fees are present. We suggest our audience to go through all the terms and conditions carefully in order to understand all the hidden catches. Minimum withdrawal amount is not made clear.

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    Also, inactivity fees and processing time is not stated by them. They do offer bonuses and other promotional offers, but think twice before accepting any conditions. Remember, their top priority is to make money and they will do anything necessary to accomplish their task. 


    If you regularly visit our site, then you already know that we always take a look at the feedback section regardless of the kind of image a platform exhibits. IGFB does not have good ratings on any of the major forums. The number of user testimonials is not significant. Also, the things depicted by the available user comments are not something that appears natural.

    There are too many unverifiable claims present and given the kind of state they are in, we cannot be naive enough to trust anything they say. Flaws present with them are indeed huge and their motives aren’t something that requires any kind of attention. 

    IGFB Scam or Safe?

    IGFB is most likely a fraudulent investment platform. CONSOB has issued a warning against them and several other individuals have made serious allegations as well. We encourage our readers to withdraw their funds from them. If you are facing withdrawal issues or are unable to get in touch with them, then reach out to us.

    We will help you get back your hard earned money in the shortest time frame possible. The best part is, all of our offerings come with no strings attached and we intend to keep it that way forever. 


    Offshore brokers are not the entity that is trustworthy regardless of what they portray to be. So, avoid them altogether and never stray away from regulated firms and platforms. As retail investors, it is our priority to stick with reputable platforms that are fully licensed. 

    Avoid brokers like IGFB, if you have faced any problem because of them, share your experience below. 

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