InfoSMS PayPal Scam – Targeting Australians

InfoSMS PayPal Scam is the latest phishing hustle that is specifically targeting Australians. People that have received text from InfoSMS are many and the kind of narratives used by the crooks this time around is too easy to detect. At the time of publishing this post, no damage has been reported.

However, we cannot know for sure whether people have lost money to them or not just yet. This trap entices people to click on the links attached and contains free money claims. Many users in the western hemisphere have received text messages from the same sender with slightly different wordings. To know how this type of scam works, continue reading.

If you have any reason to believe that the security of your account may be compromised, then immediately change the password. Also, always employ 2 FA methods and change the password every once in a while. If you have lost money to any kind of hustle, then get in touch with us and we will guide you through the entire recovery process with no strings attached. 

InfoSMS PayPal Scam


As the data of the users go for thousands of dollars on the dark market, phishing scams are on the rise. Crooks capture sensitive information and resell them for a huge markup. To achieve their goals, cyber criminals are never hesitant and they will tarnish any firm’s name to get what they want.

Unfortunately, the public is not educated enough about this kind of attacks and as a result, billions of dollars are lost on an annual basis. Though there are ways of recovering funds, we do strongly believe in educating the masses as it is the perfect way to put an end to this issue.

After all, if everyone knows what to look for, these kinds of things will be nothing but history in a matter of days, right?

InfoSMS PayPal Scam Explained

Users are receiving payment confirmation messages from InfoSMS for a little bit over $2000. The text looks similar to the ones sent from PayPal, but guess what? Obviously this one has no connection with the latter. The entire thing is a setup designed to extract information from the users by redirecting them to phishing pages.

Usually, money offers and giveaway narratives work well. Thankfully, as the plot behind this attack was too easy to figure out, most people have just ignored the text and some of them have reported the incident to relevant authorities. Due to technical limitations, the exact group or individual responsible for this incident isn’t identified yet. 

Traits of a Fraudulent Text

InfoSMS PayPal Scam and many other hsutles use different explanations. However, the following traits are always going to be present. We just have to keep an open mind and look for the subtle clues.

Sense of urgency – Scammers love to create a sense of urgency as it forces people to comply without asking many questions. If you are being timed in a weird manner and there is a lot of aggression present, then chances are you are dealing with a sketchy entity. As soon as you sense something going wrong, refrain from proceeding in any way and talk to relevant authorities. 

Get in touch with our affiliated Cryptocurrency Forensic Specialists at CNC Intelligence for free by filling out the form below.

    Get rich quick offers – Everyone likes free money, but do not let payments or giveaway alerts fool you. Always check the details of the sender and check the legitimacy aspect. If the story is too good to be true, then walking away is the best thing to do.

    Also, do not make any kind of advance payment to offers that you have not signed up for. Remember, established firms never ask for money from the clients in the middle of giveaways for any reason.

    Scammers on the other hand try their best to get you hooked on a sleazy offer and pressurize you into making a deposit. For obvious reasons, you should not get tangled with the questionable entities that display the traits covered above. 

    Intimidation – Cyber criminals often intimidate people by pretending to be someone from the underlying firm or service. If you receive any alert that warns you about suspending or terminating your PayPal account, then talk with the official support team.

    Note down the details of the sender as it helps a lot in the investigation process. As long as you are not impulsive, chances of staying safe from InfoSMS PayPal Scam is indeed huge.

    Report Suspicious Activity

    If you have lost money to InfoSMS PayPal Scam or because of it or any other kind of fraudulent service, then report the incident with your local law enforcement authorities and PayPal. To trace the flow of funds and retrieve the funds from the culprits, get in touch with us.

    As our staff have more than a decade of experience in this sector, they will help you for free and we won’t stop until we put all the scammers out of business. The best part is, you can talk with our agents with just a few quick clicks.

    InfoSMS PayPal Scam Bottom Line

    InfoSMS PayPal Scam thankfully did not stick around for long. Nonetheless, it is showing us the dark side of the internet and unfortunately, there is no way to put an end to the crooks following this approach. Our goal is to spread the word and help people know exactly what they are dealing with. 

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