JS Link Global Review – Offshore Scam Broker

JS Link Global is a new trading platform that shows deadly signs one can imagine. At first glance, their licensing details appear to be perfect and credible, but if you take the hard route and verify the information, you will be shocked to find the harsh reality about them. Without a shadow of doubt, we can call this firm fraudulent and there are many facts to verify our argument.

Trading forex and staking cryptocurrencies are good ways of making money, but they each have their own set of merits and demerits and no one should get involved with them unless they have full understanding of the consequences. Moreover, even if someone finds a reliable strategy, they should never make the mistake of trusting offshore entities and should only deposit with a regulated platform after cross verifying every information about the brokerage.

This firm also promises returns that can be termed as imaginary and their lowest investment package supposedly earns clients 1.67% returns on a weekly basis. If we do the math, this number alone translates to over 80% on an annual basis and that kind of target or goal is obviously not realistic.

The sad part is, bluffing about the profits is not the only thing wrong about them. To know about all of the flaws of this firm and the reasons as to why no one should deal with them, go through the following information carefully. 

JS Link Global Review

JS Link Global Legality and Blunders

JS Link Global has done many blunders with regards to their license claims. They have used the licensing details of other well known organisations and upon close inspection, all of their lies came out one by one. It is a common practise to feature details about the legal certificates in the footer section and this platform has also done the same.

However, if you notice the details you can quickly find out that the information presented by them is about another legitimate firm that has got nothing to do with this platform. Perhaps, the funny part about them is that they have involved more than a couple of genuine organisations(Gain Capital and Stonex Financial Pty LTD), but even the registration number showcased on their platform is wrong.

Our team personally confirmed with the Australian office of City Index and other associated parties and they have all confirmed that they have nothing to do with this firm. The fact that the entire narratives of this firm is a big fat lie is undeniable and as such they are not the one you want to employ for any reason. Investing with offshore brokers carries too much risk, but investing with this kind of unethical firm is a daring event which no one should ever try. 

Contact Details

Customer support and user experience are two different aspects, but they have close correlation and any legitimate authority would give attention to both of them. Keeping clients happy is all about optimising their experience and bringing simplicity along with practicality. This platform shares their contact information and even has a Live chat feature, but to get a reply from them is a huge task and the waiting period or the response time are ridiculous.

Even if you miraculously get a response, be cautious and never trust any of their claims or plans without doing detailed research. Just like we do with every firm we review on our blog, you can find their contact details below. 

  • Address – Level 3, 100 Harris Street, PYRMONT NSW 2009
  • Phone – +44 7365 36880 8

Trading Conditions and Platforms

This brokerage claims to support Metatrader 4 platform. Obviously, MT4 platform is an interface loved by millions of retail traders and many people including the newbies will be familiar with this software. Strangely, important details such as account types, leverage offered, withdrawal fees and accepted payment methods are not shared by them. The lack of details is astonishing and it is enough to make any person regardless of their experience scared.

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    To entice the newbies into depositing with them, they also run a staking program. Basically, they will manage the trading account on behalf of the clients and share the revenue with them. We are going to discuss more about the fake numbers and projections given by them later in the review. For now, know that everything they say or are involved with will be nothing more than a hustle that puts money in their account.

    Even if we compare them to the vague offshore brokers we have seen over the years, the lack of effort is obvious and anyone that trusts them will bleed money sooner or later. As a trader or an investor, one of the very first tasks one needs to do is to understand the landscape and the realities of the market.

    In other words, understand that to build sustainable earnings and wealth, long term strategies are the best. We are not saying short term timeframe does not work, but using data so far, more than 95% of the people lose money while attempting to day trade. So, use the numbers to form your decisions and stick with the plan at all times. 

    Aggressive Marketing Campaign

    All the fake platforms have one restriction and that is time. The creators of bogus platforms are always aware of the dangers and the risks present if they get caught. Nonetheless, they have to achieve high web traffic or else they will not make any money. So, they are forced to create incentives to the marketers that benefits both the parties. This firm offers an affiliate program that is structured just like a MLM and the promoters get huge compounding gains depending upon the number of recruits they get.

    This chain of incentives is the reason behind their growing popularity, but eventually it has to fall down. For your own safety, do not trust anyone that is promoting them actively because it shows that they do not have ethics at all and they certainly are bluffing to the public for personal gains. As the marketing campaign is being carried out aggressively, chances are you might come across their platform, but do yourself a favor and click away immediately if it ever happens. 

    JS Link Global Returns Offered

    There are 4 staking plans offered by this firm. Note that the strategy used by their team is not disclosed and there is no ounce of data to justify their asking price and fees. Returns promised by them mainly depend upon the time factor, but generally they showcase returns that range from 1% weekly to 6% monthly.

    Both the numbers mentioned above might seem tiny at first, but it is difficult to achieve them while following strict risk management methods. Do not dream about doubling your funds on a yearly basis because no one can do it without being subjected to extreme risk. This firm is only featuring these types of staking arrangement only to further their cause which is to loot the public.

    Passive income and wealth building is something everyone has to get involved with at a certain point, but never assume that those activities are easy. Wealth building strategies take time and unless you are a born genius and have crazy quantitative skills, there is no way to beat the numbers.

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    Online Feedback

    We tried to find any details about the people that have opened an account on this platform. As popular communities and forums do not have any kind of posts about them, it was a difficult task to find any data. In the end, we could not even find posts about them online. So, it is safe to assume that they are controlling the narratives very well.

    If this company was really helping the public manage their finances well and yielding them 10 times better returns than the S and P index, don’t you think people would be bragging about them online? The mis-match in their story and the wild claims they seem to adore works against them and the data clearly proves that they are not reputable or trustworthy by any means.

    In case, if you see a new comment about them popping up, then try your best to verify the identity of the alleged clients. If you cannot find any data or hit a dead end, then do not be inclined towards giving them the benefit of the doubt. 

    Is JS Link Global a Scam?

    Yes, and nothing in the world changes this fact. This platform claims to be a brokerage in order to take money from people and simply transfer it to their bank accounts. They mainly accept cryptocurrencies to dodge to a certain extent from the authorities. From making the policies to featuring the relevant information, the crooks certainly have failed in creating a perfect clone website and their lack of skills is a boon for the retail crowd.

    Crypto staking is gaining mass adoption, but people really should not invest in them without understanding the fundamentals. As far as staking with this platform goes, no one should be involved because it is a losing proposition for the clients. Before taking any decision that affects your finances heavily, always consult a licensed financial adviser and let them chart out the path for you.

    If some apparently easier path to profit is present, always be skeptical because things are never that easy in the real world. If you have lost money to them, then immediately use the contact form below and take advantage of our free recovery service. We will figure out an action plan for you and show you the quickest path to make the culprits pay up for the damages caused by them. All we need is a few simple details and they are all mentioned in the form itself.

    JS Link Global Verdict

    JS Link Global is a notorious investment platform that bluffs about everything related to their status and niche. They have no real business model and the people behind it are anonymous as well. The way they have blatantly copied licensing details of legitimate firms prove that they are skilled bunch of crooks that have a lot of experience. Thankfully, the funds lost to them can be retrieved quickly if one acts quick enough.

    Remember, cryptocurrencies are easily traceable and just by using the scammers wallet address, a lot of information about them and their operations can be gathered. So, avoid them at every level, but if you have already invested on their platform, then start collecting information about the incident and the transactions and hand them over to the concerned authorities and recovery experts for best results. 

    Be careful while choosing a brokerage and for best experience never stick with unregulated entities like JS Link Global.

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