Kidspunza Review – Legit or Fake?

Kidspunza is a new website that sells car accessories, they have gained a loyal following in the United States and the rates they offer are competitive. At first glance, we don’t think anyone can find any flaws on this website, but as always reality is different from what it seems.

The contact information provided by them is used by dozens of other websites and their policies on refunds are questionable at best. Moreover, they haven’t shared the details of the owners and the user feedback is also poor. Tactics used by them are aggressive, but with so many concerning reviews from earlier users, one needs to be extra cautious while dealing with them.

The online world is plagued by scams for decades now and as a result, users have to take precautions before handing down any platform their credit card details. So, to know more about this new player in the niche and understand their model, continue reading this post.

Kidspunza Review - Legit or Fake?
Kidspunza Platform Details

We always advise all our readers to do proper research before ordering from unknown or new platforms especially when the prices are too good to be true. Note that, we are not against new firms or entrepreneurs, but given the risks present, an individual should never let their guard down.

Kidspunza is a website that came into existence roughly 7 months ago. In this short period, they have managed to gain a lot of popularity, but the clients don’t seem to be happy with the products they have received so far. Apart from the bad reviews, the product range offered by them is extremely limited and there is nothing about them which screams credibility.

Furthermore, the location details they have provided are linked to other dubious firms, and in reality, there is no way to return the items. We did find the links to their social media handles, but it doesn’t give us much hope. Moving on to the payments aspects, they accept credit cards and Paypal.

Given their traits, we suggest using the latter option as it will help you in the recovery process if and when things go wrong. All in all, regardless of the angles you look at them, it is not a safe option by any means.

Refunds, Returns, and Exchange Policies

Whenever you are looking at an online portal, you should always check their policies on the returns policy, because if they don’t have a pleasing one, then for the most part, they are not trustworthy. There might be some exceptions such as food and sanitary items.

However, almost all reputable platforms give the utmost importance to returns and exchanges to maintain positive public relations. Kidspunza features vague policies and the way they handle the orders is also not reassuring. They do offer a generous 30-day exchange, but there are strings attached. Note that transportation costs are not refundable and it means that you have to pay for returning the items.

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    Moreover, they won’t accept any goods without a confirmation letter from their side and just like every platform, the product should be in as-is condition. Oddly enough, they for some reason cannot confirm if the returns are received by them. Miraculously if they do acknowledge the returns, then they claim to credit the appropriate balance to your account.

    For refunds, the process is a bit complicated. Customers are required to take the photos of damaged product (if applicable) and contact them at within 7 days of receiving the item. Once they have reviewed the information, they will take a final stance on the matter and take action accordingly.

    In other words, they have a high degree of control and even if they don’t ensure fair treatment, there is nothing customers can do about it. In case you are wondering, know that they claim to offer free replacements and the orders can be canceled within 12 hours of initiating the transaction.

    Shipping Details

    This platform does offer free shipping for orders above $40. The orders are said to be processed within 1 to 2 days which is higher than the industry average. The time taken for deliveries depends upon your location, but in general, it is said to take around 7 to 15 days.

    Once the order has been confirmed from their side, the customers will receive a tracking number to approximate the location of the package. They haven’t shared the vendor’s details and as their location cannot be found on Google Maps, we strongly feel that something is fishy about them.

    Kidspunza Contact Information

    On their platform, they have shared certain contact information which we have listed below. However, do note that the address provided by them is used by a lot of other entities too.

    • Company Name – Shanghai HongMian Trading Co Ltd
    • Email –
    • Phone – 17075654613
    • Address – Room f22426, building 1, 5500 Yuanjiang Road, Minhang District, Shanghai

    Is Kidspunza Scam or Legit?

    Based on every piece of data we found during our investigation, we can confidently say that this platform is not the one you should be indulging with. While it is true that they offer huge discounts, the risk present with them is unjustifiable. So, look for alternative sites which have been operational for a considerable period.

    Also, don’t forget to assess the user reviews and their social media pages to know about their true nature. Lastly, always ensure that the platform you want to deal with is transparent about its policies for the best experience.

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    User Feedback

    Many customers have expressed their views on Kidspunza on social media platforms and other forums. If you go over them, the majority of the comments are negative and their reputation has taken a significant hit. Check out the comment by visiting Trustpilot to get a clear understanding of the situation.

    SCAM!! I ordered a busy board from them for a Christmas present with many different trinkets that a toddler can tinker with. What arrived was an alphabet puzzle. I at first thought it was a genuine mistake. I emailed customer service. Their response was that I received the item I ordered. After checking their Facebook page I came to find out they have done this same thing to other! Do not buy from them!!


    Kidspunza is not a reliable or trustworthy platform. Some people may have got the products at cheap rates. However, the vast majority of the users are not satisfied with the products they have received. So, avoid interacting with them and stick with legitimate firms and vendors.

    Share your views and opinions below.

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