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On August 27, 2023, we received the following message from one of our subscribers:

I’ve encountered a crypto platform that seems like a scam: l7dex.com. It’s very similar to one that you’ve previously reviewed: l7 Trade. Some of my friends have invested money in it, and they’ve also tried to convince me to do the same.

So what is l7dex.com, and is it a SCAM?

L7dex.com Review

L7dex.com was registered on May 25, 2023, for 2 years through Amazon Registrar, Inc.

An identity protection service is activated on the domain. Amazon.com hosts it.

SimilarWeb ranks them at 1,759,908 globally and 128,751 in Germany. In July 2023, they received almost 13,000 visits, mostly from Germany and the United Kingdom, but also from Australia, Switzerland, Colombia, Vietnam, Angola, and other countries.

Its SEMrush Authority Score is 2%, with 1.6K backlinks from 13 referring domains, indicating a highly suspicious link acquisition strategy. A closer look reveals that the highest authority sites linking to it are scam-detector.com and webparanoid.com, while from anneonline.nl they received over 1,500 backlinks that look like affiliate links.

On Google, two pages that describe l7dex.com as a platform where a wallet is used to send, receive, store, and display digital assets are indexed.

According to their homepage, l7dex.com is a decentralized perpetual contract trading platform, featuring a range of crypto services like NFTs, staking, audits, and governance.

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    The website invites users to connect their wallets, supporting various types like MetaMask and Coinbase Wallet, for multiple financial interactions such as sending, receiving, and storing digital assets like Ethereum and NFTs. It also suggests that connecting a wallet eliminates the need for creating new accounts and passwords, streamlining the login process across platforms.

    However, that’s pretty much all the information it provides—there’s a significant lack of depth in explaining what these services entail or how they operate.

    They link to several social pages:


    L7 DEX is frequently discussed on Medium, where it promotes itself as a decentralized perpetual contract trading platform. The platform aims to provide a “pure and rational” trading experience, emphasizing the increasingly competitive nature of exchanges. They believe existing platforms have complicated features that are barriers for new users. L7 DEX aims to address the profit-making concerns at the core of DeFi (Decentralized Finance) and to find a balance between short-term speculation and rational asset allocation.

    They also talk about how L7 DEX is trying to create an efficient DeFi derivatives platform, even drawing analogies between the impact of blockchain technology and historical revolutions in traditional industries. They have also initiated an Ambassador Program, focusing on leveraging Web3 technology to enhance user experience and minimize transaction costs.

    While the Medium articles make a robust case for the platform’s potential, there are some red flags to consider. First, there’s still a lack of transparency on who is behind this platform, and the absence of regulatory compliance information continues to be a concern. Moreover, despite the extensive articles, there is no concrete data or case studies to back the efficacy of their trading models or security features. The focus on buzzwords like “Decentralized Finance,” “rational asset allocation,” and “Web3 technology” might attract attention, but without substantiating details, it remains speculative. The absence of any external reviews or analysis on these articles makes the information appear one-sided, which should warrant caution for potential investors or users.


    The L7 DEX Official Telegram group claims to have 22,016 members. The group identifies L7DEX as a decentralized perpetual contract trading platform. They provide links to their official Telegram group and a Discord channel (discord.com/invite/l7dex) for further engagement or discussion. Given the large membership, it appears to have a relatively active online community.

    However, the fact that they’re promoting themselves mainly through Telegram and Discord might raise questions about their legitimacy, especially if this is the main source of information and not supplemented by more formal, transparent channels.

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    twitter.com/L7_DEX (@L7_DEX)

    The L7 DEX platform is active on social media, particularly Twitter, with over 23,000 followers. They recently pinned a tweet promoting a voting event to list their native token ($LSD) on Huobi Global, one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges. The event includes an airdrop with a $10,000 USDT reward.

    In addition, the platform is holding a slogan contest offering a prize of 1,000 USDT.

    L7 DEX emphasizes that they aim to “bring back the pure and rational contract trading experience” and make their platform accessible to beginners.

    While L7 DEX’s online presence may seem impressive, several red flags exist. Firstly, their high follower count doesn’t necessarily translate to legitimacy or quality of service. The platform seems to be mainly promoted through social media campaigns and contests, which could be seen as a marketing strategy to garner attention quickly rather than establish long-term credibility.

    Secondly, there is little information about the company’s background, including who runs it or its regulatory compliance, which should concern potential investors.

    Finally, they joined Twitter in May 2023, which may raise questions about the platform’s history and reliability.

    L7dex Red Flags

    For a platform that claims to deal with financial transactions, l7dex.com is astonishingly scant on details. First and foremost, there’s a striking absence of information about the company or entity behind this platform. Regulatory compliance details, typically a cornerstone of trustworthy financial platforms, are also missing. This lack of transparency should immediately raise eyebrows for anyone considering investing time or money into this service.

    The site also suffers from glaring omissions in its service explanations. While terms like “NFTs,” “staking,” “audits,” and “governance” are thrown around, there are no clear guidelines or detailed explanations about what these services entail or how they work. This lack of clarity could be intentional or simply poor website design, but either way, it casts doubt on the platform’s credibility and user-friendliness.

    Another red flag comes in the form of their simplified login process. While connecting a wallet to streamline logins across platforms may sound like a convenient feature, the website doesn’t mention any additional security measures or protocols to protect the user, which is unsettling given the sensitive nature of financial transactions.

    Shockingly, the site doesn’t offer any contact details. There is no customer service email, phone number, or even a physical office address. This absence of basic user support or dispute resolution avenues is an enormous red flag, especially for a financial services platform.

    Here are some additional red flags:

    1. Limited Online Presence: One immediate red flag is the limited information available about the site on Google. The site appears not widely recognized or discussed, which is usually not a good sign for a platform that handles financial transactions.
    2. Community Metrics: The presence of terms like “My Inviter,” “Valid Referrals,” “Team pledge,” etc., without proper context or explanation, raises concerns about the possibility of a multi-level marketing structure or even a pyramid scheme.

    L7dex Reviews

    L7 DEX is a decentralized perpetual contract trading platform that allows users to engage in cryptocurrency-related financial activities. They emphasize providing a rational and pure trading experience, aiming to make their product easily accessible even for beginners. However, it’s important to note that the platform is not without controversy.

    Several online resources have flagged it as potentially engaging in high-risk activities commonly associated with fraud. Websites like Web Paranoid and ScamAdviser.com have expressed concerns about the platform’s legitimacy, citing low trust scores.

    The platform also appears active in the community, hosting events like a slogan contest and offering significant rewards in USDT, a stablecoin. They have also been inviting their user base to vote for the listing of their currency, $LSD, on Huobi Exchange, another major cryptocurrency trading platform.


    The website dapp.l7dex.com has been flagged as extremely risky and potentially a scam by Scamadviser, with a Trust Score of only 1 out of 100. While there are some positive aspects, such as a valid SSL certificate and a far-off registration renewal date, there are numerous red flags:

    • The identity of the website owner is hidden.
    • The site has low traffic and a low ranking.
    • It includes iframe content, which is unusual and often not for good reasons.
    • It supports anonymous transactions.
    • Negative reviews have been found for this website.
    • The site is very young, often suggesting it could be a scam.


    The website Webparanoid.com offers a review and analysis of www.l7dex.com, labeling it as a “Low trust site” and “Suspicious website.” The review strongly advises against interacting with the website, especially regarding investments or earning opportunities. Some key points from the analysis include:

    1. Lack of Reputation: The website has been marked as a commercial platform with no reputation, making it riskier to engage with.
    2. New Website: The website was created less than half a year ago, another red flag, as many scam websites have a short lifespan.
    3. Low Traffic: Many users do not visit the site, which is considered an important flag.
    4. Technical Analysis: The domain is registered with Amazon Registrar, Inc., and is just 88 days old at the review time.
    5. High Risk of Fraud: The site involves high-risk cryptocurrency, investments, and casino activities.


    According to a review of l7dex.com by Yhang Mhany on Earn More Cash Today, L7DEX offers various investment plans that can earn users a percentage of their investments quickly. The platform also features a referral program where participants can earn passive income by inviting new users.

    However, the review concludes that l7dex might be a scam, as it does not offer clear evidence of its legitimacy. The platform lacks an owner’s information, has duplicate content, and has a very low Trust Score. The reviewer suggests caution and only investing what one can afford to lose.


    ScamWatcher provides an in-depth review of L7dex. The review strongly cautions against using L7dex for multiple reasons:

    1. L7dex’s services are deemed questionable.
    2. The platform is unlicensed, raising concerns about its legality.
    3. It lacks transparency in its operations.
    4. It creates unrealistic financial expectations for potential investors.

    Additionally, the review highlights that L7dex is most likely illegal and that there’s a high risk of losing funds if you deposit money with them. Without regulation, there’s no accountability, and the operators could disappear. The review also warns that once you provide L7dex with personal contact information, they will aggressively persuade you to deposit money.

    Other red flags include inadequate information on the website, high fees and commissions, poor communication, and difficulties with withdrawing funds. ScamWatcher concludes that L7dex is an unregulated and unsafe platform that potential investors should avoid.

    L7dex Review Conclusion

    While L7dex.com presents itself as a decentralized perpetual contract trading platform in the burgeoning field of cryptocurrency and DeFi, it raises multiple red flags that cannot be ignored. From a conspicuous absence of information about who operates the platform to the lack of regulatory compliance details, L7dex falls short of the crucial transparency for any financial services provider.

    Moreover, while the platform seems to have an active online community and decent website traffic, its promotional strategies heavily rely on social media campaigns, competitions, and possible MLM structures—methods more closely aligned with quick attention-grabbing than long-term credibility building.

    Prominent online resources like ScamAdviser and ScamWatcher have flagged the platform as high-risk, and its low SEMrush Authority Score, coupled with questionable backlink strategies, only adds to the skepticism. Additionally, the lack of customer service contact details and any form of external auditing or peer review make it difficult to establish trustworthiness.

    Bottom Line

    Given these concerns, potential investors should exercise extreme caution. Though promising, the crypto and DeFi space is also rife with risk, and platforms like L7dex currently do not offer the kind of transparency and accountability to mitigate these risks. If you’re considering investing in or using services like those L7dex purports to offer, thorough due diligence is not just advisable but essential. With the information currently available, L7dex.com is a platform where the risks, at this point, appear to outweigh the potential benefits.

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