LBLV Review – Are they Regulated?

LBLV is a broker that has got a mixed reputation in the trading industry. On one hand, they offer quality educational content free of cost to all the members, but when it comes to withdrawals, many people have experienced issues with them. Moreover, their regulatory status is not something that is appreciated and in reality, they do have a high degree of control over most of the aspects on their platform.

They claim to offer competitive spreads, but during our investigation the data did not support that theory and along with this flaw, we found a lot of questionable things about them. Leverage offered by them are on the higher side and if you are an experienced trader, you might like the flexibility they offer. Account types offered by them are huge and the cost to get started with them ranges from $5,000 to 1 million dollars.

Obviously, due to the higher capital requirement you need to be careful while dealing with them and the best way to gauge them is by looking at all the aspects of their operational model. To get an in-depth look at the reality of this platform and learn about both the advantages and disadvantages of proceeding with them, read our review till the end.

Remember, being conservative is always better especially in the trading sector and doing solid research about the broker you want to employ is of paramount importance regardless of the kind of capital you have.

LBLV Review

Regulation and Background

There are countless fraud organisations operating in the trading niche and the easiest way to filter them out and ensure your safety is to stick only with regulated organisations. While some brokerages make their status clear, sadly a lot of them offer manipulative explanations that tend to confuse a lot of retail traders. LBLV is owned and operated by LBLV Ltd, this firm is regulated by the Financial Services Authority(License number – SD016).

We are pretty sure that a lot of traders will be under the impression that this type of supervision from the authorities are enough. However, that is not the case. FSA is a regulatory authority, but they do not impose strict guidelines that are biased towards the retail clients. Things like fair trading conditions, insurance schemes are not specifically outlined by the authority mentioned above and as such, it creates a lot of room for error from the client’s perspective.

Typically we do not discuss the background details of a brokerage because in most cases, it won’t be relevant. This platform offers trading signals which surprisingly a lot of their customers use, but they have not shared the details of the people that provide them or the success rate of the algorithms. We understand that past data does not guarantee future results, but it is good to have all the metrics available in order to make an informed decision, right? 

Contact Details

Support team of this brokerage is adequate and the average response time is less than 24 hours(for emails). This platform offers Live Chat functionality as well and to start a conversation, clients do have to input their name, email address and the query.

Alternatively, the staff can also be reached via email and telephone. As they have not specified anything, we do not know whether they offer multilingual support. 

  • Address – Suite C, Palm Street, Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles.
  • Phone – +18886041711
  • Email –

Trading Platform and Assets Offered

LBLV supports MT web trader and MT5 platform. Any trader that has been around for quite some time will be familiar with the Metatrader platform and thanks to the versatility of the tool, most people will appreciate the functionalities it brings. If you are a pro trader, then you can use all of your custom indicators and tweak the charts to suit any of your trading needs.

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    Using the web trader, you can get the same range of features as well, but the only thing is, it might not be as efficient and fast. This broker does offer their own web based trading platform, though it is sufficient for many, it does not feature all of the bells and whistles compared to other competitors. Note that if you are planning on using EAs to trade, then investing in a VPS might be a better thing.

    Nonetheless, if there is any issue with liquidity from the broker’s side, then odds are one might lose a large chunk of their capital. On the other end, the products offered by this platform are huge and it covers most of the hottest instruments in the financial world. Clients can trade major and minor forex pairs along with precious metals and stocks and indices.

    If you are planning to trade shares and indices with them mainly, then you will be delighted to know that there are no commissions on those positions. While it is indeed good to have all the asset classes available under a single platform, make sure you check spreads and maximum leverage offered before initiating a position as those numbers are not the same for every instrument. Also, the maintenance margin is unknown and unless you have a bottomless wallet, it is a good idea to figure that out beforehand. 

    LBLV Account Types and Leverage

    The goal and needs of every trader is different and one size surely does not fit all the needs of all the people. To get the conditions that are apt for your specific trading strategy, you need to take a look at the account types that serve you the best. LBLV offers 6 account types and the capital required to get started with the basic package is around $5,000.

    Compared to industry’s average, the initial amount required is too steep and you can find much better alternatives at that price point. Leverage offered goes upto 1:500 for the forex pairs and for other assets, it varies a lot. High leverage carries a lot of risk and unless you have experience required to handle it, take precautions while employing it. Below, we have listed all of the account types with the capital requirement.


    Minimum Capital – $5,000


    ZenGo Wallet Banner

    Minimum Capital – $25,000


    Minimum Capital – $50,000


    Minimum Capital – $100,000

    Elite Plus

    Minimum Capital – $250,000


    Minimum Capital – $1,000,000

    LBLV Trading Signals

    The new age brokers such as this platform have realised the importance of catering to the needs of the newbies. To make the beginners get started with trading relatively easier,they offer them trading signals. Of course, the trading signals are not supposed to be considered as financial advice. Nonetheless, many people do love this feature and are utilizing it on a daily basis.

    Our main problem with a broker that offers free trading signals is that it creates conflict of interest. Moreover, they do not highlight the risk factor and they for unknown reasons never mention the accuracy and drawdown rates of their system. We do not know how the signals are generated and the indicators or parameters used by them.

    Trading is without doubt a hard task and if anyone claims to make the process easier, then being skeptic until proven otherwise is the best thing to do. Lastly, if you are fixated on trying their approach and signals, then use them on the demo account to witness their consistency rate and then proceed. 

    Funding and Payments

    To get started with this platform, clients have to make a deposit via visa, Mastercard, wire transfer and e-wallets. Majority of the popular e-wallets along with cryptocurrencies are supported by them. According to their website, debit or credit card deposits take anywhere between 1 to 3 business days to be processed and for wire transfer, it can take upto 5 business days.

    We do not have any information about the fees, in fact nothing about the additional costs are mentioned by them. Also, the minimum withdrawal amount is not stated and withdrawals are said to be processed within 4 business days. Clearly, their payment mechanisms are not adequate and it might act like a deal breaker for many people. 

    Education Center

    One of the best things about this broker is the way they have structured their educational outlet. The content put up by them contains audio and video format. Surprisingly, the educational materials can be accessed by anyone and they do not even have to register for it. Video content in particular is very short and explains the concepts without adding any kind of fluff.

    For beginners, watching the video will certainly be helpful and they will grasp the idea of different aspects of trading very well. On the flip side, the content is not updated frequently and there are no advanced trading concepts explained. Nonetheless, it is nice to see them put in a solid amount of work to help their user base and it has affected their reputation in a positive way. 


    Nowadays, just about everything revolves online and it is a common practise to look for client reviews before joining any new platform. Trading industry is the one plagued by countless scams and scammers have become so clever, they even manipulate the user feedback aspect.

    Due to the nature of the internet, thankfully the crooks cannot maintain their bluff for long and in time, the truth always comes out roaring. We encourage our audience to check for ratings not only on one forum, but on multiple sites to get more data. Also, make sure that you never trust people that have conflict of interest with the public in any way.

    LBLV has earned concerning ratings on Trustpilot. Many people are having issues when it comes to moving money out of this platform and that is a huge red flag. Like we mentioned in the beginning of this article, they are not under the radar of regulatory bodies that are essentially strict and that allows them an unfair degree of control. You can see all the user reviews on Trustpilot and without doubts, they are scary, isn’t it?


    LBLV is a broker that is in the middle of a lot of controversies. Their own client base is not happy with them and their reputation is going down rapidly. The capital requirement is high and for the features offered, there is nothing special about them or any of their associated services. Moreover, even things like spreads and commissions are above average.

    So, it is better to find other regulated brokers to navigate the markets. By the time you are reading this video, if it is too late and you have already lost money to them, do not worry? Get in touch with us by filling the contact form and we will show you everything you need to do to get your money back from them or any other kind of shady broker for free. 

    LBLV is not a reputable broker. Do not indulge with them for your own good.

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