Mackenzie Scott Foundation Scam – 2022 Update

Mackenzie Scott is a novelist and an ex-wife of Jeff Bezos who is known for being philanthropic and she is giving half of her wealth away for noble causes. “Mackenzie Scott Foundation Scam” this term became trending for the wrong reasons and it shows the extent the scammers are going to tarnish the name of well-established people and make a fortune for themselves along the way.

Numerous victims have come forward and have shared their experiences. It is indeed sad to see the way things unfolded and ironically enough, even people with power and connections cannot put an end to these hustles.

The way the cybercriminals are taking advantage of the announcements made by Mackenzie Scott is not exactly new. However, people that do not have much experience can fall for them quite easily. Read the content below to get enlightened about the way the entire trap works.

Mackenzie Scott Foundation Scam

Mackenzie Scott is giving more than half of her wealth to charities and institutions. Her initiative is inspiring and the number of institutions that have received the grants is plenty as well. She does not have any specific website or social media channels through which one can reach her.

In other words, if you come across any channel or website claiming to help you get money in exchange for a fee, then most certainly you are dealing with a scam. While few general contact information such as PO numbers are present on the web, we cannot verify its legitimacy.

As the flow of information is not completely transparent, scammers are exploiting the situation and are approaching people with narratives that are simply way too good to be true. Few people do recognize the desperate attempts made by the criminals.

Sadly, many people have lost thousands of dollars to them and are unable to recover it. As the amount of risk present is huge, one should be careful while encountering this type of incident. 

Incidents and Victims

There are many incidents caused by the Mackenzie Scott Foundation Scam. The crooks have wrecked the lives of many people. Though we cannot verify all the claims, the number of victims does appear to be at least in the hundreds. If you want to get a clear idea about the plight of the victims, then read Nytimes’ article.

They have covered the story perfectly and have highlighted many angles which played a significant role. The key takeaway from the article is that one should not send money to any entity unless they have verified all the details and are 100% sure about the legitimacy.

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    No legitimate organization will ask for funds from the public and things like charges are not some common giveaways that every sketchy firm insists on. So, be cautious and never make any decisions impulsively. Also, do not be eager to input bank details on any website that you are not familiar with. 

    Fake Facebook Pages and Websites

    As the Mackenzie Scott Foundation Scam gained traction, many scammers created fake Facebook pages and started to lure in victims. Of course, the pages were detected a bit early, but it still caused a lot of damage.

    Looking at the comments fake pages got in such a short period the crooks appear to be one step ahead of the crowd. Just to clear things up once and for all, apart from the Twitter handle and Medium profile, Mackenzie Scott isn’t present on any other platform.

    Note that she does not have a dedicated website via which she carries out activities. Simply put, if you come across any online portal that claims to help you get funding, then report it immediately. Websites that are impersonating the foundation feature a lot of gimmicks such as advance fees, pushing you towards inputting sensitive information, etc. 

    Mackenzie Scott Foundation Scam

    Mackenzie Scott Foundation Scam mainly uses email as its primary approach. They pretend to be someone from Mackenzie Scott’s team and redirect people toward phishing sites or directly ask for payments.

    Though the narratives they use change from time to time, you can easily figure out their intentions once you look at the small details. Keep an open mind and never believe anything that you encounter on the web without doing a thorough background check.

    Take all the precautionary measures and do not click on suspicious links sent via email. Turn on 2 FA method and more importantly, change your passwords every once in a while. 

    Stay safe and Vigilant

    There are thousands of scams that are active on the internet on any given day. Online scams are something that just cannot be eradicated due to current limitations. However, that does not mean that they are impossible to defeat.

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    If you ever lose money to fraudsters, then one of the best things you can do is voice your opinion via many platforms. Start by raising a formal complaint and talk to your bank to see if they can help you.

    Using crypto forensic tools and chargebacks, it is relatively easy to trace the flow of funds. Alternatively, you can get in touch with our team and we will do all the analysis for you with no strings attached. Our war is against online scams and we are glad to help people in any way we possibly can. 

    Bottom Line

    The Mackenzie Scott Foundation Scam for the most part is behind us. Though the scam has lost momentum, the culprits aren’t likely to rest. So, be alert and keep yourself updated. 

    Did you encounter the Mackenzie Scott Foundation Scam? If yes, share the details in the section below. 

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    3 thoughts on “Mackenzie Scott Foundation Scam – 2022 Update”

    1. michael smith

      im tangled up with the foundation right mow, whiever it is just sent me another text message 15 minutes agox, said they were going to deposit 1.5 mill in my bank account of choice to help poverty stricken areas in my community, which i wiuld gladly help out, but this is one of thise to good to be true deals, even for miss Tuttle!

      1. Hi there,

        Thank you for sharing your current situation with us. From what you’ve described, it indeed sounds very similar to the scams highlighted in the article. Mackenzie Scott does not communicate personally or ask for personal information via text messages or any other communication channels. Any such claims should be treated with caution.

        As a precautionary measure, here are a few steps you can take:

        1. Do not share your bank account or personal details with anyone claiming to be from the Mackenzie Scott Foundation or any entity related to her.

        2. If they are asking for an upfront fee to process the donation or any other type of payment, it is a strong indicator of a scam. No legitimate philanthropic foundation will ask you for money to receive a donation.

        3. If you’re receiving such messages, report them to your local law enforcement agencies and the Federal Trade Commission.

        4. If you have inadvertently shared any financial information, contact your bank immediately and explain the situation to them.

        Remember, scams often prey on our good intentions and desires to help others. Always be sure to verify information and remember that if something seems too good to be true, it likely is. Stay safe!

    2. contacted by Jay Fant from Scott R, Mackenzie Foundation. A random Grantbecause of Covid 19. Fundinig of $5,000,000 from an offshore bank to the Scott Credit Union. Set up account with Scoot Credit union and asked for a deposit from th off shore bank of $1,000 to open. According to the scott Credit union website the money was deposited. I asked for a face to face meeting and no responce was given and phone calls are ever answered
      I have copies of all the correspondence. I have not given and banking information for my accouns but I now have one with $1,000 deposited, by the offshore account. It is a bank mastercard and I have not touched it.

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