MAFS Giveaway Scam – Tracey Jewel

MAFS Giveaway Scam is one of the many keywords that everyone appears to be searching for. This incident involves many Australian Small businesses and MAFS start Tracey Jewel. The whole issue is about the disappointing results yielded by an Instagram campaign.

It is hard to pinpoint the person at fault with this whole scenario because no party had complete control over the crucial factors and at the end of the day, it comes down to whether the whole thing was moral.

Of course, both the parties involved disagree when it comes to the end result. If you are interested in knowing the drama over the Instagram giveaway type promotion, continue reading.

In case you have any information about the promotional activity held by the concerned parties, comment below and share our thoughts with our community. 

MAFS Giveaway Scam

What is all the fuss about?

Whenever business and influencers fight about something, it is bound to make the headlines because that’s how the media blows up the whole thing. We can argue back and forth about the merits and demerits of publicising things, but that is not what this post is all about.

The main confusion regarding MAFS Giveaway Scam is that it did not yield what Tracey Jewel promised to the small businesses. Note that when it comes to marketing and promotions, estimates can be made, but it is hard to deliver them because of the variables present.

We will go over the things promised by Tracey Jewel in-detail in the next paragraph. The changes in the social media space is hard to keep up with. As people do not understand how algorithms exactly work, it is indeed hard to make any promises.

After all, if anyone could decipher exactly how the social media platforms distribute content, they would be literally powerful markets that would affect the public sentiment to a large degree. 

MAFS Giveaway Scam

MAFS Giveaway Scam is the word used to describe the things mentioned in the above paragraph. Tracey Jewel apparently contained a few small business owners in Australia with a deal that involved 11 influencers with a collective followership count of over 700k.

The deal was supposed to help small businesses get 5 to 10k followers and a lot of sales. Buy-in amount was 299 AUD plus GST. Also, the small business owners were requested to send free products for the influencers as a part of the promotions. Everything looked bright in the initial days.

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    Sadly, the whole situation changed after the promotions ended and the results were way worse than anyone could ever imagine. On average, small businesses gained only 40 followers and the campaign did not create any success in regards to sales as well.

    As a consequence, the little business owners expressed their frustration and things went downhill pretty fast due to all the accusations. Now, the air is slowly getting lighter and the verbal war appears to have cooled down. 

    Tracey Jewel Response

    Tracey Jewel was not someone that would let wild accusations run for too long. She expressed her disappointment rather quickly. She also added that the whole thing was planned by her to boost the small businesses and help them gain more exposure.

    Certainly, she was disappointed with how ineffective the campaigns were, but she defended her point and put an end to wild speculation. Also, 11 influencers were never present in the campaign, according to online sources, only 3 of them participated.

    There is no information about how the products which were sent by the small scale business owners were handled and distributed. All in all, the whole thing is mysterious and due to the employment of low capital, this issue won’t be blowing up unless anything new comes to light. 

    Possible Outcomes

    In this digital era, most of the time, if things go wrong, then the go to resolution is the legal threats. There are a lot of rumours going on that Tracey Jewel threatened legal action against the business owners if they continue any kind of activity that defames her in any way.

    Lawsuit might be around the corner, but right now, there is not much information about it and given the fact that it is a case that involves small numbers, serious actions are unlikely to occur. Nonetheless, if you want to be updated on the situation, then bookmark our website and visit our platform frequently to get all the latest updates. 

    Truth about Marketing and Giveaways

    Giveaways are done by firms to create a stir in the marketing momentum. Big brands enhance their reach by doing promotional activities like this and the firms at the top have very big budgets. A lot of small businesses also have tried to copy the blueprint and some are even successful.

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    However, the ROI is not stable which is why a large portion of brands lose money in this kind of gigs. If you are looking to get sales by using influencer promotion or any other kind of marketing, then make sure that you estimate things conservatively.

    At the end of the day, human tendencies are hard to categorise and one should leave adequate room for error. After all, there is no magic formula when it comes to digital marketing, right?

    MAFS Giveaway Scam Conclusion

    The MAFS Giveaway Scam got way too much attention than it deserved, but unfortunately, it was not in a way which was beneficial to anyone. One of the key takeaways from this event is the way the influencer marketing works.

    Undeniably, both the parties have made their stance clear. Nonetheless, when it comes to pointing fingers, it is hard to blame anyone because of the variables involved. 

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