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Recently, one of our partners received the following complaint regarding MarketsOne:

Facebook advertising directed me to a trading company, “Markets-1,” where I began trading Bitcoin with an account manager. Later, I was propositioned to invest in an IPO contract to buy company shares.

I spent around $70,000 to buy 1 share and was promised a return of $203,000.00 USD. What I received was a smart contract token loaded with a USD balance. However, there is no actual value to it, and I can’t access these funds. I have this token in my crypto wallet but can’t withdraw it because the token currently doesn’t hold any real value.

So what is Markets1, and is it a SCAM? Review was registered for one year through Namecheap on October 20, 2022. It is protected by Cloudflare.

MarketsOne receives little traffic and has a Semrush Authority Score of 8, with 144 backlinks from 40 referring domains, including,, and

Visitors originate from the United Kingdom, Germany, and Spain, among other countries.

Based on its homepage, the company offers trading and investment services in stocks, cryptocurrencies, ICOs, and other financial instruments. Additionally, they provide several financial account options, including pension accounts and cash balance pension plans.

Markets1 promotes its platform as user-friendly, emphasizing that users can trade from any location without needing to download or install any software.

Their privacy policy delineates how they collect and utilize user information, the security measures in place, and the conditions under which they might share user data.

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    The privacy policy assures that personal data won’t be traded or disclosed, barring specific circumstances.

    MarketOne Red Flags

    1. Potentially Misleading Returns: The mention of “Up to 7.23% int annually” can be misleading without further context or disclaimers.
    2. Risk Disclosure: While including a risk disclosure is standard for trading platforms, the language used is very cautionary, indicating the high level of risk associated with the platform’s trading services.
    3. Responsibility Waiver: The end of the risk disclosure emphasizes no liability for the company, indicating that the traders/investors bear the full brunt of the risks.
    4. Broad Disclosure Permissions: The statement that they can share information with “associated firms” and “other persons processing your personal information” is broad and could encompass a variety of third parties.

    About MarketsOne

    MARKETS ONE claims to be a CFD Crypto/Stock trading platform. They talk a lot about understanding the volatile nature of cryptocurrency markets, even going as far as to offer “individualized plans” for their customers.

    The company insists that trustworthiness is its top priority in the notoriously fickle cryptocurrency world. While they trumpet virtues of simplicity, clear communication, and positive energy (among others like continuous learning, efficiency, and productivity), one has to wonder if it’s all just buzzwords.

    They boast a range of assets available for trade and seemingly superior technology that they say can handle countless orders per second. They even dangle the carrot of high-margin trading up to 1:20. As for security. At the same time, they assert that both funds and personal data are safe thanks to the latest protocols, it would be wise for users to thoroughly educate themselves before diving in.

    Customer service is available Monday to Friday from 08:00-17:00 GMT. The provided email for support is / mentions additional details:

    • Company name: Bluepoint First LLC
    • Address: Euro House, Richmond Hill Road, Kingstown, St. Vincent and the Grenadines

    Here are some additional red flags we encounter in this section:

    1. Overemphasis on Trust: Constant emphasis on wanting to be the most trusted brand could be seen as trying too hard to assure potential clients.
    2. High-Margin Trading: Offering high margins (like 1:20) comes with high risks, especially in volatile markets like cryptocurrencies.
    3. Repetitive Information: Some content sections are repeated, suggesting potential oversight or lack of attention to detail (e.g., the repeated “One Platform for Everyone” section).
    4. Limited Company Information: The content provides very limited information about the company itself (e.g., the company’s name, mission, values, services, etc.)
    5. Limited Contact Information: Only an email address is provided for customer support, without a phone number.

    Additional MarketOne Red Flags

    • Additional Fees: The website states that additional fees and restrictions may apply when using alternative payment methods. Moreover, there’s a mention of handling fees for withdrawals. Being aware of these potential fees is crucial to avoid unexpected costs.
    • Absence of Clear Information on Fees: There is no detailed breakdown of fees or information on potential hidden charges.
    • Non-Commitment to Time Frame: There’s an explicit statement that they are not committed to any time frame regarding withdrawals. This lack of commitment can be problematic if someone requires timely access to their funds.
    • Broad Terms and Changes: The website mentions that additional conditions or requirements may apply at any time due to regulations and policies, and any site usage is subject to Terms and Conditions that can be changed at the company’s sole discretion. This provides a lot of leeway to MARKETS ONE and may introduce unpredictability for the client.
    • Lack of Disclosed Risks: The website mentions that not all risks are disclosed or explained, which could raise concerns about transparency and the potential for clients not fully understand the risks involved.
    • Third-Party Risk: The website mentions that the company may pass client money to third parties (e.g., banks, intermediaries) and disclaims responsibility for acts or omissions of these third parties.
    • Unprofessional Presentation: Poor grammar, spelling mistakes, and an overall unprofessional appearance might suggest a lack of attention to detail or a rushed attempt to create a fraudulent website.

    MarketsOne Reviews ( has drawn widespread suspicion and concern according to multiple online review platforms. Most prominently, the broker is unregulated, operating outside the purview of any recognized financial regulatory body. This lack of oversight is a consistent theme in warnings about potential risks of dealing with Markets1, such as the loss of investments, delayed withdrawals, and unclear transparency.

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    Many reviews advise caution when dealing with unregulated brokers and accentuate the advantages of regulated entities. Markets One has been linked to automated trading software, which often carries a scam connotation. A recurring red flag is the broker’s dubious withdrawal process, with customers sometimes waiting months to retrieve their funds, if at all.

    Their platform’s absence of regulatory details further questions their credibility, with suggestions that they may be operating a scam., which gives the site a medium trust rating, still suggests caution, noting several red flags in its algorithmic analysis.

    In contrast, labels the platform as a scam, highlighting its guarantees of improbable returns and shady operations.

    Similarly, describes Markets1 as a fraudulent broker that targets inexperienced traders, warning of its connections to scam-like features such as automated trading software.

    Meanwhile, user feedback on Trustpilot paints a bleak picture, with narratives of lost funds, aggressive sales tactics, unresponsive customer support, and deceptive practices.

    Collectively, the reviews overwhelmingly discourage any involvement with Markets1, highlighting the paramount importance of trading with transparent, regulated brokers. is a clone. Like, it was registered through NameCheap for one year. Its registration date is October 20, 2022. A privacy service provided by Withheld for Privacy and Cloudflare protect it.

    Its Semrush Authority Score is 3%, with 1.1K backlinks from 9 referring domains, including

    We find it strange that they did not purchase the domain, It is currently for sale for $3,995.

    MarketsOne Reviews (

    Markets One, a broker positioning itself as a forex trading platform, has consistently received negative attention across various review websites. Many of these reviews highlight its unregulated status, signaling a significant risk to potential investors due to the absence of an overseeing governing body.

    This lack of regulation poses an immediate concern since there’s no protective layer for customers, making the potential for fraudulent activities and loss of funds alarmingly high. For instance, a review from stresses that despite the platform claiming to be based in Australia, which is renowned for its strict brokerage regulations, there’s no indication that Markets One is licensed by the Australian financial authority, ASIC.

    Furthermore, there are frequent complaints regarding the company’s aggressive operational tactics, wherein they persuade users to deposit money, often enticing them with lofty promises. However, withdrawing these funds later becomes a labyrinthine task, with several users citing lengthy delays and some not being able to retrieve their money at all.

    User testimonials provide a more personal perspective, detailing distressing experiences of being unable to access large sums of profits and being presented with dubious reasons for these withholdings. One user even reported losing access to over $20 million in profits.

    Another site,, gave the MarketsOne website a dismal trust score of just 7 out of 100, citing concealed ownership details and association with other suspicious sites. The site’s short lifespan of just nine months and low popularity were also red flags.

    With most reviews urging caution or outright avoidance, the collective online sentiment surrounding Markets One paints a picture of potential deception and high-risk involvement for potential investors.

    Complaints We Received

    On February 23, 2024, one of our partners received the following complaint regarding

    Scammers took all the money I had saved over several years, and now I am left with a bank loan.

    If you have been scammed by, or seeking additional information, please visit this review on

    MarketsOne Review Conclusion

    Our thorough review of MarketsOne, encapsulating both and, reveals a mosaic of concerning red flags that potential investors should heed.

    From their unregulated status to repeated negative testimonials and alarmingly low trust scores, the prognosis for Markets One as a trustworthy entity is grim.

    The world of online trading is replete with tales of woe, where inexperienced traders are enticed by grand promises only to be ensnared in a web of deceit and financial loss. The lamentable experiences of users, some having lost substantial sums, compounded by the opaque and seemingly duplicitous operations of the company, are chilling reminders of the importance of due diligence in the world of online investment.

    Additionally, the suspicious nature of having two near-identical sites further muddies the waters of credibility. It’s not enough for a platform to merely echo words of trustworthiness; they must substantiate those claims with transparent operations and demonstrable accountability.

    It’s vital to remember that in a realm where the potential for anonymity is high, we must tread cautiously. For those who’ve unfortunately been ensnared by such deceitful operations, it’s essential to remember that channels for redress exist, and communities like ours are poised to assist and support.

    We wholeheartedly advocate for investing with transparent, regulated platforms and a verifiable track record of integrity. Let this review serve as a clarion call for vigilance in our ever-evolving digital landscape.

    If you have fallen victim to online scams, please comment below. If you have suffered a substantial financial loss, do not despair. We are here to assist you in recovering your funds!

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