My Chillyz Bean Bag – Scam Review

This article will let you explore a new trendy product in the market which is My Chillyz Bean Bag. When it comes to online shopping, often we are faced with a dilemma of whether to trust the vendor or not?

After all, given the rising number of fraudulent activities online, no one can afford to let their guard down at any time. Ever since their inception bean bags are an excellent alternative to traditional furniture.

One can use the bean bags to swap out most types of chairs and if you are planning to have a little down time, then this is the perfect fit. In the United States and the European countries, this type of product is capturing the market at a phenomenal phase.

Moreover, it adds a kind of unique style to the work space or home which is a nice touch to boost your mood. In this unbiased review, let us take a look at this product in-depth and see whether it is something which is worthy of your time and money.

My Chillyz Bean Bag Scam Review

What is My Chillyz Bean Bag?

As the name itself suggests, My Chillyz Bean Bag is a comfortable alternative to chairs which is suitable for many places. It is kind of a breed which takes its place in between a bed and a sofa. In short, you will get the best of both worlds and their target audience is the younger generation.

One of the main standalone feature which separates the full fledged furniture from bean bags is the portability. Regardless of where you are going, you can easily carry this along with you and create a cozy place to sit. 

Specifications of My Chillyz Bean Bag:

  • Main Product – My Chillyz Bean Bag
  • Price – Initially it was $99.90, but now you can purchase it for a discounted price of just $34.90
  • Free Delivery
  • The product can be cleaned using any and all types of washing machines.
  • Color Options – Blue, Red, Orange, Grey and Black

Still not sure whether to buy the product or not? Continue reading the review till the end to find answers to all your concerns.

Pros of My Chillyz Fur Bean Bag

  • The fabric used in the product is extremely soft and gives the users a warm, cozy experience.
  • Bean bag is suitable for both TV and bed room space.
  • Since the item is washing machine friendly, people do not have to worry about cleaning it regularly. Just throw it in with your laundry and it is ready to go.
  • It helps lighten and enhance your mood regardless of whether you decide to place it in office space or home.
  • It takes less space when compared to most types of sofas.
  • Thanks to the portability feature, you can carry it anywhere, both indoors and outdoors.
  • The pricing of the product is very pocket friendly and compared to the competition, it’s just unbeatable.

Looking at the positives we are pretty sure that you are hooked onto the product. However, don’t be hasty. Instead, take a look at the negatives and then decide whether it meets your needs or not. At the end of the day, it is not about style but all about practicality, right?

Demerits of My Chillyz Fur Bean Bag

Nothing in this world is perfect and this item is not an exception to that saying. Below are the few drawbacks about the My Chillyz product.

  • Their domain registration suggests that they are new to the market and from a retail perspective, they are new participants too.
  • Though they have earned a solid reputation within a short period of time, there are a few negative reviews which are alarming.
  • The bean bags are not suitable for all age groups and people with medical conditions should avoid it. Due to the lack of back and adequate lumbar support, it might not be a desirable item for everyone.
  • If you are a pregnant lady, then do not use this product for a long duration of time.

Customer Feedback

As the saying goes – the truth cannot be hidden for long. In the online world, within a few days the feedback from the clients will pop up and it will have a lasting effect towards the reputation of a company.

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    Whenever you are shopping online, as a precautionary method you should check the reviews or else the consequences might put a nasty dent to your bank account. As far as My Chillyz Bean bag is considered, we did find a few mixed reactions from the consumers.

    The main complaint against them is the nonavailability of items on their website. So, at this point we don’t have enough data to judge them precisely.

    Our best advice for the readers is to wait for a couple of months for more feedback to occur and then order from them. After all, being too safe never hurts anyone, right?

    Domain Information

    The domain data can often tell a lot about the company which is peddling the product. We can easily get to know the kind of audience they are after and the popularity they have earned in various regions.

    Using and, we did find a few information about the website which are as follows.

    • Domain –
    • Registration Date – 17/10/2020
    • Expiry Date – 17/10/2021
    • Global Rank – Not Listed
    • Target Audience – United States

    The owners of the domain have hidden their contact information, but as there is no major point of concern, we do believe that their intentions were justified.

    My Chillyz Bean Bag Scam Review Conclusion

    After going through a lot of information on this post, if you still have the question regarding My Chillyz Scam. Then, we suggest you wait for another couple of months before purchasing from them.

    Certainly, there are a lot of positives to buying their product and their pricing is just perfect. However, it all comes down to you. If you want to proceed with them, then there is nothing wrong with that, but until and unless more data comes in, be careful with them.

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    Do you have any personal experience with My Chillyz Bean bag? Share your views in the comments section below.

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